Links lists updates are not getting picked by GSA

Hello, I’ve subscribed to one of the verified list providers and they sync files via Dropbox. And I have the issue that GSA cant catch up with the updated files automatically. I have to manual via context menu trigger a new import from global site list – then it starts to push them. But I assume that this should be automatically after the DP sync appeared. 

Did anyone face such an issue? 

Are class skills picked before or after your character’s Background is selected?

In the Backgrounds section:

Each background gives a character proficiency in two skills. Skills are described in chapter 7. In addition, most backgrounds give a character proficiency with one or more tools. Tools and tool proficiencies are detailed in chapter 5. If a character would gain the same proficiency from two different sources, he or she can choose a different proficiency of the same kind (skill or tool) instead.

Could a Barbarian character being created, for instance, pick Athletics and Survival as his class skills, and then when selecting a background, pick Outlander (which grants proficiency in these two skills), and then using this rule, instead pick two skills from the whole skill list?

Or is your background chosen before class skill-proficiencies?

How miner makes sure that a transaction he picked up from mempool is actually valid? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How is a bitcoin transaction validated? 1 answer

I have read and searched enough about the roles and responsibilities of miners here; For example: Does the miner first validate transaction before doing POW or he does not validate at all ?

Does a node validates a transaction that comes with a block if it's already in its mempool?

But this part is still a bit unclear to me. If a miner confirms a block that has an invalid transaction then he will not only waste too many resources in doing the PoW but he may also get penalized for that, so he validates every transaction. Does that mean that if mempool contains a transaction saying “A” gave “B” 0.1 BTC then miner is supposed to actually make sure that “A” has that much unspent BTC before he can select that transaction into a block to be mined? If a miner has to validate each and every transaction like this then it will mean too much work, because the only way you can get a confirmed balance for any account is to literally start from the genesis block all the way to the current block. I understand that there are WebServices that give you balance for any bitcoin address but in turn they must be traversing the whole blockchain. So the question is does the miner actually makes sure that “A” had enough unspent BTC before this transaction or does it perform some other simpler check, before selecting and transaction from the mempool.

If someone has Reduce/Enlarge Person cast on them, does equipment picked up later (after the initial casting) resize?

The rules for enlarge person and reduce person say “All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly [reduced or enlarged] by the spell.” Does that happen once at the beginning of the spell for the duration of the spell or do other things picked up later also change in size?

Which one of the two is it, and wouldn’t the latter have really strange consequences, such as if you pick up a friend all their equipment (but not the friend itself) would become while you carry it/him?

Inspired by this question.

Sharepoint list field description not picked up in InfoPath form

I am trying to ensure that my form (which is based on a sharepoint list) contains some useful hints for the users who will fill in the data in the form. To achieve this, I have created some field descriptions in the sharepoint list. What I was hoping was that when I then create the form in InfoPath, those descriptions would appear alongside the field names in the form. They don’t. I have extensively searched the web and haven’t been able to find a solution. I should qualify this by mentioning that due to the way our IT department works, I am not allowed access to SharePoint Designer nor would I be permitted to go in and edit the code (even if I knew how).

Hope someone can help.

Kind regards Nick

Featured Snippets Not Picked By Google. Why?

We have added content in Tabular format in our website like Our Competitors are doing but these featured snippets are picked by Google but our Not. We are using react to develop our website? Is there any issue with our programming language our problem with our table placement.

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Transaction is not Picked

I am new to block chain technology. I am struggling to understand below concepts:

  1. What if my transaction is not picked by the miners and what is the criteria for miners to pick? How can I rely on blockchain to settle/do fund transfer if it is not getting picked?
  2. Are block chains closed distributed networks? I mean, does each company runs its own blockchain. Do I need to register multiple blockchains and pay fees.
  3. To do fund transfer via blockchain,do I need to publish my account balance in public ledger?If yes then where is confidentiality…