Company asking admin rights of my personal laptop [migrated]

Our so-called startup company asked us to work from home due to coronavirus but did not provide us with any company laptops and we were told they are unavailable.

So, I bought my own laptop and now my manager/IT people are asking for admin rights of my personal laptop and asking to use it office purpose only.

What should I do? If I don’t agree to give then these rights, they are threatening to fire me. Is it normal? Do I have any employee rights to disagree and fight?

Personal computer + employer’s WiFi [duplicate]

I decided to use my personal Macbook at work, so I’ll be using my employer’s network connection. But I’m really concerned about my privacy. I know I can do non-work stuff using Tor Browser or Brave’s Private window with Tor, but what about my reminders, notes, voice memos and other Apple’s built in apps? I am really freaked about my personal stuff. How can I prevent them from accessing it? I know they may never do it, but if there is even the smallest risk, I want to prevent it somehow. Let’s say I create another user account specifically for work without logging my Apple ID and use it, will it prevent them from accessing my data stored on another (personal) account?

Is Microsoft Forms adequately secure to collect personal health information? [closed]

I want to make a survey on a website using Microsoft Forms. Patients would input personal health information into this form, so I want it to be secure.

The Microsoft website indicates that Microsoft Forms is HIPAA and BAA compliant, which sounds great; however, when I dig deeper, I don’t really find what I want to see in plain English.

Can information submitted over Microsoft Forms be read by someone other than me, the website owner?

Would it be a big security vulnerability if someone wrote a browser extension to retrieve personal information on Google’s behalf?

I am a 6th grader working in a project and came across the following question:
On most browsers, you can inject JavaScript code into the browser, for example by typing in javascript:alert(‘Injecting javascript code’). On Google Chrome, if you do this on Google Drive, instead of the title being “ says”, the title is “Google Drive”. Would this be a security threat in any way if someone wrote a malicious extension to ask for personal information on Google’s behalf?

Prospective employer accessing fbevents.js on my personal PC [closed]

I applied for a telecommuting job. The prospective employer said they needed to see if my personal PC was sufficient (RAM, available space, etc.). In order for them to do this, I had to copy an address into a pop-up window and select start. This process left a folder on my desktop and I saw one of the files was fbevents.js.

  1. Did they need this file to access my files
  2. Did they access this file from my PC and if so what might the purpose be?

[ Personal Finance ] Open Question : Should I let my in-laws buy my house and carry the note instead of just going through a regular refinance?

I am have great credit (785) and am currently in the early stages of refinancing (rate not locked but looking like 3,5% fixed 30 yr) I called my father and law (and his realtor fiance) just out of due diligence to see if they thought this was a good rate considering the clients they’ve seen purchase homes recently. They said it sounded pretty competitive and so I pulled the trigger with the mortgage company. Now today They called and said they were talking and think they would like to buy the house, and carry the note for us at the same interest rate and terms, but also with the option for 10-20k cash out if we want it. I wasn’t really looking for this and am not sure what to make of it. They said they were looking for somewhere to invest some money they recently made and thought it would be a win-win. I’m not sure. I trust their motives financially, but I worry about them divorcing later, or implied favors (none implied as of yet). I suppose there’s always the possibility of them being very generous with the payments or sale of the house down the road, but that’s also definitely not a given. Sounds like the same deal either way for me, but with the possibility of ugly family stuff down the road. Is there an angle I’m not seeing here?

[ Credit ] Open Question : Does a personal loan from the bank accumulate a lot of interest if someone just makes the minimum payment every month?

Say if someone needed a 10k loan, and for a couple years was only able to make the minimum payment every month, and then after that, they’re able to pay back that other 7-8000 dollars all at once. Will that accumulate a lot of interest over time?