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Changing WhatsApp contacts picture

I have a picture linked to my friends number, saved in my phones contacts. This picture originally defaulted onto his Whatsapp account (which are linked), because he doesn’t have a Whatsapp photo set.

One day this suddenly vanished and I can’t seem to figure out how to put it back.

I found a previous thread (Android Enthusiasts: How to change someone’s profile picture in WhatsApp?) but I get an error when following the solution.

In summary, it says to rename the photo to the person’s phone number and then save this picture file in the following location: /sdcard/WhatsApp/Profile Pictures, overriding the existing file.

Firstly I don’t have that location on my phone. Instead I have the following location: InternalStorage/Media/WhatsApp Profile Photos.

Secondly there are no files in this folder.

Thirdly, when I do put this new file into that location, nothing happens.

Any help would be much appreciated! 🙂

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tracking segments of a picture

so i gotta create this sliding block game for an assignment and part of the assignment is i have to track where the blocks are in the game and the plan was to create a list of all RGB values of each block and give them separate names such as list 0, list 1 etc. im wondering is this a good way to do it? will the program be really slow if i do it this way? and is there a better way? this is the section of code dedicated to making the lists. the def numbers()

```python def numbers():   list0 = []#creates an empty list   for x in range(0, getWidth(canvas)/4):     for y in range(0, getHeight(canvas)/4):       pic0 = getPixel(canvas, x, y)       list0.append([pic0])#collects all the pixels in the first square of the #grid and puts them into the 'list0'          list1 = []   for x in range(getWidth(canvas)/4, getWidth(canvas)*2/4):     for y in range(0, getHeight(canvas)/4):       pic1 = getPixel(canvas, x, y)       list1.append([pic1])   list2 = []     for x in range(getWidth(canvas)*2/4, getWidth(canvas)*3/4):       for y in range(0, getHeight(canvas)/4):         pic2 = getPixel(canvas, x, y)         list2.append([pic2])  

and this is the overall code: overall code pic1

overall code pic2

overall code pic3

btw the def test() at the end is just me making sure i have the right segment of pixels on the picture before i append the RGB values into a list on def numbers(). thanks

Show a user that no interaction is possible on a picture frame

I’m currently using a connected picture frame at my house. Since it has UPnP capability I’m able to tell it to search for a picturer in a DLNA share. On the other side, a script modifies the picture displaying useful things in quite real time:

  • time
  • weather
  • tasks and chores
  • agenda

Since it’s a picture frame, no interaction is possible it just displays information (refreshed every 5 seconds or minute). But in an era of “everything is touchscreen”, how to show that touching this picture frame won’t do anything?

  • Is there a visual clue instead of a “touching won’t do anything” message?
  • I saw a previous question about clickable boxes, I’ll try to respect that but are there other options?

I know that “he makes mistake once, he won’t do it again” could work but I’d avoid cleaning fingerprints on my frame everytime 😉

This picture frame has really no interaction possible, it just has a remote control with arrows to select previous/next picture and summon a settings menu.

It only displays a picture, not a website so there is no navigation possible (the picture is generated with PHP’s GD library)

Night vision camera got a picture but it was just a blank white rectangle from the license plate lights. Is there any way to get the numbers?

Recently, we had a problem with people doing donuts in our parking lot. We have the cameras in place but the night vision camera couldn’t see the license plate because of the lights that illuminate the plate. It looked like a blank, white rectangle where the license plate should be. ​

Is there anything I can do in Photoshop or something of the sort in order to get the plate numbers?

Why does the color of the picture vary? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do photographers see ambiguity in the color of the blue/black (gold/white) dress? 13 answers

image of a dress

The above picture is of a dress which has two different colors. The interesting fact is that some of us will see the colors as purple/navy blue color with black border, others will see white with golden/yellow border. Even the same person will see the aforementioned different color combination in different time of the day (correlated with different psychological state of the person).

As for myself: I see the dress in blue with black border at morning, but after returning from work, I see the same picture in the same screen but in different colors (the dress in white with golden border)

The question is: Why and how does the phenomenon occurs?

Thank you.