SharePoint 2013 using Javascript to create a picture library carousel

I am trying to extend the out of the box Picture Library Slideshow Web Part , to be able to click an image and be redirected to a new link. Each image has its own link. i created a new field in the web part and use REST api to reference it to get the id’s and url. but i cant change the link to use a new one.

How can I implement the html code to upload a picture under the page title in sharepoint?

I’m trying to put a picture that I uploaded in my Site Assets under the page title on SharePoint 2013. This is what I tried so far:

.ms-background-image{ background-image:url(; }

Although, I don’t think it’s the correct class to add a picture on the top of the page only. I would need help to figure out which class this part is referencing too as well as the CSS and HTML code to implement the top background picture.

Thank you.

Help with JSON to format column to show picture instead of URL

I have a contact list created in SharePoint Online.

My list has a column called “Picture URL”.

The “Picture URL” column is formatted as “Single line of Text”.

I have formatted the “Picture URL” column with:

{    "$  schema": "",    "elmType": "div",    "children": [      {        "elmType": "img",        "attributes": {          "src": "@currentField",          "title": "=if(@currentField == '', 'No picture available', @currentField)"        },        "style": {          "position": "relative",          "top": "50%",          "left": "50%",          "width": "48px",          "height": "auto",          "margin-left": "-50%",          "margin-top": "0%"        }      }    ] } 

This in the hope that the URL will show as a thumbnail picture.

But all I see is a black square with a White Cross.

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How do I design a contact list which has no use for a profile picture?

I am designing a web app UI. It has a sidebar, then followed by a row of contacts, where the user can select a contact and make changes to the details and see data about the contact. The use case has no use for profile picture as the list of contacts is mainly random customers. Currently I am using name initials as in Google’s Android phone contact list. But I still don’t feel it’s good. I also tried a default placeholder image but it looks boring. How can I make the list more interesting?

TIA for the community.

Delated Facebook picture still appears on Google

I've delated a picture from my Facebook business page one month ago. It's still visible on Google. Google tells me that they can't do anything about it, and Facebook too (I have already contacted them both). What should I do?
NB: My business' name is "Scrivimi un biscotto" and the picture that I talk about shows "Parola di Biscotto" (which is the previous name of my business). Thank you in advance

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Adding more transitions to SharePoint picture library slideshow web part

I am working on a SharePoint 2010 site. Currently, we are trying to add new transitions to one of the picture library slideshow web parts that exist on our site. Right now, the slide show only uses a fade-in/fade-out animation to display new pictures. Is there any way I could make the web part use a .js plugin to perform transitions? Or is there any other way to achieve this through SharePoint’s UI?

Thanks for the help