What would be the best way to make pictures taken with different cameras to look the same?

I am working on cleaning up an Instagram page and one problem I have come across is that there are a lot of pictures on that page. They come from different cameras, lighting and focuses and I was hoping to find a way to make them all look similar and build it into the pages brand. I have tried putting a banner near the bottom of the pictures and adding words to it and processing the pictures through some filters on Canva. This looks okay but I was wondering if anyone had any better options I could explore.

Can I use BULB setting when taking remote pictures?

I have a Canon XTi/400D, which I connect to my Mac OS X 10.6 and am trying to take pictures when tethered to it using EOS Utility, but I am not able to use the BULB setting on my laptop. Is this normal functionality?

If the above is normal behavior(no access to BULB), is there a way to take a picture on BULB when not tethered that doesn’t require holding down the shutter button for the duration of the exposure?

What I essentially want to do is shoot star trails and I am not able to go above 30 secs while shooting with the camera connected to the computer.

My Camera won’t take pictures in Manual Mode (any of them) until I turn it off

I’m taking this photography course and the guy wants me to take pictures in manual mode. Problem is my camera doesn’t want to do that until I turn it off. Now, I can’t tell if the picture sucks because I’m just really bad at taking pictures or if it’s the camera. Does anyone know what I should do?

Can I take pictures on a Canon T6i with no lens fitted?

Currently I am trying James Millar’s method of transferring old Super 8 movies by DSLR 1080p video of film in projector gate: https://vimeo.com/20950590 With projector lens still in place, Canon DSLR T6i (no lens) close to projector lens, I can get aharp image of tiny movie frame 6mm x 4mm in gate, lit from desk-lamp behind gate. However, the camera does not seem to take picture visible in Live View on fold-out screen???

Gallery isn’t saving my pictures or videos

I’ve been having this issue for about a year, but I can’t find a solution, everywhere I look, there is no answer. I have quite an old phone, so I don’t have many things that most people do. So, I’d like to ask why my gallery isn’t saving my files, but my My Files is. I can’t exchange them over from My Files to gallery so how do I swap them over?

So if anyone can answer how I get my images/videos to the gallery, it would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I have an old Samsung Galaxy but not many people have that now. 🙁

How to make pictures lots of kids so everyones face not blurry?

I have Nikon D850 with portrait lens AF 105mm f/1.4. Im just learning how to make good pictures , we purchased this camera not for business , we have kids and want to make every possible memory. Im using A mode, but often when I make picture one kid face is in focus another one is blurry( I have twins so it rarely happens to get good picture with both kids in focus). What setting do I need to change? Kids birthday is this weekend and Im the one who will take pictures of all kids.