Can a Totem Warrior Barbarian choose a second Totem Spirit in place of an Aspect of the Beast?

Is it possible for a Totem Warrior Barbarian to select another totem from level 3 instead of the Aspect of the Beast at level 6?

At 6th level, you gain a magical benefit based on the totem animal of your choice. You can choose the same animal you selected at 3rd level or a different one. (Player’s Handbook)

This means that it’s possible for a Barbarian who selected the bear on level 3 (resistance) to e.g. select the eagle on level 6 (eyesight).

However, is it possible to select the eagle level 3 upgrade (Dash bonus action) on the Barbarian level 6 upgrade, when the bear was selected on the level 3 upgrade? As the Totem Spirit of level 3 is "lower" in some terms, I wouldn’t mind to allow it. This would create a level 6 Barbarian with resistance and Dash as a bonus action, a pretty fast tank character (for example).

And is this also valid for level 14 Totemic Attunement, thus allowing to select another (not yet selected) totem from the previous levels?

Does PGP passphrase necessary if I store private key and passphrase in the same place?

I’m building a system that generates PGP key and store private key in secret vault. One thing I’m not fully understanding is the need for passphrase.

I can generate a random passphrase during the key generation and then store it in the secret vault along side with the private key, but I’m wondering if it has any benefit. If I store both passphrase and private key in the same place and that place can be considered secure, is there any additional benefit of using the passphrase? Or just storing the private key securely is enough?

Can I misty step and place bag of holding inside another bag of holding in the same round (i.e. same time)?

The question is if placing bag of holding inside another bag of holding opens the gate to the Astral Plane (which was discussed here: Is it possible to stuff a Bag of Holding inside another Bag of Holding?), then – can I make misty step before the gate has opened? For example a character runs toward the monster, puts bag of holding inside bag of holding and makes misty step before being sucked through this gate?

Why can’t you use a bonus action in place of an action?

It’s pretty well established that you can’t use a bonus action (spell or otherwise) as your action on your turn. See here and here for those questions. But I still don’t really understand, why are the rules are set up that way?

The answers in the linked questions reference page 189 in the PHB where it says:

You can take only one bonus action on your turn, so you must choose which bonus action to use when you have more than one available.

Does anyone know why there isn’t a caveat along the lines of “you can only take two bonus actions if you use one in place of your action”?

I wouldn’t consider it productive to question why every rule is set up the way it is. But in this instance a quick search online will turn up numerous people who have a houserule that bonus actions can be used as actions, so apparently the reasoning behind it isn’t clear for a lot of players. Something from an official source would obviously be best, but I’d take a tweet from one of the game designers or even specific game situations where this would be problematic too.

How To Place Object On Ground Within Radius?

I’m using Unity and I’m building an object placement system where you’ll be able to position objects around the player.

I’d like to place objects flush with the ground, parallel to world up, even on slopes, so I’ll use a raycast for that.

How would I limit the distance to maxDistance? I tried using ScreenPointToRay but the max distance on the raycast makes the movement of the object stop if the raycast doesn’t hit.

As an example, If I’m looking down in front of me, the object i’m controlling should be at that position. However, if I’m looking straight forward into Infinity, the object should only ever be maxDistance away. If I rotate, the object should follow smoothly.


Do magic items replenish at dawn even if, in your current place, there is no such thing as dawn?

There are many magic items with charges that replenish at dawn. However, there are places where there is no dawn, like in the Feywild.

I’d think this way of phrasing it was only meant to make sure it restored once per day. But you could argue that since it’s specifically phrased to be at dawn, it doesn’t restore in the Feywild.

Do they actually replenish at some point if there’s no dawn, or will they not replenish at all?

What published D&D adventures take place in the Astral Sea/Plane?

My players may soon find themselves in the Astral Sea. I don’t know much about the area, but if that’s where the adventure goes, so be it. Only problem is I find the 4e Manual of the Planes to be woefully uninformative. Are there any published adventures or modules that take place in the Astral Sea? Even if they aren’t appropriate for my game, reading one would probably give me a better ideas of what I can do to the players out there.

I’m running 4e and would prefer 4e material if it’s available. But I’m open to reading adventures set in the Astral Plane from earlier editions as well if that’s the best that’s out there.

the place of the median in a binary heap

I need to prov that the median in a binary heap that all of it’s elements are different that the median can be in any level except the root. I know that it’s true because I can manipulate the places of the elements so I can keep the heap feature and put the median in any place but I don’t have an idea how to prove it in a formal way Thanks for the help

Can you place something living in a bag of holding?

I don’t have any rule books to read and the last rule book I had was dnd 2e, but this question came up at lunch today at work. Is it possible to place live objects in a bag of holding. For instance, say I wanted to smuggle my dwarf friend into a building. Could I place him in the bag of holding, carry him into the building and then retrieve him? What about a creature. Maybe I would like to take a rabbit into a building that has a no rabbit policy. I can’t just chain him up to the rail outside. So could he be placed in a bag of holding?

Dislike how players accurately place fireballs. Is there an alternative?

I’m running 5e on a grid with minis. The one thing that I hate is when sorcerers or wizards casts a fireball that perfectly hits enemies in the AOE. The player counts the squares on the grid to determine exactly where the fireball can hit and he knows that the perfect way for the fireball AOE to take effect. It will hit enemies but amazingly the blast stops just in front of an ally’s face. A player who was attacked by 2 melee enemies in my game cast a fireball behind the enemies so that the enemies were hit in the explosion but he wasn’t. In my opinion, this lacks verisimilitude.

I am looking for techniques or playtested house rules for adding in this kind of verisimilitude with area of effect spells.

I was considering making a house rule that wizards who cast area of effect spells like fireball need to make a perception check if they are centering their fireball onto the middle of an open space to accurately place a fireball. If they center the fireball on a creature then they do not need to do this. But I’m not sure how this would affect the game, and I’m looking for those with experience solving this problem to share the best solution.