1 hour customization to PHP | CodeIgniter | Yii Laravel | WordPress | Phalcon for $20

What you get with this offer I will do any coding task related to PHP per hour. Homework should be related to my skill set. Discuss your homework before buying my Hourly. My skills are as follows: – PHP programming – Development of web applications based on CodeIgniter, Laravel, Phalcon & Yii – WordPress development – Development based on Smarty Template Engine – Development of AngularJS, NodeJS, Jquery and javascript – Development of relaxing APIs. – Schema design based on Mysql (Very good database architecture) I can write very good documented code for your homework. If you have an ongoing project and want to start any task of that project, please discuss it with me. If you are running a project in Core PHP, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, Yii, Laravel and WordPress, I can also correct errors in your project. Along with this, I can also handle minor CSS and HTML problems. I will provide – IDX Integration – MLM script design – Calendar integration – Integration API as payment gateway, Google API, iridise API and many more – New development or customization or correction of errors in the complement – Development of HTML to WordPress themes – Development of PSD to WordPress themes – Error correction – Implementation of new functions – Elimination of data – AngularJs / NodeJs / Javscript / Jquery bug fixes – Product development – Web development – Support for long-term projects

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Phalcon Incubator

tengo una duda respecto a la autocarga. Necesito usar el adaptador de MongoDB que viene dentro de Incubator y estoy viendo que en la documentación pone que se debe registrar el ombre de espacio Phalcon:

<?php $  loader->registerNamespaces([         'Phalcon' => '/path/to/incubator/Library/Phalcon/', ]); 

La duda que tengo es: Si registro este nombre de espacio que es el que viene por defecto en el framework, cuando instancie Phalcon\Http\Request me instancia desde incubator o del Framework.

Lo pregunto porque he visto que dentro de git incubator hay carpetas para casi todos los componentes que Phalcon ya tiene integrados, como por ejemplo: Request, Response, Mvc, etc