How large is the planet of the Forgotten Realms?

My answer to this question:

How far can a ship "see" in 5e?

prompted the question whether the Forgotten Realms are on a disc or a planet. It is a planet, as evident from the answer to this question:

Where does the Sun go at night?

However, Iā€™m wondering what size this planet is. This information would be relevant to calculate sight ranges. Barring any contradictory information I would assume, similar to the size of earth, but my question is, if there is any official information to corroborate this or give a different size. Information for 5E is preferable, since the other question was also specifically about 5E, although I suppose that this probably has not changed between editions, so prior editions are valid if there is nothing specifically from 5E.

How does someone Time Travel on the Planet Earth?

This has been proved to be false, however I still believe that this is humanly possible. I am curious as to a human could time travel on Earth without creating a huge black hole that sinks our reality into the future, more or so just travel forward in time, but traveling back is impossible proven by Science. I am interested in that subject along with Computers so If someone could answer my curious question that would be great!

How does a person time travel without destroying the entire universe?


Can you only Time Travel in Outerspace?

These are questions that I need answers too!

Calculate occluded parts for planet like object

enter image description here

So I have camera position, planet position, radius and coordinates for every side (node) corners and I want to hide side that is beyond horizon (with some safety margins). I think I could easily calculate in 2D using trigonometry, but in 3D have no idea right now. I found some code online:

TileNode.prototype.isWithinHorizon = function () {   var r = this.master.getRadius();   var camToTile = this.master.getCamToTile(this);   var camToCenter = this.master.getCamToCenter();    var camDistToCenter = camToCenter.length();   var dotCtCc =;    return dotCtCc - this.scale*0.5 < (camDistToCenter - r*r/camDistToCenter); }; 

but can’t make sense of it, as it is not commented. Any help appreciated!

P.S. i hope i use the term “occluded” right here

How to get my blog in Drupal Planet


  • I have started a tech blog which will regularly have Drupal articles.
  • I’ve followed the Drupal Planet instructions specified on
    • Created an RSS feed and validated it on W3C validator
    • Ensured that it has 2 original initial articles
    • Created a ticket to request the addition of my site to Drupal Planet

I’ve also contacted a Drupal Planet maintainer, i.e. people who approve Drupal Planet feeds.

The problem

It’s been around a week, but there’s no news šŸ™ I believe that my articles will get stale and they won’t be picked up by the weekly drop.

Is there anything I can do to accelerate the process? Or is there something I’m not doing right?

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What is the name of this “living planet” creature?

I remember from back when I played 4th edition more, that there exists within the lore some sort of Abberation creature that was described as being “a living planet, from the Far Realm”.

It’s supposedly a living thing, an Epic level opponent, and had some interesting lore associated with it.

I’m trying to recycle some of that lore into my 5th edition game, but I can’t remember the name of this creature, or where I found it. Can anyone remember what this thing was called, and which book it was originally printed in?