How can I remove an empty folder that I created manually inside the Photos library?

I accidentally created an empty folder inside my Photos library.

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My import process is a bit unusual.

I first import photos from my iPhone as usual. Then I locate the newly imported photos in Finder inside the Photos library file and copy them to a SMB share. That’s when I accidentally had created a new empty folder inside a folder for one of the imports. That import was then deleted and all the image files disappeared. However, the empty folder is still there and it’s basically junk.

I’d like to remove this entire directory tree: 2019/05/22/20190522-10460/New Folder With Items

I tried the repair function but it didn’t help.

Deleting this directory tree manually breaks the Photos library.

How can I delete this junk?

Apple Photos import: Insufficient Disk Space

I have about 58,000 photos/videos (~1TB) catalog in Lightroom 5. These photos/videos are stored on an external USB drive.

Since I’m using a very old version of Lightroom, I’m considering moving to Apple Photos (Mojave 10.14.5). I’ve moved the Photos Library to a folder on the external drive, which has about 530GB of free space. When I tried to import, Photos complains “Insufficient Disk Space. Additional 760.47 GB of free space is needed to continue.” In Photos, I’ve unchecked “Copy items to the Photos Library”. Why does Photos need this much space? I’d like to keep all the photos exactly where they are.

If i want to create a website about photos, what programming skills do i need?

I want to create a website to publish my photos, and I already have the server and domain name. What would be se best solution to store and use the photos in different galleries on the website ? Should i use a database, or put them in different folders ? Or something else ? I want it to be easy to use once running, and i want to make the galleries as automatic as possible ( not having to call every photos in the code). I have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. Thanks in advance

Photoshop cutout/Background remove your 8 photos for $2

Hi,I am Aziz i’m experienced in Adobe Photoshop and quick background removing. I will remove the background from your images using handmade photoshop clipping path and the pen tool. Note: i accepte onley three types of foreground Person photos Product photos Car photos My service includes * Background remove.. White, transparent or any color you want or i will add any photo you want as bachground * any image with up to 8 megabytes. * Multiple format image delivery (jpg,png,.psd,tiff.. * Image Resizing *10h or less Express delivery Thank you

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from a very long time i wanted to upload some videos with live thumbnails on my blog such that the viewer can easily be able to reach that particular video that he wanted to see even without getting the video fully opened by clicking on it. AND due to some limitations in google photos ,so i wanted google drive to access my videos from my google photos. I’M very thankful to him/her if he/she can hlp me šŸ™‚

Why is Photos not suggesting new People faces in the People Album?

When I first began using the People feature in iOS and Mac Photos, the app automatically listed a bunch of people.

I added names for all the people I knew. I thought this was a near-complete list of all of the people in my photos. The album currently has 163 people.

Photos organizes the images of your family and friends in your People album. You’ll see a face thumbnail for each person your device recognizes.

However, I’m now noticing that no new people are added to the People album as “potential people” I should name.

If I take many photos of a new friend, that new friend is never now automatically added to the People album. I do not see their face in the People album and cannot quickly add a name.

Instead, I need to find a photo of that person, swipe up, tap their face, and add their name. After adding their name they do show up in the People album. That corresponds to this statement:

Want to see even more People in your album? Just open a photo of someone that you want to add, then swipe up to see a thumbnail of that person under People.

I used the automatic face thumbnails in the people album as a reminder/prompt to add names for the people I know.

Because no new thumbnails are being added, I am not adding names because I forget that I took photos of that person and can now add them.

The People album does still contain random people/bystanders that I do not know but were originally added to the album based on a single photo. I have not given them names. But a similar People thumbnail is not added for the new best friend of whom I’ve taken hundreds of photos.

photos People iOS

Are favorites in the Photos app suppose to sync between devices?

I use Apple Photos on my Macs and on my iOS devices. I can flag photos via the Heart icon as favorites, but in my case they are not synced between devices.

Is this a bug, or is this meant to be like this?

ps: I saw the question Are “Favorites” and edits synced with Photos for Mac/iOS?, but it neither attracted answers nor is it it particular current – that’s why I ask this here and now.

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Photos saved to iOS from Google Drive randomly downsized in resolution

Anybody experienced this please? How can I always have the original resolution? Since these photos are exported from a raw to a gif on my laptop, they are around 4000x of resolution. Sometimes they are saved to my camera roll in the original resolution and sometimes they are downsized to about 1000x. In both cases Iā€™m using the same saving process from Google Drive to iOS. Thanks for your help!