Nikon D500 displaying pictures that look cartoon-like

enter image description here

I think I turned on a setting that makes my pictures look cartoon-like when displayed using the playback image on Nikon. Please see image below of a screen shot of what I see on the Nikon. When I download the picture, it looks normal and in focus. This picture was used taking Auto and not special settings. Please advice how to turn off this setting. Thank you!

I’m having trouble getting sharp pictures while shooting a concert from a press pass location

I am a bit of a noob when it comes to photography. But I recently got the opportunity to shoot John Mayer this past weekend in Wisconsin. Upon getting home, I noticed the pictures weren’t as sharp as they could have been, and saw that almost all of them had a slight blur to them.

Me being new to the photography world, it is quite overwhelming jumping into such a huge act like John Mayer. I took some advice from a Nat Cam employee on how to shoot.

He told me to shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Keep my lens wide open at 2.8, (lens I’m using is a Tamron 17-50mm (no stabilizing feature) on my Nikon D5100). I stuck to shooting from an ISO of 800-1600 most of the show. Exposure meter was at 0.0 the whole time.

I’ll attach some pictures.

But I do need some help badly, as I am shooting John Mayer again next week, and I really dont want to mess thing up this time. Because all of my pics so far aren’t really useable.

I stopped back into Nat Cam yesterday to see if they could explain the problem. The guy there thought it was the “focusing points” that were focusing on random things in the background, speakers, mic stand, etc and that I should change it from auto area AF to Dynamic area so that I can put one focus point on his face so the focus point doesn’t get distracted with anything else. He also told me to bump up my ISO to 3200 because the “D5100 can handle it”. Lastly he said I should keep it on center weighted metering as I have it.

Do you all think that could be the problem? Or is it something else?

I can use all the help I can get, I just don’t want to blow my shots again next week.

Thank you all who respond!

How do I get good colors when taking pictures in the city at night?

I’m very interested in doing night time shootings.

I’m using Canon 5d3 with 85mm at f/1.2, and at iso 2000 I’m able to get exposure times around 1/150s-1/200s.

However, the lighting in my city everywhere is an ugly shade of orange. It’s ok if you’re doing architecture, I think, but it’s disgusting if you’re shooting a person:

enter image description here [f/1.2 iso 1250 1/80s]

I’ve also got x21, and I’ve tried shooting when doing lighting with it, but it’s color with temperature 5500K on the pictures looks bluish (and also ugly).

So I’ve tried placing color filters over the x21 (red, blue, yellow). The result is somewhat better after color correction, but I still HATE the colors.

So, when I’m looking at pictures like this:

night picture 1

or this

night picture 2

I’m starting that there must be a trick to it.

Is there a better way of taking nighttime pictures (placing some sort of color filters over lens or something) or is it just natural city lighting that does the trick?

I have a canon rebel T6 what lense, external flash should i get to take pictures of kids?

I’m new to having a camera and I’m not sure how everything works with my dslr. i have a T6, and i would like to take pictures with flash without the kids squinting and that it is fast when I shoot. Also do you know of any websites to learn about aperture mm, and all of those details? I am not sure how i should be choosing the lenses. Thank you!

PLEASE HELP Camera Broken? All Images White…camera takes pictures but when i view them it it just a white screen

I have a Samsung NX3300 and had it for 3-4 years and I’ve found a few answers but no ways to fix it I can see it fine as I’m taking the image but if I view it in the gallery it is all white. do I need to clean it if so how? honestly, I have no clue how to even try to fix this. I tried to reset the settings and reattach the lens but nothing helped

why are my daughter’s wedding pictures cropped when trying to print?

When I try to order prints of daughter’s wedding pictures they are cropped and I can’t get full picture that shows in the email link the photographer sent to me. I have tried several different printing places and 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 sizes. They all crop off. I’m especially wanting full length pictures and sometimes all I can get is 3/4 of the picture.