Why does my digital bank need my phone date and hour to be correct?

I’m not from Information Security or any IT related area. But I want to know if there is any security reason for my digital bank to demand my phone to be on "Automatic Date & Time"?

For example, if I’m abroad, i cannot transfer some money to a friend for because it says my date & time is incorrect.

Is that a badly programmed software or does it have a purpose?

Use a Cell Phone Number Listing to Get the Truth Behind Your Spouse’s Strange Calls

Google will inform you that many people are currently the usage of the online reverse cellular phone appearance up directory today and  Phone Number List . There can be several reasons for utilizing the carrier among the ones the maximum common are finding out whom a prank caller is or if a spouse is cheating. Reasons range from all of us, but either manner what their motive, the manner they get entry to the online opposite cell cellphone research is the same manner.

[Image: Bahamas-Phone-List.jpg?w=1000&ssl=1]

An on line reverse cellular Bahamas phone number list  lookup provider is said to be the very nice manner due to its comfort and in cost as compared to the numerous other methods that could price you a fortune and are difficult to apply.

Among services provided to, you that provide the same facts’s as a opposite cell smartphone look up are as follows:

Detective – They will follow your accomplice and supply the desired facts however are you able to truly have the funds for what they’re going to charge for this? In addition, possibilities are your spouse will discover.

Reading the frame language of your partner- if you may do this you possibly might not have married them to start with.

Therefore, with the available options the handiest one that makes experience is the opposite cell telephone online lookup. Just honestly pay for a one-time search. Input the suspect number click on on seek now and within a few seconds, you may recognise who is at the other give up of that mysterious telephone call. You can ease your thoughts and both confront your partner or let dozing puppies lie.

Recycled phone numbers

I just wanted to ask because I am in a situation now, where I have been locked out of my Instagram due to my mobile phone provider deactivating my Simcard. I have contacted Instagram support sending the images of my face to match my account but they have not replied after 2 weeks.

I was hoping that after my phone number is recycled I could contact the new owner and get them to help me. But from what you guys are discussing it seems people would stereotype me as a hacker. What next steps could I take to declare that I am a normal person or still get access to my inactive sim SMS whilst it is in the recycled mobile phone number pool?

Is there a way to buy back the phone number before it gets allocated to someone else?


“Hacker”have my mobile phone and sim detail [closed]

Hacker had borrowed my android phone and he can put my mobile on surveillance with the help of illegal person,I had reset my android phone without backing up any data and then I ran malwarebytes app and then with changed ip address by using app windscribe, i had made new gmail account by giving same mobile number with my country code and then I downloaded app like you tube from playstore. Can he still track and hack my phone?

Signal: contact people, or have people contact me, without revealing phone number?

Is it possible to use Signal without revealing my phone number to others?

I’m personally using the Signal app on Android, but of course it applies to all versions, desktop and mobile.

With Telegram for example, I can pick a username and then share that username. And people can contact me with just that username. No phone numbers involved. Is something like that possible with Signal as well? Or do I have to give my phone number when asking someone to contact me on Signal?

I realize I have to use my phone at least once to register with Signal itself, and setup an account. But once I’ve done that, I wish to contact other Signal users, or have other Signal users contact me, without revealing my phone number to them.

How can someone spoof their phone number / caller id?

How can someone spoof their caller ID. Basically make it look like someone else is calling when actually it’s you. If their is a way to do this I specifically want to know how to do it with python. If you can’t do it with python, how can you do it in general. Note: I do not want to use any programs other people made I want to make mine from scratch.