Problemas al usar CSS (style for phones)

tengo problemas con los widths, margin e etc, en el cual intento acomodar el espacio sobrado pero no sé con que css puedo solucionarlo, todo lo demás está bien.

    //Center page .page{margin: 0 15%;}  // Page right and left (width: px) .page > .left{width: 400px;float: left;} .page > .right{width: 450px;float: left;}  // Box content .page .box-content{     background: #fff;     box-shadow: 0 2px 0 #eaeaea;     border-radius:4px;     padding: 5px 4px;     border: 1px solid #eaeaea;     margin:0 0 10px 0;     width: 100%; } 

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

No tengo mucha experiencia en hacer diseño web adaptables para móviles (responsive), apenas inicio.

Does Twitter now only function properly on Smart Phones?

I normally access my Twitter account on my iMac.

Videos have never worked for me on Twitter, but since this new Twitter appeared I find that now I can't see most of the photos posted & can't even see any photos I post myself.

Does this mean that from now on there is just no point in having a Twitter account unless you have a smart phone?

If so, it looks like I'll just have to close my account.

Seems wrong that you can spend a huge sum of money on a quality computer, only to find yourself…

Does Twitter now only function properly on Smart Phones?

SharePoint 2013 website does not scroll on Android phones

Our organization is using an on-prem version of SharePoint 2013 with a custom masterpage. We discovered that when using the combination of an Android phone with the Google Chrome browser to open our SharePoint 2013 website (, the page will load perfectly, but will not scroll.

I’ve researched online for potential solutions and had no luck. I was not the original designer of the masterpage and am trying unravel what they may have done that created this problem.

Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Making other phones ring [on hold]

Since I believe that there is no non-technical way to do this, I believe it falls under Information Security as it is related to phreaking.

Scenario: I live in a big house and I often have to check several rooms to find a family member. Each room has a landline telephone in, totalling about 5 phones throughout the house.

Question: Is there a way I can make every phone in my house ring from a phone, so I can then speak to someone without running around the house trying to find them? I am hoping for a sort of internal intercom system.

Using a mobile phone and ringing my house is not possible and out of scope.

How can I access my android phone’s storage from another device using LAN

How can I access my android phone’s storage from another device such as android or PC using LAN?

With ES File Explorer, I used remote manager, but there I am to download files then I am able to use them. But I want such a system, by which I can stream my audio, video from my android device’s storage without downloading through LAN network.

Best way to exchange data from one to many nearby phones

I want to create an App where several people in close proximity with an android or ios phone can exchange a small amount of data with one person. So one person is the group leader, and (s)he transmits the name of the group to the other participants. I was thinking of using NFC but I have not been able to find out if iphones can transmit a value (it seems they can now read NFC tags – but I have not seen any examples of writing that data). I could use QR codes (so the leader shows the QR image and the others scan that image). Or I believe there are blue-tooth and wifi options. But I want it to be a very simple action – so turning on bluetooth/wifi and connecting sound like they are too long-winded. Any alternatives, suggestions?

Is it true, that Trump sanctions as of 01.06.2019 have started battery drainage on Huawei Android mobile phones?

It is 1st of June 2019 and new round of sanctions have started under Trump. And severe drainage of battery of my Huawei Android phone has started as well. 20% of batter is gone under just 1 hour. Android System is the main user of battery – around 30%, then WhatsApp follow with 23%. Remaining apps consume less. I have pending update from Android 5.x to Android 6.x on my device but there is button to download this update and I have choosen not to do any activity. Why such unexpected drainage. Is it due to Trump?

How secure is full-disk encryption technology on LineageOS, or Android phones in general?

We’re attempting to assess the information security on our mobile devices, and information seems rather varied on the question of encryption. Is the encryption technology employed by Android-based phones uniform, and is it secure? I’m also particularly interested in protection from any malicious attackers who may have a decent amount of computing power at their disposal.

As per this question, my impression seems to be that any phone that comes with standard Google-linked (and likely, manufacturer-linked) Android is entirely vulnerable to being unlocked by Google. Do encrypted phones with LineageOS (which I realise has a lot of versions, but in a general sense, at least) use a secure full-disk encryption without backdoors? Or do they at least securely encrypt all user data?

There’s clearly some basic security, as my vague attempts to gather any information off a LineageOS phone without unlocking it hasn’t gotten anywhere. But again, I can’t find great wells of information on the matter, and I realise LineageOS is open-source, though, so surely a knowledgeable attacker could work out what needs doing without too much effort.

Is encryption on standard-Google-android phones secure? Is the encryption on an up-to-date LineageOS install more or equally secure? Are there any better ways to encrypt phone data such that knowledgeable attackers would have a hard time gather any actual data?