SharePoint Online profile picture sync from AAD

Hope someone here can help with an issue which is strange and new to me.

We have hybrid environment, running both SharePoint on-premises and Online. We have lot of services running in our organization. One of it is, employee directory where user has an option to change their profile picture. (This is the only place if they want to change any profile related information including profile picture). We have blocked users to change profile picture everywhere using exchange policies. Also, we have modified the default option for editing picture in SharePoint Online user profile service – “Picture” property and unchecked the option “Allow users to edit values for this property”.

Now, as a result if they are going to skype for business, exchange or SharePoint they do not see option for change the profile picture.


When user updated the profile picture in Employee Directory application, the profile picture will be updated in AAD. Once AAD has the latest image all service in O365 gets the updated image except SharePoint Online.

Is this because we unchecked the property of “Picture” in user profile service? As I understood, this option is just to disable the option for upload picture in Delve. But it is also not syncing picture from AAD.

Anyone has anything to say?

thanks in advance


Avatar vs Profile Picture vs Display Picture

I have noticed that on message boards, that we use the name avatar for the picture on our profiles. On Facebook and Twitter they are called profile pictures, and on Skype it is called Display Picture.

I know, in general, everyone should know the word avatar if you make an online profile before the recent change to Profile Picture.

Which term is correct for the modern web 2.0 era which we are in? Should I assume to call it a profile picture now over avatar and display picture?

The key is not writable – Drag and Drop issue/Background picture

I cannot drag and drop anything from the activities menu to the launcher/dock. I also cannot set my background picture or the lock screen picture.

I tried this command in terminal and get the error below.

root@XXXX:/home/XXXXX# gsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences use-experimental-views false

Error Message: The key is not writable

Would be greatly appreciated for any assistance to correct this issue.

Picture Library – Downloading images in different formats

I am currently developing a digital media library for a university and I have hundreds of images to upload to our SharePoint site. Initially I was uploading an original image, tiff file, a high resolution jpg and a web size jpg. However, I was informed that it is possible to upload one format, such as the large design file, and then allow for users to select a variation of downloadable options. ie; HR jpg, tiff, web ect.

I would like to know how I can make this possible, so I can avoid having 3-4 of the same images in the library. I am using the SharePoint 2016/2019 online version.

Thank you