Limited selection of ‘Person or Group’ pickable from mobile browser

I have a Sharepoint List with a “Person or Group” column (required, no multi-select, people only, all-users) and a default view.

On the desktop browser the name picker allows typing any name, with ‘Ctrl-k’ completion:

Screenshot from desktop browser

However, on a mobile (iOS Safari) the picker is displayed as a drop down list, with only a very limited number of name choices:

Screenshot from Safari browser

Question is, how can mobile users choose from the full selection of names? It’s only showing names up to “Andrew” but there are many more names in the org.

Thanks in advance!

how to choose from a domain group for a Person or Group field?

is it possible to fill in a person or group field using a domain group? or using audience?

i have a nintex form that allows the input of a person into the person or group field. this field needs to be limited to the members of a group in the ad

i cannot use sharepoint groups due to security concerns

does anyone know how this can be done? thanks in advance!

Person or Group field, show drop down instead of Check Name button

I have a calendar where people are assigned to tasks. I am using a Person or Group datatype for the Assigned To field.

In other lists on my site, I see the following: enter image description here

Then when I start to type a name, I get a dropdown of options: enter image description here

In my calendar, the people picker looks like the following: enter image description here

where you have to enter the name then check it to make sure it has identified the user. Using the directory is frustrating and slow.

The settings for both examples are exactly the same:

  • Optional
  • Enforce unique values: No
  • Allow multiple selections: No
  • Allow selection of: People Only
  • Choose from: All Users
  • Show field: Name (with presence)

The drop down is faster, easier, cleaner, and just overall better in my opinion so I’d really like to use it on all my forms.

1. Is the Person or Group field different because one is a task list and the other is a calendar?

2. How can I change the field from having a button to using the drop down?

I run a medieval bank, what would be the best way to authenticate a person

Ok here is a funny one.

Imagine you run a bank in the middle ages giving out loans. Imagine you can’t be there to administer every customer in the bank, and therefore your bank employees would need a way to authenticate the customers. Let’s say that, to make matters worse, the authentification of the customer can’t be a bank document, with your name and picture (drawn), that then give you access to the banks features. I’m looking for suggestions to how an authentification process like this could work?

Personally i have an idea about giving out a seal, or give out a password, and set up a question when the customer uses the bank, or some kind of combination of the above.

How to limit second person POV narration

I have come to the conclusion that in materials I am preparing myself, I want to add more variety to narration by introducing information to the players without using second person point-of-view narration. What I am trying to avoid is trite and repetitive dialog such as:

You feel a cold breeze that causes your hair to stand on end. An uncanny feeling of dread grips you as you take in the macabre sight.

You feel very uncomfortably warm at the pit of this volcano, feeling the sweat pool in the armour that you neglected to doff.

You, you, you, you, you

Argh. I grow very weary of this word. “You” has almost lost all meaning for me. I do not have a formal writing background, but have been trying to catalog ways of capturing certain thematic or tonal elements in a scene without introducing the dreaded “y” word. It irritates me knowing that I use the word “you” as a crutch that, I feel, is strictly tonally limiting for scenes I am trying to design. I hope I am not the only one with this problem…

My approach so far has been to prepare some material that I can read off at a moment’s notice so that I don’t have to improvise something, being that I will almost assuredly fall back on starting the sentence (cringe) with the word “you”. I find it somewhat difficult to do so, but have managed at least to introduce a somewhat neutral hypothetical third party that narrates their feelings on tone or theme without encroaching on the player’s or player character’s feelings or emotions, as described in this question:

Third-Person Limited Narration or Third-Person Omniscient Narration?

However, I feel like again this is sort of boxing me in again, and will only lead to me becoming formulaic in my storytelling, but I’ll just be following a different formula. This time the formula being the Third-person limited or third-person omniscient formula.

My biggest concern here is the balance between player agency, and my narrative desires. I don’t want to tell them that they are experiencing a feeling of dread. I want to present to them with concepts that instill dread. I will write a damned book if need be.

One of the primary reasons being that I want to cue the players when there is a scary thing or a happy thing or whatever, to role play being scared (happy etc), without giving them the [BE SCARED] title card. Simultaneously I don’t want them to completely miss the cue either, or come away ignoring everything saying “my character wasn’t scared!”

I feel that a lot of my problem can be solved by judiciously avoiding the “You do X” format because, honestly, if you are anywhere it takes a moment to get a read on a room. Saying that the PCs walk into a house and “have an immediate feeling of dread” is really quite baloney to me and the more sessions I do, the more I realize that my use of this format as a crutch is dampening my enjoyment of the game.

Note, I am specifically talking about scene setting here, to narrow the scope. When a PC says “I look for a chair to sit down in” I just say “You find a comfortable chair” like a normal human being. This question is specific to scene setting where tonality and theming is important, without forcing emotions down a player or PC’s throat.

Here’s some example stuff I’ve written for LMoP to flesh out Conyberry (WARNING: SPOILERS) and I’m looking to broaden my writing and narration horizons… please let me know how to improve this question if it’s not clear what I’m trying to do.

Has anyone had success in spicing up their campaign by changing the point-of-view every now and again? Got any pointers?

third person essay examples

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Do PCs need to carry a gallon of water per person per day of travel?

A PC needs one gallon of water per day. He can take half that amount but risks an exhaustion level if he fails a con save. Any less water is an automatic level of exhaustion.

The equipment chapter states that rations are just dried food, jerky and nuts and the like, not liquids. The water skin container can hold exactly half a gallon, not enough for one day.

If players can’t really forage for food and water in a particular site, are they expected to carry one gallon of water per day? That’s a lot of weight! I find it hard to maintain a sense of realism by picturing anyone carrying so much water while remaining able to fight, sneak, and fill his pockets with loot.