Can a Warforged Envoy pick a land vehicle as his integrated tool?

I am aware that a Warforged Envoy picking anything but the tools in the PHB on page 154 is probably against RAI and would be an awkward implementation. But is it RAW?

The Warforged Envoy’s Integrated Tool (WGtE, p. 69) feature says:

Choose a tool you’re proficient with. It becomes integrated into your body, and you double your proficiency bonus for any ability checks you make with it. You must have your hands free to use this tool.

Backgrounds such as Sailor and Soldier include “vehicles (land)” and “vehicles (water)” as “Tool Proficiencies” (PHB, p. 139-40). Furthermore, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything includes “Land and Water Vehicles” under the section titled “Tool Proficiencies”. It is organized alphabetically between “Jeweler’s Tools” and “Leatherworker’s Tools” (XGtE, p. 82).

Then it seems that vehicles are tools that you can have a proficiency with, and therefore can have integrated in your warforged envoy.

Is my understanding correct?

How to pick up the shortest route in length for car?

I’m in a situation where even with forbidding motorway I’m ending up with a 110 Km deviation to the north or the south for driving straight to the east.
I want the shortest path in Km even if takes way longer.

The best way to achieve this is to configure for pedestrian mode (I checked in that case the route is almost a straight line instead of a curve with car mode whatever the guiding software). The problem is while I’m find driving on dirt road below 20Km/h most dirt roads are either private or forbidden to cars.

So how to get the shortest path which includes dirt roads that cars are allowed to take but still exclude roads were cars are completely forbidden ?

Should I pick the Athlete feat for higher AC or take the Mobile feat for my variant human monk? [on hold]

I’m starting a new campaign, in which I’m playing a Variant Human Way of the Kensei monk. My ability scores are: 17, 12, 11, 12, 9, 14. The 17 is in Dexterity, and the 14 is in Wisdom.

For my starting feat, I’m split on whether I should take the feat Athlete and increase my Dexterity by 1 with the feat’s bonus – which, with the racial ability score increase, would leave me with 19 Dex and 15 Wis. Then, at level 4, I could increase my Dexterity and Wisdom by 1 each to 20 Dex and 16 Wis, increasing both modifiers and giving me a total of 18 AC from Unarmored Defense.

On the other hand, I could take the Mobile feat at level 1 instead, and use my ASI at level 4 to make my Dexterity score 20 and my Wisdom score 14. So I would have less AC, but have the mobile feat.

Which would give me more survivability?

How To Pick Banquet Halls In Hubli?

Finding the perfect venue is the toughest part of getting married, business meetings and conferences. We should check first when we are searching for banquets was Ambience, house catering and the banquet hall is suitable for our expectations. For example, Naveen hotel in Hubli offers best Banquets in Hubli. They designed some halls for Meeting and conferences. Whether it is a small function or large one, we ensure there is every facility to run your work smoothly in a lavishly well-appointed…

How To Pick Banquet Halls In Hubli?

Where’s a good place to pick up icons?

I want to create quirky images within a game I play but lack the skills to create my own. I'm happy to spend time and a little bit of money purchasing and editing icons. Where's good to subscribe?

  • pngtree is US$ 10/month
  • envato is US$ 16.50/month
  • flaticon is €10/month
  • vecteezy is US$ 14/month
  • shutterstock is US$ 29/month
  • icons8 is US$ 20/month
  • The Noun Project looks interesting enough to lure me into their annual US$ 40

who else has a enough image sets to be…

Where's a good place to pick up icons?