do 2 images 3d photos for $5

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What do I need to get photos with a unifom black background (not with post)?

Often i see portraits such as the one below and like the way they look. I wanted to know can I get this look in my shots.

I am sure there are professional materials you can get to outfit a studio that will deliver such results. I have no clue what these items would be, can i get clued in?

Also, I was wondering if there is a DIY way to achieve this as well. Maybe with a black bed sheet or something?

I want to set something up in a room in my house for studio type shots. I am looking to get an idea of what items I need to get this done and how the setup should go.

black background portrait enter image description here

Best camera/lens to take photo’s of textures (Tiles/Countertops and other textures.) All for 3D use

I would really appreciate if you could help me find the best camera or camera’s to take photos of textures.

These will mainly include cabinets, countertops, tiles, backsplashes, hardwood flooring and possibly exterior brick walls.

The photos also need to be quite “flat” as it would be used as 3D textures. (I have added two links to examples.),islt:2mp&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjTjdO67-3fAhXySxUIHQ3NCfgQpwUIIQ&biw=1858&bih=1009&dpr=1#imgrc=XMQsbA8UAyx9kM:…178623.179903..180173…0.0..0.391.2932.2-4j5……1….1..gws-wiz-img.NRVYukejWZI#imgrc=0cUeWPd_ID8Z3M:

I have a lightbox setup with an android phone taking photo’s which is not detailed enough and has a slight noise in the image.

Kind regards,

Daniel Herbst

Photos through viewfinder constantly overexposed

Recently my canon 700d has been acting strangely. When using preset modes such as landscape, the photos come out fine when taken using the flip screen, but when taken through the viewfinder the photos come out extremely overexposed. The iso seems to be constantly high at 6400 and shutter speed low. This has never happened before and its meaning I cant take any quick snaps using auto modes. Can anyone help?

Photos of people who are attractive and who are not and models

i feel underestimated by the fact of photos and i came here to ask from professional persons.I am good looking guy in mirror and i feel that i have many girls glances at me.My problem is that in selfies i am not good looking as in the reality i am.I am thinking that i am not attractive by this fact.I mean i get good looking fotos but with many tries.If as an example i go to someone took from me a photo i have fear on me in front to get me a picture.As a result i ask models they get immidiately 3-4 photos or they do a lot of to manage a good result?Thanks in advance.

Mac Photo Screensaver no longer able to R/L arrow through photos

Very recently Apple changed something with their screensaver. Before the change, my screen saver would come on and I would see my photos. I would be able to use the left and right arrows to scroll back to a photo or scroll forward through photos. It was pretty fun for my family.

Has anyone found a work around? I have searched the app store for a photo app screensaver.