Customized Warehouse Picking Equipment

Taizhou Ruihong Metal Products Co., Ltd
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Customized Warehouse Picking Equipment

Picking the right CR for a tier two party’s boss encounter?

I am currently writing an adventure for D&D 5e, character levels 5-10, and am trying to find the right boss.

A Mummy Lord is the perfect monster for the plot, however the CR (15) does seem a little high given the XP calculation rules on pg 82 of the DMG. At this point the party’s only encounter would be with 3 mummies, so hit points, spell slots, and ki should still be high.

Will a mummy lord devastate my party, or will it provide a dangerous, but not completely suicidal, boss battle?

Can a 14th level Theurgy Wizard with the Arcana Domain cast their 8th/9th level spells after picking up three levels in another Full Caster class?

The Theurgy Wizard from UA: Wizard Revisited gets to choose a Cleric Domain at 2nd level. At 14th level they get the Arcane High Priest feature, which grants them the 17th-level benefits associated with their chosen domain.

A cleric who chose Arcana as their domain would therefore gain the Arcane Mastery feature, which reads as follows:


At 17th level, you choose four spells from the wizard spell list, one from each of the following levels: 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. You add them to your list of domain spells. Like your other domain spells, they are always prepared and count as cleric spells for you.

I’ve seen people on the internet argue that this 14th level wizard would be able to cast the chosen 8th and 9th level spells. This is of course not true, as the wizard in question would not have the necessary spell slots, regardless of whether those spells are always prepared.

But this wizard could pick up three levels in another Full Caster class (bard, cleric, druid, or sorcerer) or six levels in a Half Caster class (paladin, ranger, or this new UA revised artificer). Per the Multiclassing Rules, this would give this character a 9th level spell slot.

Question: Can this hypothetical character cast their 8th and 9th level spells granted by the Arcane Mastery feature via the Arcane High Priest feature, despite not being able to know or prepare any other spells of that level?

Disclaimer: I know that UAs are playtest material and not tuned for multiclassing. I know that the situation I describe in this question is very unlikely to come up in a real-life D&D game. I’m interested in an answer per RAW.

Algorithm for picking seedbox to put torrent on

Which algorithm would be best for deciding which seedbox each torrent should go on? It must be able to fit the torrents in the minimum number of seedboxes, but also maximize the free space on each seedbox and equalize the number of torrents per seedbox. There may be other requirements for this application that I have not screwed up thought of yet.

My current dataset is 8.9TB in 154 torrents, but both numbers will be growing. My current seedboxes can each hold 455GB, but this will probably change in the future. 8.9TB/455GB = 20 seedboxes minimum and 154/20 = around 8 torrents per box, for my current dataset & seedboxes.

My first attempt was to walk through the torrent list from largest to smallest. If the current torrent would fit on the current seedbox, put it there and remove it from the list, then move on to the next torrent. Once the complete list of torrents was walked, move on to the next seedbox, starting the list of remaining torrents over from the largest remaining.

This resulted in 20 seedboxes (the optimal solution), but I ran into two different problems:

  1. I underestimated the overhead on each seedbox. Since I stuffed as many torrents as I could on each, box 1 ran out of space. I solved this by moving a 4GB torrent to box 19, but it would be nice if the new algorithm did a better job of spreading free space around.

  2. I ended up with three torrents on box 0 (and eventually box 1), and 51 torrents (eventually 52) on box 19. CPU/memory utilization on a seedbox is proportional to the number of torrents, regardless of the size of each torrent. This means box 19 is doing 17 times as much work as box 0. It would be nice if the new algorithm kept the number of torrents per seedbox relatively consistent.

My subsequent attempts REALLY aren’t worth discussing.

A CPAN module already implementing the algorithm would be awesome (yeah, right). If you’d like to play with live data, a list of the current torrent sizes can be found at

Thank you.

Best UI for picking a birthday?

I’m designing a form where the user needs to pick her or his birthday — just day and month, not the year.

As it’s just the day and the month, standard practices for date pickers don’t necessarily apply, though some do.

Nielsen and Norman recommend splitting up the fields and spelling out the month if possible. UX movement recommends using plain text fields, but that eliminates the possiblity of spelling out the month. There’s also a question of whether to shift focus to the next field automatically — Lukas Mathis recommends against it, but without it, there’s an extra click when using two fields.

I should also mention that the UI should consist of standard elements only. I know there are great custom pickers out there, but this project doesn’t have the budget to create one for such a small feature.

Take turns picking the fitness activity for the week that the group can do together

Take turns picking the fitness activity for the week that the group can do together. Make yourself a log of the whole family’s fitness activities so you can see what you all are accomplishing. Help out each person in your family with discovering an activity they enjoy and are good at. Garcinia Vita Your strength program will differ based on your end goals, so figure out what results you are looking for before beginning a program. In order to keep building muscle, you’re going to want to increase the weight that you’re lifting after a while.

Picking a domain

Hello guys! I have purchased domains before, but I was wondering how do you pick domain names for your projects online? Do you buy multiple TLD's to redirect your audience to one website? What TLD is best for memorability? Thanks!

Mobile phone is picking up 13 bluetooth devices and not sure what they are?

I have a particular problem with a potential security breach. I bought a new device today that connects to my phone via Bluetooth. Nothing strange about that.

Surprisingly when I turned Bluetooth on with my phone and set it to search for discoverable devices, it came up with 12 Bluetooth devices that I have no idea what they are.

I entered one of the MAC addresses into a MAC address database, and none of the addresses was recognised. Wondering if I had made a mistake, I put the MAC address of the mobile phone, and it correctly showed that it was made by OnePlus.

I’m somewhat concerned about why there are so many Bluetooth devices around my computer working area and would love to hear some advice on what I can do to try and discover what they are and what they are doing? I wouldn’t be so concerned if their MAC addresses resolved to a legitimate manufactorer but showing not found concerns me.