How can I configure Ubuntu to require answers to random math problems in place of a password?

For the home Linux laptop (running Ubuntu 18.04), for the kids, I would like to be able to configure the computer to require answer(s) to randomly selected math problems to log in, rather than requiring a password. (For a specific user account only, for graphical login only.)

I’ve searched the internet but haven’t found anything about this. It doesn’t seem likely that I’m the first one to think of this idea, but internet searches do suggest that. 🙂

Security isn’t an issue since the only people with physical access to the computer are all trusted. (If there is anything I should configure to disallow SSH access or for other security concerns, you could mention it, but I doubt my ISP would let port 22 traffic through from the internet anyway.)

The benefits should be obvious, but to be explicit about them – the point is that there could be a mild barrier to “getting screen time” that would involve something a little bit educational.

I am currently using Gnome with sddm as the display manager, but I don’t know if that really matters.

Is there a dedicated place within RPG SE for users to post source codes or helpful spreadsheets that they made/use to share the love to other users? [migrated]

I play a summoning focused druid in my 3.5e campaign and handling multiple summons and math on the fly with all the augments got tiresome – I couldn’t find a helpful sheet for animal/creature templates, so I decided to try to make one (.NET, C#). It’s a work in progress, but I want to share the source code when/if it’s workable and/or “finished.”

So, rpg friends, is there a dedicated place for this? Where do I look when I want to do some looking, and/or where do I throw my links/sheets when I want to share the love? If I see there’s a preference among the community for prefer sheets instead of source code, I’d shift my work towards getting it into a sheets format.

Screenshot for the idea of the program/progress

enter image description here

Best place to show a confirmation modal in a purchase flow

So, I’m working on an insurance ecommerce and would like to get input on where to show a confirmation modal. Let’s say I am in the summary page, and there’s a “Change Plan” button to choose another plan. I have to options where to show the confirmation modal

Option 1. Once the user clicks the “Change button”, s/he is redirected to the Plans Page. And right after the user clicks the “I want this plan” button to commit the change, show the modal.

Option 2. Show the modal in the Summary Page right after the user clicks the “Change Plan” button. And then redirect the user to the Plan Page.

I feel option 1 works better as the modal is shown right before committing the change, but option 2 can work as well. Any feedback is appreciated.

Prototype that shows both options

Is it ok to place the database and web server application into the home directory of a superuser?

I would like to set up a web server (Java Play Framework, behind Nginx as reverse proxy) with a database (Elasticsearch). My options are now to put the directories of both into the home folder of the user who can use sudo (e.g. /home/my_user) or put them into any other directory (e.g. /etc).

Is there a best practice how to handle this situation?

Thanks for any help!

Place Categorization and Semantic Mapping on a Mobile Robot

I am currently working on a project where I need to create a semantic map of the environment that my robot moves through. The robot has an RGB-D camera mounted on top of it. So, as it moves through the environment it can perceive a continuous stream of images, each of which is passed through a CNN trained to identify different places such as kitchen, elevator, corridor, door etc. and the result of the place classification is then passed through a Bayesian Filter to create an occupancy grid map of the environment labeled with various place categories (colors corresponding to different places) as described in this paper. An example is shown below:

enter image description here

Now, the issue here is that, if you look at point X marked in the above image, although the robot is standing in the corridor at this point, the camera already sees an office (orange) and therefore labels a part of the corridor as an office.

I am looking for some sort of a solution to bypass this thereby allowing me to, as accurately as possible, segment the map by places in real-time as the robot moves through the environment. It can also be done iteratively, for example, refine the result when the robot crosses point X again some time in the future.

P.S. The robot is also equipped with two laser range finders which are used to create the occupancy map. Maybe I can somehow combine the laser range point cloud with the depth point cloud from the RGB-D camera.

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UTM in place of IPS

I understand UTM nowadays is difficult to truly define, in terms of feature set. Largely due to so many manufacturers tailoring them to accomplish various things. Some center around Malware detection, some include IPS functionality. Depends on what they loaded into that UTM solution.

Particularly for egress/ingress monitoring of the entire network (i.e sitting behind the firewall), why would a corporation choose an IPS solution over a UTM solution, if the selected UTM solution already includes IPS features and so much more? Would it just be for granular control? Am I completely misunderstanding the differences between the two appliances?

I’d be curious to know the thoughts of someone who’s utilized both solutions in the past.

Magento2.3.1 credit card using as set sandbox after place order but checkout page getting error

I am using Magento2.3.1 and i have to use payment method credit card and right now i set payment method as sandbox mode after place order all fillup information correctly but getting issue on checkout page

An error occurred during processing. Please try again. 

Best place to buy targeted traffic?

Where is the best place to buy and sell targeted website traffic in the weight loss niche?

As an experiment, just wanted to create a one page review site of a popular weight loss product.

Then market it by targeting high ranking sites(direct advertising) within that specific weight loss niche to bring in highly targeted traffic, to see if it will convert well.

Thinking of starting with a small budget of $ 200-$ 400 a month.


Cannot place order with saved cards

I currently have an issue placing orders with saved cards using Vault for Braintree. With a bit of debugging, I can see the following error:

Public hash should be defined in /vendor/magento/module-vault/Model/Method/Vault.php:498

I can see when looking at the Request Payload for ‘payment-information‘, public_hash is blank and returns a 400 error. This is on Magento 2.2.2, and just to state, placing orders with new card details works fine, but when using the same card again as a saved card, it fails.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.