pick one date/time over multiple days

I have a website that lets the user select a specific time on a specific day, like “2PM on Wednesday July 2, 2019” over 2 week period.

I’ve tried a number of options, but they all seem clumsy.

  • A multi-row single-item <select> for the days, and the same for the time, with the times updated via jQuery as the date changes.

This was functional, but the users seemed to not understand that they needed to change the day to see the available times for that day.

  • The above, only with radio buttons.

This works, but has the same drawbacks, as well as failing accessibility validation for small screens.

  • A jQuery calendar/analog clock combination.

This looked the best so far, but confused the hell out of the users because there wasn’t a good way to represent unavailable times, and the calendar took up a lot of real-estate, since it shows a month and I only allow a 2 week window.

  • A multi-row single-item <select> for the days and times, grouped by day. This is what I’m currently using, and it works but still seem clumsy and is definitely ugly.

FWIW, I only allow the user to pick whole hours, so there’s no need for a “minute” hand on any analog clock, and I only allow a max of 14 days from today. They can’t pick anything farther out or anything in the past.

Has anybody run into anything with a better UI/UX for letting users pick dates and times?

$50 Pick background for vinyl advertising banner RUSH JOB

48 hours Max time limit.

Reserve the right to pick a winner and end the contest early due to time pressures.

I need a promotional vinyl banner designed asap. Landscape and portrait.

Our client (a dog breeder) is attending a dog show for the first time with their new branding. We need a strong design that they will be happy with.

I have attached the logo. Please remove the gradient on the middle of the ace and change the ring colors to dark grey….

$ 50 Pick background for vinyl advertising banner RUSH JOB

Can someone immediately pick up their weapon after being disarmed by the Battle Master fighter’s Disarming Attack maneuver?

The Battle Master fighter’s Disarming Attack maneuver can make someone drop a weapon at their feet. The only advantage is if others want to dash away or you need to remove a reaction parry from the opponent before they get their own turn.

When the bad guy’s turn comes around, they pick it up (free interaction with an object) and go about their business.

Do I have that right?

To my understanding, you wouldn’t be able to use your own free object interaction to pick up and/or throw away their weapon (unless you have movement left over, and you’re either two sizes smaller than your opponent or you’re a halfling) because the weapon is in the enemy’s space – not yours.

KLM flight from Brussels, pick up ticket from Air France/KLM terminal at Brussel-Zuid/Midi station

I have a KLM flight the day after tomorrow, the first leg is a train journey from Brussels to Schiphol. I don’t know the Brussel-Zuid/Bruxelles-Midi train station well. I have been trying to find out where exactly the Air+Rail terminal is at the station but no luck!

Does anyone know if it is close to the Thalys (Amsterdam train) area, the Eurostar entrance, or elsewhere in the train station?

Do I have to pick up my luggage at Seoul Incheon and how many bags am I able to check?

I am flying to Singapore from Toronto. My route is Toronto to Seoul – Air Canada and then codeshare Asiana Airlines from Seoul to Singapore- all booked on the same ticket. I have looked online and asked my travel agent but getting conflicting confusing information on a couple of things.

First do I have to pick up my luggage at Incheon and recheck them on Asiana or will my luggage be tagged right through to Singapore from Toronto?

Secondly does anyone know if you can check 2 bags free for international flights? I know I can from Toronto to Incheon on Air Canada but it says maybe subject to Asiana Airline check baggage which could be different from AC. I checked the Asiana website and find the information to be very confusing.


Any information you can provide or share your experience if you have flown this route would be appreciated. Thanks so much!