I cliked a phisng link and now i want to know if any scripts had downloaded apps on my phone

i had a brain fart and had clicked an obvious phishing link.

i already updated my passwords, backed up my device (android phone btw), and am planning to do a factory reset just to be on the safe side.

However, i read that doing a factory reset aint enough and to reflash my phone instead. honestly, i find that to be a bit of a hassle so i went and viewed the page source of the said phishing link to see if any scripts may have downloaded something on my phone.

since i have absolutely zero knowledge as to what i should look for, i thought to ask here on reddit instead.

could anyone help and see if the link may have downloaded any shit on my phone?

the page source is (using google chrome):


the blasted link that started my problem is this:


the piece of crap’s blogger profile (after i did some digging in the said page source) that made the problem:


Keep moving cell phone connected to any tower within specified distance

Solve using ford fulkersen algorithm. Please see the comment section for the source of the problem and for the google doc link to my failed attempt .

“You can tell that cellular phones are at work in rural communities, from the giant microwave towers you sometimes see sprouting out of corn fields and cow pastures. Let’s consider a very simplified model of a cellular phone network in a sparsely populated area. We are given the locations of n base stations, specified as points b1 ,…, b n in the plane. We are also given the locations of n cellular phones, specified as points p1 ,…, pn in the plane. Finally, we are given a range parameter d> 0. We call the set of cell phones fully connected if it is possible to assign each phone to a base station in such a way that

1)Each phone is assigned to a different base station, and

2) If a phone at pi is assigned to a base station at bj , then the straight-line distance between the points pi and bj is at most distance d

Suppose that the owner of the cell phone at point p1 decides to go for a drive, traveling continuously for a total of z units of distance due east. As this cell phone moves, we may have to update the assignment of phones to base stations (possibly several times) in order to keep the set of phones fully connected.

Give a polynomial-time algorithm to decide whether it is possible to keep the set of phones fully connected at all times during the travel of this one cell phone. (You should assume that all other phones remain stationary during this travel.) If it is possible, you should report a sequence of assignments of phones to base stations that will be sufficient in order to maintain full connectivity; if it is not possible, you should report a point on the traveling phone’s path at which full connectivity cannot be maintained. You should try to make your algorithm run in O(n^3 ) time if possible.

Example. Suppose we have phones at p1 = (0, 0) and p2 = (2, 1); we have base stations at b1 = (1, 1) and b2 = (3, 1); and d=2. Now consider the case in which the phone at p1 moves due east a distance of 4 units, ending at (4, 0). Then it is possible to keep the phones fully connected during this motion: We begin by assigning p1 to b1 and p2 to b2 , and we reassign p1 to b2 and p2 to b1 during the motion (for example, when p1 passes the point (2, 0)). “

Phone Call Link Disabled when Styling


I am creating a web site for myself. I want it hard coded by myself to deliver it in the minimum time. I am doing the basics of the site in HTML and moving forward slowly to make it into what I want. The URL is fencerepairomaha.com please right click and view source. I made the header inline, so far it is behaving how I want it to. I tried to superimpose elements over an image and it disables the click-to-call linking I have setup. I am trying to superimpose a rounded call now button…

Phone Call Link Disabled when Styling

Wifi is 10x slower on laptop vs phone

I was having some lag spikes while playing so I decided to run a speed tests, turns out my laptop is getting 30Mbs while my phone is getting 280Mbs. Both devices connected to the same wifi and test ran on the same location.

I had run this tests before and it was the same on both devices (280Mbs). I recently tried to configure Bluetooth connection to my headset I think it might be related with the issue but I am not sure.

I already tried the top solutions I found on google: Wifi Slow when connected to bluetooth on 18.04 Ubuntu and https://itsfoss.com/speed-up-slow-wifi-connection-ubuntu/

I also tried reverting all configuration I made related to Bluetooth but the problem remained.

I already tried live booting from a usb drive using ubuntu 18.04 and I have the same issue there.

My system: https://pastebin.com/CarSiWnC

Would appreciate any tips or suggestions on fixes for this. Much appreciated!

Edit: Speed test differences between wifi and wired connection: https://imgur.com/a/Xf0e963

Removing my phone number from the gmail accounts I no longer control

At a past job we needed to do some log in & app testing so we created a number of email addresses. The gmail accounts needed a phone number and I used mine. I've left that job and no longer have access to the list of email addresses but would like my phone number removed from them.

I expected, within Google's security settings, to see a "your phone number is also used on these accounts…" and to be able to unlink them.

Has anyone ever done this?
Know where I need to go?