Can an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight who takes the Magic Initiate (Wizard) feat cast the first level spell they pick with their spell slots? [duplicate]

Can an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight who takes the Magic Initiate (Wizard) feat cast the first level spell they pick with their spell slots, like a Bard who took Magic Initiate (Bard) can? Or the Wizard for that matter?

Both AT and EK uses the wizard spell list, so one could assume so, but can they?

Can I pick a power from my multiclass with Reserve Maneuver?

Reserve Maneuver (PHB2, p191):

Benefit: Choose an encounter attack power from your class. The power must be your level or lower and one that you don’t already have. When you regain the use of your powers at the end of any rest, you can gain the use of the chosen power instead of regaining the use of an encounter attack power of the same level or higher.

Does the highlighted "from your class" include the class I multiclassed into?

pick up day for woocommerce products with email notification

I searched the web for a kind of plugin or code that suits our need. We have a local food store and we want to sell products with an online shop.

The ordered products can be picked up in the local store then. So we have products which are ready for pick up a week after the customer ordered, but also have products which are ready for pick up 2,3 or 4 weeks after the order.

I want to notify the customer one day before he can pick up his order via Email!

Does anyone know a plugin or how can i achieve this instead?

Should I generate a lot of random serial keys and pick one for each registration or generate 1 for each user?

I’m talking about Online activation. My current workflow is:

  1. User pays via paypal (without registration)
  2. Paypal performs a request to my API.
  3. My API returns a serial key to the user.
  4. Then the user is able to register using this serial key.

Is a “pay to register then use” and not a “register then pay to use”.

So the question is:

  • Should I generate (let’s say 100) keys and store them in DB then pick the first one available when someone pays via paypal? Isn’t this vulnerable to “guess” attacks?
  • Should I generate 1 random key each time a user pays via paypal? Can’t this approach generate 2 equal keys? I mean I have no info from the user except what paypal tells me so I should somehow use a random function OR loop the entire table comparing the serial keys.

Pick out elements from a list of lists using criteria

Consider a list of lists in this form (with a shape $ m \times n \times 3 $ ):

{  {{a1, R1, c11}, {a2, R1, c12}, {a3, R1, c13}, ..., {an, R1, c1n}},  {{a1, R2, c21}, {a2, R2, c22}, {a3, R2, c23}, ..., {an, R2, c2n}},  ...,  {{a1, Rm, cm1}, {a2, Rm, cm2}, {a3, Rm, cm3}, ..., {an, Rm, cmn}} } 

where in each outer list, the 2nd element $ R_i $ is fixed ($ i = 1, 2, …, m $ ), and the 1st element changes from $ a_1 $ to $ a_n $ , the 3rd element $ c_{ij} $ is normally a complex and its imaginary part can change from positive to negative or from negative to positive for several times. Here is a sample data for test.

I want to pick out the neighbor lists whenever the imaginary part of $ c_{ij} $ changes its sign, say, for $ R_2 $ , the selected lists are something like $ \{a_j, R_2, c_{2j}\} $ and $ \{a_{j+1}, R_2, c_{2,j+1}\} $ , where $ \text{Im} c_{2,j} < 0 $ and $ \text{Im} c_{2,j+1} > 0 $ . More generally, for $ R_p $ I pick out $ \{a_j, R_p, c_{pj}\} $ and $ \{a_{j+1}, R_p, c_{p,j+1}\} $ , and then to plot a curve with ListLinePlot[{{R1, a01}, {R2, a02}, ..., {Rp, a0p}, ..., {Rm, a0m}}], in which $ a_{0j} = (a_j + a_{j+1}) / 2 $ . In other words, I what to plot a parameter curve w.r.t the 1st and 2nd elements, across which the imaginary part of the 3rd element changes sign.

I tried Cases, Select and ParametricPlot, but I am still having trouble to find all the pairs of the neighboring lists when the imaginary part of $ c_{ij} $ changes its sign.

How do I pick a location to play a tabletop RPG?

A group of friends and I have recently purchased a rulebook and pre-made adventure for a fun looking game. None of us have played a tabletop RPG before. We have all the material objects we need – except space. I’m in charge of finding a location.

What are the key traits that make a location suitable for a tabletop RPG? Let’s assume that we are going to be using a map, miniature figures, and that we have 4-6 people in total.

I know many people play at home or in game stores. For various reasons, none of our homes are available for this game. We have some game stores with different kinds of gaming areas, but aren’t entirely sure why we would want to play there instead of a coffee shop, internet cafe, library, or some other location.

Can you pick up an item on the ground without a free hand?

I’ve been studying up on disarm interactions, and how you might be able to pick up a weapon after you disarmed your enemy of it.

The issue I’m facing is: none of the threads I’m seeing mention anything about what it takes to interact with an object (in particular, pick it up and stash it in your inventory) when your hands are full.

That brings me to question 1:

If, I can supposedly just pick up the enemies weapon after I knock it out of his hands, does it take having a free hand?

If I knocked a weapon out of an enemy’s hands while wielding a weapon and a shield, can I just pick his weapon up and stash it? Or would it pretty much require me dropping my weapon to pick his up (effectively making disarm pointless if I attempt it on my own if what I am holding is better than, or equal to, what he has)?

second question: It takes an action to don or doff a shield; can one don a shield from their back without using an item interaction to have it in hand? I’m wondering if I have a shield on my person, but not in hand, and disarmed an enemy, assuming it takes the use object interaction to pick up his weapon (and another to stow it). Then, on the following turn, can I stow the weapon I picked up with my object interaction action, and use my action to don a shield (without an object interaction to take my shield out)?

How to tell potential players to pick up their game

Everyone in this story works mostly together. Some work friends and my wife were talking about playing D&D, and I was appointed the DM. I’ve played the game once 20 years ago, so I’ve spent the past few months buying the resources and learning as much as I can about the game so I can make it as enjoyable for then as possible, we are yet to have our first session.

But to make it easier so I don’t have to teach them literally everything I asked them to read the Basic Rules so they have some idea of what they are in for and the expectations of them and me are.

But they came back with “its too hard to read it, I learn by doing, that’s what we have you for”.

I’m super pissed by this, I’ve spent so much time and effort learning this game and they can’t be fcked to put any effort in.

My question is should I let them know how much it’s annoyed me, and reiterate they need to know stuff, or just ignore it and carry on?