What is the historical origin of 5e plate-based armors?

This question came to mind when I was searching for historical examples of "half-plate" and found the term conspicuously missing from reliable sources. As far as I can tell, "half-plate" seems to be a term coined for use in fantasy and role-playing game settings.

Similarly, I’m somewhat confused about how a "breastplate" came to describe an entire category of armor when, so far as I know, breastplates are usually nothing more than components in larger suits of armor.

So, I’m curious to see if there’s any information on the origin of plate-based armors in D&D 5e, such as:

  • historical examples which may have inspired these armor classifications
  • pop culture or previous editions of D&D which may have influenced the development of these armor classifications

For the purpose of this question "plate-based armors" means the breastplate, half-plate, and plate armor in D&D Fifth Edition.

I should also clarify that I’m not interested in discussion on leather armor and chain mail (on its own), as there’s already a slew of information (and controversy) on the historical origins of these armors.