Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

Hi everyone!
I am working on the development of online user testing and usability platform to help web and UX designers, UX researchers and Front end testers. We are looking for feedback from web designers that is why I am posting here. If you tried it out and gave us some opinions you would be very helpful. Please register HERE .
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Looking for feedback to improve user testing and usability platform

Is there any search platform which computes indexes based on semantics of words in text?

I want to store emails for my data science project and search for different phrases in my entire collection. The phrases I will be searching might be different than the actual words, but I should always get those emails in return.

What is the best platform to do this? I need a search db that computes indexes in an email based on the semantics (consider stemmers, synonyms etc), elasticsearch or cloudsearch directly won’t work.

Also, how effective is FREETEXT function in SQL Server? Can it serve the purpose?

User flow with on-demand service platform

Product: XYZ On-demand service provider (example cleaner)

Context: User has to select at least 4 service providers to increase his chances of getting a service provider he has selected on the platform.

User flow: John wants his house to be cleaned. He opens an app, selects his location, selects the time and then he sees a list of cleaners in his area who are registered with XYZ. He selects a cleaner with good reviews and high ratings and pays the deposit.

Cleaner flow: Cleaner Alpha receives a notification and decides not to take the job because he is a freelancer and XYZ cannot lock him into the obligation of taking the job.

User frustration: John is informed by XYZ that Alpha is not available and he has to choose another cleaner from the list again after going through the same user flow.

XYZ solution: In order to increase John’s chances of getting the cleaner he selected, now XYZ encourages John to select at least 4 cleaners in the flow. For example, Alpha, Beta, Gama, Zero. The reason behind this is if Alpha and Beta reject the job, there is still a chance that Gama and Zero will accept it and someone will go to Johns house to clean the house.

Question: I understand there is a fundamental flaw in the service design with the product. Now as a UX designer, what is the most human way to solve John’s frustration?

A. Pre-select 4 cleaners and tell John why the system is doing it for him. B. Disable the next action to go to the payment unless he selects at least 4 cleaners. C. Any other way to solve this problem?

Many thanks