Facing error “cannot fetch plan for SQL_ID” while trying to capture the execution plan

I’m trying to capture the execution plan of my query on PL/SQL developer as you can see below :

select  *   from vmi_dimcustomer t1  inner join vmi_factcustomer t2     on t1.customer_num = t2.customer_num  ;      Select plan_table_output from table(dbms_xplan.display_cursor(null,null,'basic')); 

but I receive this note :

  SQL_ID  9m7787camwh4m, child number 0   begin :id := sys.dbms_transaction.local_transaction_id; end;   NOTE: cannot fetch plan for SQL_ID: 9m7787camwh4m, CHILD_NUMBER: 0     Please verify value of SQL_ID and CHILD_NUMBER;      It could also be that the plan is no longer in cursor cache (check v$  sql_plan) 

What am I doing wrong here? I searched here and the answer I got was to "set serveroutput off" . Put I can not do this on PL/SQL developer.

Thanks in advance.

Indexed columns in SQL Server do not appear to work for basic queries according to execution plan

Disclaimer: I’m not a DBA. I have picked up a few things from this board in the past that I’m building from.

I have a table of google analytics session start times. I have an index on each column. I want to filter for all sessions that were started between two dates. Screenshot below shows the query, and the index.

Query text and index properties

The query runs quickly but I do not believe it’s using the index based on the Execution plan which both says that there’s a missing index and shows a table scan rather than an index scan:



Is it because of something about the way I’m searching through the datetime? If instead of looking between dates, I set it equal to a date, the execution plan shows it using the index:

Using index

But it’s not just this table or datetime. Here’s a different table with an index on a varchar column:

metadata index

And a simple query on this one also tells me I’m missing the index:

missing md index

I’m stumped.

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Thank you.

I’m a lvl10 sorcerer: should I plan for Spell Sniper + Eldritch Adept to get a powerful cantrip?

I’m currently a level 10 Tiefling Sorcerer, playing my first game of D&D (5e). I’m mostly selecting spells for boon’ing party members, with a couple of save-or-suck spells in reserve + simple damage output (e.g. Chaos Bolt + Fire Bolt). I’d quite like to have a more chunky Cantrip, e.g. Eldritch Blast, but I’d also like to hit level 20 Sorcerer, too. I already have the Observant and Ritual Caster feats, and 20 Charisma as a luck did have it when we rolled our characters, too.

Draft plan: Level 12 Spell Sniper (Eldritch Blast) + level 16 Eldritch Adept (Agonising Blast)

An artificer in our group is providing me with a Mind Sharpener set of robes, so I don’t think Warcaster is necessary until potentially late game.

Thoughts, comments, shaming, critique?

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Why is burying yourself not such a great plan?

One of my player is a clever guy. At night when the others are putting the camp together he digs a hole big enough for himself (between 3-4 feet deep) and asks someone to cover his body with dirt; he then uses a straw to breath. His idea is to avoid ambush at night.

The first time I was baffled by this idea and had no response. After a couple of nights I started challenging his strategy. I identified a couple of potential complications but he was able to answer everything I offered.

  • Sleeping under 3 feet of dirt at night would be terribly cold (But I have a bedroll which is warm enough
  • You wouldn’t sleep comfortably and be sore in the morning (No specific rules for sleeping in armor I can use as a reference)
  • Breathing through a straw requires keeping your mouth closed and doing so while you’re sleeping is impossible (I’m an elf and when I’m in trance I’m not asleep so I can keep my mouth shut)

    He has no intention of quickly being able to help the rest of the party if they get attacked, so escaping his hole is not something I can use against him (I tried).

    So far the problem has not transpired out-of-game. I’m annoyed because he’s obviously trolling but the other members of the group don’t mind his selfishness (he doesn’t get XP or loot from attacks at night).

Am I wrong to think that this is not such a great plan? I can’t think of any reason or mechanics to point out the flaws of his plan.

I don’t mind him doing it. I just think I’m not emulating the consequences properly because it’s an obviously stupid decision.

Clear plan for self-study?

I’m still student in university, and I need 2 years to graduate, but the thing is I still don’t know anything about computer science other than problem solving, C++/Python OOP and DataStructure; I know these are heavy important subjects but I’m still lost, my university is also lost for me and I have the power to learn more and more alone but all I need is a clear plan to do that..

I think this question had been asked hundreds of times.. But still there’s no good enough answers.. So let me rephrase the question and ask this :

How to know what kind of majors do I want to learn and work with in the future as graduated computer science student? AND Where to find a tree-plan of skills that I need to learn to reach my goal on that major? AND When I find that tree of skills, Where to learn those skills other than my University?

So I need to know what major I do really need, and how to learn it in a very good way..

Please give me any helpful websites, articles, tests to know what major I want (idk if that’s even exist) and anything you see it could help me 😀

Thanks in advance

Allowing your party to plan their own mission

Based on some feedback from my players, I’m going to allow them to plan their next mission, which will be a ‘seemingly’ straight forward heist affair onboard a moving vehicle (limiting their geographical range).

What I’d like advice on, is how can I impose limitations on their plans to prevent them from going completely off-track?

Narratively, I’ll provide them with the objective and some key facts and stats, but what’s the best way to try and ‘plan for the unthinkable’ from my perspective? Normally as the DM, I can react to the team going off-road within the context of a quest because I can generally foresee the branches they might take, but in this instance, giving them the ability to map out their approach might make things tricky for me to manage.

Hope this question isn’t too vague!


Is filling up plan cache causes a decrease in space allocated for data cache?

SQL Server uses allocated server memory for different kind of purposes. Two of them are plan cache and data cache which are used to store execution plans and actual data correspondingly.

My question: Do these two caches have different allocated space section in Buffer pool, or in contrary, they have just one section in Buffer pool which they share between each other?

In other words, if plan cache is filling up, does space for data cache is reducing as well?