How set person field in Flow: Send HTTP Request to SharePoint

I’ve been playing with Flow: Send HTTP Request to SharePoint to create items in a list. Everything works great until I include the Person field: Assigned To.

error 400: A ‘PrimitiveValue’ node with non-null value was found when trying to read the value of a navigation property

Tried claims, display name, email…

enter image description here

Looking at the list item XML I see Assigned_x0020_ToId, so I guess I need to pass the numeric ID of the person. Do I need a step prior to resolve the user or look up their id?

Once I figure out this issue I would like to move on to something more advanced, like creating a list item for each person in a multiple person column…

enter image description here

FYI, I would have just used the available Create Item but Flow seems to ignore site column lookups.

How can a person reasonably prove they’re running a full node?

I mean running themselves in a computer they control and not just fetching blockchain data from a public blockchain API or something like that.

I imagine that may be impossible, but there could at least be some operation that is trivial/fast to do with a local full node that’s difficult/slow to do with a blockchain API.

Need needed to get personal details of a person from string in java using regex for an android app

I am new to regex so not familiar with the expressions. I am building a business card reader android app and for that i need to get details like name, phone, email address and address.

My output string is like: U N I VERS I T Y Dr. Thomas Smith Vice-President External Relations t (705) 343-0000 x 4322 f: (705) 341-0555×4322 C: (705) 343-0000 x 4322 500 University Avenue, Orillia, 0N, Canada, L3V 0B9

and want to get name, mobile no, email and address. In case of name DR. is not present all the times. Thank You

One person listed can’t accept invitations through Calendar

So my problem is when I send invitations through google calendar, there is one person listed that does not receive the invitation. All others in the list receive it.

He is on Gmail and has checked his spam folder. Other emails from me arrive in his inbox. He can accept invites from my alternate email if I send a calendar invite. Is there some other setting he needs to change to receive the invitations?

wrong person being added in sharepoint group

I have encountered a weird issue when i got a request to add a person in one of the security groups.what’s odd is when i enter the login name of Christopher, another person is being added. they have the same login name.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

so i check the user profiles in CA and checkd, but Claudia’s profile is not found and i searched the login name and Christopher

enter image description here

can my 15-year-old brother leave the UK to go back to his home country without being accompanied by the stated accompanied person in his UK visa?

my younger brother who is 15 is going to visit me in the UK with my dad as the adult accompanying him. But my dad is only going for two weeks and my brother will go back 2 weeks after him. They are coming from Indonesia.

My question is, will they let him board the plane to go back to Indonesia? Since there will be no immigration exiting the UK, I presume that there won’t be any problem?

I will be sending him off to the airport until he gets on the plane. Please advise. Thanks