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Accidentally “trusted” work PC when I connected my iPhone 6 – can my employers still see my pictures after I unplug it?

I just trusted my work PC (Windows 10). I didn’t open my iPhone 6 files. I didn’t view any pictures and I unplugged it pretty quick after I accidentally trusted it.

I was wondering if my employers are still able to access my pictures and videos.

Where are “take from iPhone” pictures stored in the iPhone?

Using Mojave on a Macbook while using Pages I found today the option take photo from iPhone which I used in order to add some picture taken with my iPhone to a document. I liked the photo and later I looked for it on my iPhone but could not find it. I googled a bit but found no information about this. Anybody knows where can I find these photos on my iPhone?

When should avatars or profile pictures be used in a application?

Designing a new application and wondering when avatars or profile pictures should be used.

e.g. Let’s says there is an application which can be used to manage a list of user tasks. Each task is assigned to a user.

There will be a list page which displays all the open tasks and when a task is clicked it will take the user to the individual task details page.

Should there be an avatar on the list page for every task item? or is showing the users full name enough on this list?

Should there be an avatar on the individual task details page? or is showing the users full name enough on this page?

What benefit do avatars or profile pictures give when viewing a screen as opposed to showing the user name only?

Can iOS apps upload camera roll pictures automatically

So today I opened Facebook iOS application and I click photo tools option in your photos menu. I was shocked to find out that Facebook application had loaded my private camera roll picture there ready for posting and it was just missing post content with ready to share. So am wondering is that flaw in iOS or what I mean like that every app can secretly read your camera roll picture and will be uploading to their servers right. After that I went to settings of my iPhone there in privacy section I looked for Facebook and photos where permission was read and write , so just wondering tomorrow some another app will ask for profile picture upload and it will ask for permission you give it and forget to disable permission again that mean this app have got access to your camera roll by tricking you by asking to upload profile picture knowing that a lot of lazy pictures will not revoke this permission from settings manually.

I think Apple should limit this and should never ever give full time read write permission to apps. Apps should be allowed to read picture which use select in camera roll and app permission should be revoked automatically every time use finish up selecting picture from its camera roll , because this is privacy issue that these Facebook and instagram like applications ready pictures from your camera roll and displaying in front of you without your permission one mistaken click would share them to internet and also no body knows that they are not uploading it to their servers. I mean their are tons of apps on App Store apple can’t check their apps code that what it’s doing in background.

Change file (pictures, videos) timestamp from filename

When moving files around tru different dirs and across PC / smartphone, timestamp for last modified date usually get reset to the very datetime of move / copy operation. This lead to files being non-chronologically sorted in some apps (Gallery), quite annoying especially for Images and Videos.

Usually these kind of files follows the naming convention of IMG_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg for Images and VID_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.mp4 for Videos. So I thought about combining touch and extracting character from filenames, the timestamp being in effect part of the filename itself.

I found this script at Ephestione’s HQ for i in IMG*.jpg; do busybox touch -t $ {i:4:8}$ {i:13:4}.$ {i:17:2} $ i; done but works in terminal only. I tried to make a script out of it but it doesn’t work (see below)

#!/system/bin/sh #change timestamp for images filename IMG_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.jpg  for i in IMG_*.jpg do     touch -t $  {i:4:8}$  {i:13:4}.$  {i:17:2} $  i done  #change timestamp for whatsapp images IMG-YYYYMMDD-WAnnnn.jpg for i in IMG-*WA*.jpg do     touch -t $  {i:4:8}1234 $  i done  #change timestamp for videos filename VID_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.mp4 for i in VID_*.jpg do     touch -t $  {i:4:8}$  {i:13:4}.$  {i:17:2} $  i done  #change timestamp for whatsapp videos IMG-YYYYMMDD-WAnnnn.mp4 for i in VID-*WA*.mp4 do     touch -t $  {i:4:8}1234 $  i done 

Ideally I’d like to put a script like this in the top level DCIM or Pictures directory and have it process all the Images and Videos in the subdirs. Of course I’m rooted.

Managing pictures with Google Backup and Sync, Photos and Drive

I recently bought more storage from Google Drive because I intend to have a cloud backup of all my documents and photos, but I am having trouble understanding how syncing works for photos between Google Drive and Google Photos, and the help pages are very confusing. Some time ago, I had used the Google Photos uploader for Windows just to upload pictures to Google Photos, and Google Drive to upload everything else to Google Drive. This was very clear because these services were mutually exclusive: photos (chosen from specific folders on my PC) were uploaded only to Google Photos, and the rest was done using Drive.

Now, there is a new application called “Backup and Sync”, and I find the whole process very confusing, since there is a single app managing all the backup. In short, what I’d like to do is have a folder only for Photos on my local PC, and have Backup and Sync upload only the pictures in that folder to Google Photos, not the rest of the pictures in my Google Drive. I have tons of folders related to work and school with many pictures that I don’t want to see in Google Photos.

How can I prevent those from showing up?

I see there are three settings that can be managed:

  1. On Google Drive: “Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive”.
  2. On Google Photos: “Google Drive – Show Google Drive photos & videos in your Photos library”.
  3. On the Backup and Sync PC app: “Upload newly added videos and photos to Google Photos”.

I do not know what is the right combination of settings to use. Right now I deleted all my photos from Google Photos and Google Drive so I can start from scratch and not make a mess by leaving things unsynchronised from one side or another. Note that I want to use the “high quality” upload option so that the photos do not count against my storage quota, but I also do not want to have a duplicate of my photos in my PC copy of the Drive (i.e a folder containing the original pictures and a Google Photos folder containing all the reduced quality copies on Google Photos). Any help would be appreciated: I find this whole system unintuitive and hard to understand.

How to upload certain photo folders only to Google Photos, and the rest of files to Google Drive, using the new Backup and Sync app?