How to save Google Authenticator accounts in Oreo-to-Pie upgrade without second phone?

I know that you can migrate accounts to second phone: see the thread How to migrate accounts to new Google Authenticator app?, which would work also here, but I would like to be able to do the thing without second phone. Last time, when I updated the phone from Nougat to Oreo, I lost all accounts in Google Authenticator.

Phone: Onelplus 3T

Can I add a fingerprint without allowing it to unlock the phone?

Some of my more secure applications offer fingerprint unlocking. This would be convenient to use, and I don’t foresee any security issues with someone using my fingerprint because I would have had to have unlocked the phone with a pattern for someone to gain access to the application.

On the other hand, if the phone can be unlocked with my fingerprint as well, someone could unlock it while I am incapacitated (e.g. sleeping) without my knowledge, and then unlock the high-security applications as well. Having a pattern is a great form of two-factor authentication IMO.

I added a fingerprint to my rooted phone which runs LineageOS 14.1, Android version 7.1.1 — this automatically allowed unlocking the phone via fingerprint. I cannot find a setting to disable this without removing the fingerprint and being unable to use it in any of my apps. Is there any way I can forcefully disable fingerprint authentication on the lock screen, but retain access to fingerprint unlocking for various apps without using a custom lock screen?

Here are the options I have for the lock screen and fingerprints — I do not see any way to disable fingerprint authentication without removing the fingerprint, from the settings at least:


How to access VNC server running in an android phone in another computer?

I have installed Ubuntu in my Android phone and I can access its GUI in my phone by connecting a VNC viewer to localhost:1.

Is it possible to access this in a computer connected to the wifi hotspot of the phone?

I connected to computer to the phone’s hotspot and tried to access locahost:1 in Real VNC Viewer, but it says “The connection was refused by the remote computer”.

Please note that I am not trying to access vnc server running in another computer in my phone but the opposite.

Is it safe to delete logcat.txt files or the whole psysinfo folder to make more space on my Android phone?

I have an android phone and the space on the sdcard is getting scarce… (I don’t understand how android functions – just a simple user.) In the following directory: mnt > sdcard

There is a psysinfo folder, which is 3.02 GB … And in this folder there are subfolders like log6, log5 and so on. In these subfolders, there are a few logcat.txt files and three of them are like 1GB large.

Will my android phone function OK if I just delete these files and free some space (3.02 GB)? I view the folders with ‘ES File Explorer’ and am thinking of deleting these files using the same app. This app says the above folder and logcat.txt files are the largest in my phone. My Android version is 4.1.2.

I searched online to find what the [ …> psysinfo ] folder in Android is, but I couldn’t find any info about it and then searched about deleting logcat.txt files but the info available seems to be for folks like developers. I couldn’t really understand it.


Samsung J7::I have several different “contact” Apps on my phone.. each a different color icon, each called “Contacts”. – which is which?

A long title I know, but if it were shorted, someone trying to help would probably make a wrong assumption without being so specific. I’m assuming that each different “Contact” list application, is associated to different email systems or different services that I use for Email? Every different “Contacts” App wants to control the world by merging into it, every piece of contact information it can find from other similar applications. My problem I don’t know which ICON is from which email vendor. Or otherwise saying: which “Contact” Icon refers to my Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Verizon accounts? I would like to standardize on something if I new which Icon belongs to who? For example I have a Red, Blue, and Orange colored Icon on my J7 home screen and don’t know whose belongs to who.

How to factory reset a locked phone when you cant access fastboot or usb debug mode

I have a Hyundai Orbit android phone. The situation is as follows:

  1. The phone has a pin which we don’t know
  2. The phone was never signed into any google or other accounts
  3. USB debugging is not turned on
  4. We have tried starting the phone while holding all combinations of buttons and it always just boots normally, never into fastboot/recovery mode. We have been able to boot with “Safe mode” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Is there any way to do a factory reset under these conditions?

When I tap on a phone number, why doesn’t my HTC automatically call it?

Please see the screenshots beneath. When my grandma tapped ‘Mobile’ beneath in screenshot #1, her HTC Desire 825 failed to, but ought’ve, instantly connected. Rather, a “No Internet calling account” message appeared.

But when she input that 647 number manually, her phone connects perfectly as in Screenshot #3.