Can an unconscious person drink a potion?

PHB 153 reads:

Potion of Healing. A character who drinks the magical red fluid in this vial regains 2d4 + 2 hit points. Drinking or administering a potion takes an action.

By my interpretation, this means that while the rules are flexible in regards to who has to spend the action, they are inflexible in that a character must still actually drink the potion. In other words, any character can administer a potion to save someone else’s action, but their target must be conscious and able to drink.

I know part of a DM’s job is to apply common sense to my rulings, and common sense tells me that an unconscious person is more likely to choke to death than to swallow 4oz of liquid.

A few of my players disagree. Who’s right in this situation?

How can I transfer this code (originally for FPS template) for use in a Third Person Template?

I learned how to create a blueprint for making a character be able to pick up and drop objects: code It did not work, and I believe the reason is because it was originally made to work for the FPS template that Unreal comes with. I decided to use the Third Person template, and I think that’s why it’s not working. Am I correct? What blueprint coding should I be looking at? What’s missing, or what’s preventing this from working? Thanks!

Petrification and Animate object; Can you animate a petrified person? [duplicate]

I had a friend of mine asked me if someone could animate a creature that a gorgon or basilisk had turned to stone, and I couldn’t answer.

The Petrified status has one of the following as part of its rules.

A petrified creature is transformed, along with any nonmagical object it is wearing or carrying, into a solid inanimate substance (usually stone). Its weight increases by a factor of ten, and it ceases aging.

So, due to petrification, they are transferred into a solid, inanimate substance. Would that mean that a spell like animate object would be able to temporarily animate a petrified individual? Or does Petrification count as a magical condition and thus animate object cannot be used on the petrified individual? RAW, I’m guessing it can’t be used as the Petrified individual is still considered a creature.

Even without animate object, would you still be able to animate a petrified creature without removing the petrified status, or is it just impossible to animate petrified creatures?

D&D 5e – Dominate person recognition, and Squeezing question

Had an interesting session with a DM I generally quite like playing with where he made 2 decisions I disagreed with. Unfortunately a bit of research hasn’t clarified if I’m misunderstanding the rules, so I thought I’d ask:

Scenario: We encountered a frost giant and a few stone giants who weren’t yet hostile to us, but not friendly and refused to cooperate. I cast dominate monster on the frost giant (the leader), making him listen to us in the first instant, while another party member tried to convince them to help us. I then took full control of him, and got him to tell the other giants that we were friends (all of this happening telepathically, as per the spell). At this point the DM said one of the stone giant (a dreamwalker) recognised him as being charmed (apparently because he looked dazed and said that we were friends randomly), and immediately attacked the frost giant, forcing another save and releasing him. The justification here was the stone giant dreamwalker is familiar with charms (it has a passive charm power that does not allow a save on damage, so works quite differently to dominate monsnter). I left it when he made the call but then after the game finished argued that because the spells are quite different I doubt she’d have recognised it, and even if she did, she’d be more inclined to attack me than her leader the frost giant.

So question 1, how easy is it for another NPC to recognise that a creature has been put under the dominate monster spell, after the spell has been cast and the verbal/somatic components not noticed? And would they think that directly attacking that creature would be the most reasonable course of action, barring metagame knowledge of saving throws. A dreamwalker has an intelligence score of 10 and a wisdom of 8.

Question 2, the squeezing rules are quite clear, a large creature can squeeze through a 5 foot space. I have a Pegasus through find greater steed, and he ruled it couldn’t enter mordenkainen’s magnificent mansion despite the rules as written, because "there has to be some disadvantage to having a flying mount, and practically its wings wouldn’t fit". From everything I’ve read it looks like my reading of the rules is correct both as written and intended, other than it being his world and him getting to make up the rules at the table, am I missing anything? List item

Can Minotaur Players be targeted by Hold Person and other similar spells?

Hold person specifies that it can only target humanoids:

Choose a humanoid that you can see within range[…]

The Minotaur creature stat block from the Monster Manual lists them as monstrosities, not humanoids, however nothing is mentioned of that in the racial stat block in Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica or Mythic Odyssey of Theros. Can a PC Minotaur still be targeted by the Hold Person spell, or other spells that specifically target Humanoids?

The only similar things I could find are the racial stat blocks for satyrs and centaurs, which have the change of being the fey creature type, rather than humanoid:

Fey. Your creature type is fey, rather than humanoid.

Does this imply all other player races are humanoid?

would Sacred Flame hurt a person the target is holding as hostage/human shield?

An enemy had grabbed a friendly NPC and was using him as a hostage and standing behind him as cover. The (new) DM seemed to be implying that the archers in our party would risk shooting the friendly. I thought sacred flame would be good because it can target creatures in cover and seems to go through environment without damaging anything else. So we reasoned sacrad flame would just fry the enemy and leave our friendly unharmed. Thoughts?

Does Hold Person cast on a Spider Climbing NPC affect their ability stay on a vertical surface?

An NPC spell caster that is using spider climb at the top of a 30′ pillar where it meets the ceiling is magically held by hold person. I have two related questions:

  1. When Hold Person goes into effect, does the NPC fall, or does the Spider Climb magic (which is still in effect) keep his hands and feet bound to the pillar and leaving him suspended 30′ off the floor?

  2. Assuming he does not fall immediately, if the party shoots him with an arrow or other ranged attack, since Dex checks auto-fail when Paralyzed, would that knock him off (and thus fall for 3d6 damage).

How does a person under surveillance safely download tor or tails in a hostile environment?

One of tor’s stated goals is to help individuals such as journalists, activists and whistleblowers protect against surveillance, and in many countries people in those lines of work or activities are usually subject to surveillance, especially targeted surveillance.

Given a scenario in which a journalist working in an environment where he is subject to active targeted surveillance, how would he safely download tor? Assume that the journalist in question is using a new computer with a freshly installed Linux distribution. In what ways could an adversary with man-in-the-middle capabilities affect or compromise the download?

Does using https to download TAILS or the distribution package manager to download tor provide enough security to protect from malicious third-parties? How can someone in this scenario safely download tor or TAILS?

How to prevent scrying, Locate Person, teleportation, planeswalking, Locate City, and other intrusions in the name of national security [closed]

I am writing a story set in a modern world where D&D magic works. Now, I also have a Cheyenne Mountain like set of facilities in my world, underground hardened military airbases. Obviously, you don’t want any old bloke to be able to just use the Etherealness spell to waltz in through the walls and steal a nuclear warhead. You also don’t want the enemy war leader to be able to see inside your war room. And teleportation would really be a security disaster. Could the unit’s mages cast Mind Blank on every single one of the 570 staff of the base?

I had a couple ideas, using a multiple castings of or a homebrew larger version of the Forbiddance spell to cover every cubic foot of space inside the mountain and a similar method with Anti-Magic Field around the boundaries. This seems to block anything short of divine intervention, but I was thinking of asking you folks here about ideas as well. Would my idea work? Do you have any suggestions? Perhaps a magic item that could do the protection?

I’m not concerned as to which version the spell/item comes from.

Can the Nystul’s Magic Aura spell make you immune to/unable to be targeted by the Dominate Person spell?

Nystul’s Magic Aura can make it so that magic and spells treat a creature as though it were another creature type. However the extent of this effect is ambiguous.

At first, it says the following, which specifically mentions spells which “detect creature types”. One could argue that this means it only affects information gathering spells.

You change the way the target appears to spells and magical effects that detect creature types, such as a paladin’s Divine Sense or the trigger of a symbol spell.

Then it goes on to give a far more general rule:

You choose a creature type and other spells and magical effects treat the target as if it were a creature of that type or of that alignment.

One could use this to change one’s effective creature type to something like Dragon or Celestial. This would seem to make you immune to spells that require a humanoid target, such as Dominate Person, as well as magical monster abilities which require a humanoid target, such as the Vampire’s Charm ability.

One could argue that Nystul’s Magic Aura is intended to only fool spells which gather information, but one could also argue that any spell which only works on a specific creature type is one which gathers information, even if that is not its primary purpose.

Which is right? Would Nystul’s Magic Aura make you immune to Dominate Person?