How many pets can I have?

What is the maximum amount of pets a character can have, with mechanical rules. I am defining a pet as

An animal, or other creature, that can be permanently around and has mechanical implications.

I have a few ideas, beastmaster ranger, find familiar, urchin background…

All official books and UA allowed.

I’d prefer the most powerful version of the pet, so for example, a third level warlock, with pact of the chain, is better than a level 1 wizard for just find familiar.

Only one pet per spell/ ability – so creating 10 undead with a spell is only one pet, and casting animate dead twice is still only one pet.

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Can I consider pets as “evidence of family members remaining in your home country whilst you travel”?

I have applied for standard UK visitor visa’s for me and my wife and children. I have elderly parents staying behind, but they do not live with me and are not dependants, nor did I list them as such in the application.

We have a dog (for 5 years now) who we consider as family and we have strong emotional ties and attachment to him. He will be in a pet care service for the duration of our visit.

  1. Can I mention my pet as a family member left behind in my cover letter? I can provide documentation of his vaccination records for the last 5 years – it mentions my name and address – as proof that I care for him and look after him.

  2. Can I still mention my parents in my cover letter? Do I need to provide some documentation for them?

Please advise ASAP. Thanks.

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TSA screening of pets

I will soon be flying two cats domestically in the US as cabin luggage. I just googled the TSA procedure for this and found this TSA missive which states (in part) during the screening process

  • All pets should be brought to the security checkpoint in a hand-held travel carrier. Remove the pet from the carrier just prior to the beginning of the screening process.

  • Do not put the pet into the x-ray tunnel, which is used to screen a passenger’s personal property and carry-on luggage. Place the empty travel carrier on the belt to be x-rayed.

  • The pet should be carried during the screening process; alternately, a pet can walk thru the process if the owner has the pet on a leash.

  • A TSA officer will give the pet owner’s hands an explosive trace detection swab to ensure there is no explosive residue on the hands.

  • Once the screening process is completed, owners should return the pet to the travel carrier at the re-composure area, away from the security checkpoint for the safety of the pet as well as other passengers.

Cats have sharp teeth and sharp claws and are prepared to use them when scared and don’t want to be held. Pulling a cat out of its carrier in a noisy, confusing and unknown place is apt to scare cats (and hence prime their teeth and claws for action). So to me this screening process seems to be a recipe for disaster.

So is this TSA procedure the current standard that they work to? Or is there an alternative process that would keep my cats inside their carriers during the screening?

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