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Selectors, straightening and feeding units
Our straightening, feeding and selecting units equip plasma cutter, compact lines and other machines with coil material from one or more decoilers. Unique modular system.
Technical Data
路 For 4 uncoilers (others on request)
路 Width: 1.500 mm
路 Max. material thickness: 1,5 mm
路 5 Rolls (2 feeding, 3 straightening)
路 Forward and reverse driveBuy Plasma Feeder

Boot into Plasma again

I configured an Auto Login and a session login into kodi in my system. It is running Kubuntu 18.04 with plasma desktop. To achieve that I used /System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen > Advanced Tab (Configure Login Manager) and marked >Auto Login<, the user and >Kodi< instead of >Plasma< under session. I marked >Relogin after quit< either. See here:

Configure Login Manager

After reboot, the system starts kodi now, but it is not possible to boot into plasma again. Kdo offers no choice to for that. When I leave kodi with exit or reboot the system boots into kodi again. I have ssh access but don´t know what to change to boot into plasma again. Any help would be appreciated. Regards and Thanks in advance for any help Stefan

Change icon pack in KDE Plasma

I use KUbuntu and I use Breeze theme, I like it, but I would like to use trash icon from Ubuntu 16 (Unity) which looks like this (I have it):

Trash icon

So I created folder Breeze_tomsk (I copied original Breeze icons and replaced trash icon) in ~/.icons/ folder, and I cannot change my icon pack, because in Plasma settings I don’t see my icon pack, where is problem?

KDE Plasma settings

Installed KDE Plasma and then removed it and now my computer is stuck in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS tty1 cli

So earlier today I decided to install kde plasma on my computer which had ubuntu 18.04.3. I followed this guide to install it that told me to get tasksel, sddm, and kubuntu. Once I got all of that and had plasma set up, I decided I didn’t like it that much so I removed kubuntu. When I did that and rebooted my computer it got stuck in 18.04.3 tty1 command line interface. I looked up as many solutions as I could and most of them suggest reinstall ubuntu desktop but the problem is that I can’t even run sudo apt-get install anymore because it says “unable to fetch archives”. I think the reason for this is that it is not connected to the internet, but I can’t even use ifconfig to connect to the internet. After that, I tried to reinstall ubuntu using a bootable usb. However, even that would not work even when I tried to the “install ubuntu (safe graphics)” option with nomodeset. When I would try that it would just give me a black screen even though safe graphics is enabled. I would appreciate any help because I am totally lost.

EDIT: the reason I can’t use ifconfig is because when i try to run it, i says “command ‘ifconfig’ not found, but can be installed with: sudo apt install net-tools” The same goes for vim editor or emacs

Removing gnome from Ubuntu 18.04 after changing to KDE Plasma

I have recently switched from Win10 to Ubuntu 18.04. I decided to switch to the KDE Plasma DE, using the instructions on this page:

How to Install the KDE Plasma Desktop on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I’m loving KDE and don’t have any plans to use gnome again. So I followed the instructions on this page:

How can I remove Gnome Desktop Environment without messing Unity DE? (Ubuntu 16.04)

However, when I enter the first command in konsole, I get the following response:

Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Package ‘ubuntu-gnome-desktop’ is not installed, so not removed 0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.

And when I enter the second, I get:

Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree Reading state information… Done Package ‘gnome-shell’ is not installed, so not removed 0 to upgrade, 0 to newly install, 0 to remove and 0 not to upgrade.

Does this mean the installation automatically removed gnome?

KDE Plasma – Widgets aren’t always shown on Desktop

Previously I had a set of widgets on my desktop, which I’d configured, however, since installing a GPU into my PC they sometimes simply don’t appear. The more odd thing is that sometimes they do. When I check the Widgets list, to add them back, according to the panel they are on my desktop (see image below), so where are they and why are they not displayed?

enter image description here

This is (partial) screenshot from when i was using my PC yesterday and you can see they are indeed there, and I haven’t changed any settings to do with the widgets: enter image description here

If it adds to the help, I do have 2 monitors, however, the widgets (when they do appear) are always on the second monitor and on the far right hand side. I do also note that when I turn on my PC, the monitors on the login screen are the wrong way round; I have to move the cursor to the left side of the screen to get to the right screen, which is really confusing. This was not the case before the Graphics Card was installed. Is that a related issue? If not I’ll post a separate question.

Not sure where to start trouble shooting; I’ve tried readding the widgets, but even then they seem to disappear again, and I end up with a count of 2 and nothing on screen. If you need any specific log files, etc, please let me know.

Plasmashell High CPU Load Fix – Plasma 5.15 KDE on Lubuntu 19.04

Running TOP shows that plasmashell was just eating CPU. The culprit, it seems, is a long-standing KDE bug that apparently rears its ugly head every now and then.

Temporary fix: run:

killall plasmashell; plasmashell & 

…from a terminal, and it SHOULD drop back to normal. The problem, it seems, is with the notification icon(s) in your system tray…get one, or have one with an animation (weather? Network? New mail?), and you get the spike.