Can you be in a perpetual state of short/long rest?

Based on this question: Does the Aspect of the Moon Eldritch Invocation effectively allow for unending Wild Shape?

In that question the OP is wanting to know if they could keep regaining use of wildshape to stay in wildshape for a week of downtime. Perpetual state of resting to me means that each hour of downtime would count as the end of a short rest or each 8 hours spent in downtime as the end of a long rest.

Is it possible to be in a perpetual state of short/long rest whether during downtime or not for the purpose of regaining class/racial features?

In other words: Can a PC use 16 short rests then an 8 hour long rest each day and continuously regain features that replenish on short rests?

What is the logic or fallacy behind the Perpetual Power Point trick?

The Perpetual Power Point trick uses two feats.

The first is Azure Talent (which grants 1:2 ratio of incarnum in for double the power points out) per point of incarnum invested. When essentia is invested, the feat locks for the day, as usual for an incarnum receptacle.

The second is Psycarnum Infusion (which allows one to expend psionic focus in exchange for treating one incarnum receptacle as if it had maximum incarnum until the beginning of your next turn.

The idea is to then refocus and repeat, probably with the Mediation feat to reduce the time.

In theory, this means a small but almost perpetual supply of power points.

Thus, what is the logic (it works) or fallacy (it doesn’t) behind this Perpetual Power Point trick?

Does D&D physics enable a perpetual motion machine?

For various reasons perpetual motion machines are impossible in real life. They violate the laws of thermodynamics and cannot be created. It has been established, however, that D&D is not a physics simulator and the normal rules of physics do not apply.

Inspired by Shalvenay and MikeQ in chat. I was wondering, can a perpetual motion machine be made in D&D?

Imagine the following scenario:

Timmy the Tinkerer is going to a tinkering competition. The premise is simple; build the most magical device without using magic. The rules are as follows:

  • Magic cannot be used to create the item, and the item itself must not be magical.
  • It must be permanent, any item that relies on a once/day ability to sustain it will not count.
  • It must obey the physics of the material plane. No planar trickery is allowed.

Timmy decides he would love to make a perpetual motion machine.

Given these rules and using any officially available content; is it possible for Timmy to do this? For bonus points, how can he do it?