Glue Seal — on a person’s person?

I had a character tonight that wanted to cast Glue Seal targeted on an enemy wizard’s lips. It was the end of a dungeon, the PCs were getting very creative with the uses of their items, their tactics, and their abilities–and so I let it happen. However, I am not worried about the repercussions. The enemy wizard failed his initial reflex save and didn’t attempt to break free of the glue sealed mouth, he used a few items and then fled, this leaves me with wiggle room for next time.

How would you interpret the rules? Would the wizard, if he’d been forced to, been able to do an escape artist check? Or a saving throw each round to see if he could move his lips? Would you even allow this? What do you guys think?

Is it now possible to spy on other person’s iPhone using microphone?

There is this app on the Appstore “Find My Kid” and “Chat with parents”. They allow to the first app to start listening to microphone of the second app even without notification. Even when the app is in the background and the screen is off. So I have two questions. How could Apple allow such an app? And how technically? If it’s background modes, then which one?

Number of ways of distributing 6 objects to 6 persons

I had some doubt regarding below problem.

The number of ways of distributing 6 objects to 6 persons such that at least one of them does not get anything.

I worked like

Without restriction total ways= $ 7^6$

Number of cases in which all persons get something=$ 6!$

Number of cases where at least one person does not get anything=$ 7^6-6!$

Am I correct?

Also if the probability is asked for at least one person don’t get any object then should it be equal to $ \frac{7^6-6!}{7^6}$ ?

Progress visualization of a person’s self-development?

I’m talking about any kind of self-improvement that is monitored/tracked. Most common example are fitness trackers or apps.

Now are there any guidelines or examples on this?
How would one best visualize the progress of the user over time, so that it will help him/her reflect upon it?


In my specific case it’s about mental improvement (self-affirmation, confidence exercises and stuff like that). So participants have a main goal and finish certain steps on the way towards it.
The data I’ll have will most likely be number of finished steps, distance to reaching the goal, self-reflection entries and possibly other ways.

The process is supposed to happen over approx. 3 weeks, with the user finishing a “step” approx. every 2-3 days and getting a new one then.

Since self-reflection is a crucial part of such a mental improvement process (Paper1 & Paper2) I really want to present the data in the most helpful way possible.