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Android asks to re-enter WiFi passwords. Is my phone compromised?

I have a Galaxy S8 (SM-950F) with Android version 8.0.0. I have rooted the device with Magisk. I have a couple of Magisk modules, including Bixby remapper, F-Droid Privilaged Extension, liboemcrypto disabler, libsecure_storage companion, and Cloudflare DNS.

Recently I realized I have to re-enter my password for all WiFi networks even though the passwords are the same.

Is this simply a corrupted WiFi password file case (I have no Idea how the software on this phone manges passwords) or it could be that the phone is somehow compromised and some malware is forcing me to re-enter passwords in order to log them?

I appreciate your help in advance.

How can I get all my files off my phone without USB

I have an “Essential” android phone that is rooted, has terminal and supersu installed, but will not acknowledge that it is plugged into a computer rather than an AC charging station. lsusb on the host computer does not find it.

Under settings, “USB Debugging” is on. This doesn’t seem to be helping.

The shell is present and operable with the terminal on the phone itself. curl is present. ssh and sshd are not. I have wireless. How can I get all my files off the phone? Some files are too large to email to myself.

What I feel like I want to do is run tar -cf - . | ssh mydesktopmachine \> android.tar but there’s no ssh right now.

Can I run Android from an SD Card? The eMMC in my phone is dead

I have a Mediatek based phone, Alcatel 4030x, and it is slowly dying.

The System partition is now mounted as read-only, then apps start crashing after a minute or two.

I’ve tried SP Flash tool, restore stock rom, and numerious other methods, but I’m 100% sure the eMMC is the dead so these methods do not work.

Right now I do not have the equipment or skills to replace the eMMC, so I was wondering if I can run Android from the SD-card?

Someone else on this site managed to run Android on his Samsung phone using the SD card, so I tried his method, but it does not seem to work for my phone, here is the method I found:

Use sd card as internal storage and stop writing to internal memory for good

I partitioned the card, edited ‘fstab’, but the phone does not boot from the SD card, is simply sits there with a grey screen when I turn it on.

Has anyone else managed to do this as right now the phone is about as useful as a chocolate teapot! Thanks

Prevent the android app from running if packet capture or any sniffer is installed on the phone [migrated]

I want to make my Android app secure. In some applications, if the phone has a network sniffer program installed(packet capture,ssl capture etc), the application gives an alert(Remove packet capture) and turns off. How do I add a similar security measure? What technologies should I look for ?

The app first wants me to uninstall packet sniffer program

How can I stop this “Not signed in…setup phone” error?

I recently upgraded to Marshmallow by CyanogenMod Nightly 13.0 in my Moto E (first generation). Then I flashed GApps 6.0 Nano. But then after my phone rebooted and I had those “Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped” error. I fixed it by giving all permissions and rebooted again. And then this error popped up:

Click on image for larger version

"Not signed in error..." after reboot

I keep on clicking on “set my phone” and this keeps popping up.

Please help me. Nothing in my phone is working.

Lost Appleid and Password, work phone iphone 5, owner transferred but we need to keep all the data on it

The owner of the business sold the business including the work mobile which has all client numbers, texts and WhatsApp communications. He did not give us the appleid or password nor do we have access to the email it was registered with and he is not in communication with us. Obviously, we can continue to use the phone but now cannot update any apps like WhatsApp so cannot now use the app.

The data is still relevant to us and we are the owners of the data.

Can we change the appleid, or do something else to allow us to update apps without losing all the data? I hope someone can suggest something. Many thanks