Entire Website Builder Platform Business ((COVID 19 SPECIAL))

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Entire Website Builder Platform Business ((COVID 19 SPECIAL))

Unity 3D platform spawning problems

I’m making an infinite runner game in Unity 3D. I have it so that platforms spawn and move backwards toward the player and they are destroyed once past the player. Over time when the platforms are spawned, the position they’re spawned at gets more and more inaccurate. Sometimes they over lap slightly and sometimes there are small gaps in between them. And as the game is continuously played, it gets worse and worse. You can watch the video below to see what I mean. This is the script I use to spawn the object

 public GameObject[] objectSpawned;   public PlatformKiller myPlatformKiller;   void Start()  {      myPlatformKiller = GameObject.Find("PlatformKiller").GetComponent<PlatformKiller>();  }   private void Update()  {      if (myPlatformKiller.readyForSpawn)      {          int rand = Random.Range(0, objectSpawned.Length);          Instantiate(objectSpawned[rand], transform.position, transform.rotation * Quaternion.Euler (-90f, 0f, 0f));      }  } 

Here is a video so you can see what I’m talking about: https://youtu.be/eASouQlTsqs

Also, I know the exact unit size for each platform is 11.92. I know this because I added a c# script to each one that shows me the vector3 values. There are originally 20 platforms. And to know exactly where to spawn the object I did 11.92*20 = 238.4. And the first platform is at -4.78. So I subtracted that from 238.4 and got 233.62. So a z position of 233.62 is the correct place to spawn the object. I just wanted to include that in there so you know that the spawner gameobject is in the right place. Please let me know if there is any additional information about this that I can give you. Everything should theoretically work I think, so I seriously have no idea what to do. Thanks for your help!

readyForSpawn is set in my PlatformKiller script shown below:

public bool readyForSpawn;  void Update() {     readyForSpawn = false; }  void OnTriggerEnter(Collider target) {     if (target.tag == "Floor")     {         readyForSpawn = true;         Destroy(target.gameObject);     } } 

And that script is attached to PlatformKiller Game Object: PlatformKiller Picture

E-learning platform: plugins to perform desired functions

I need your help identifying the right plugins to achieve my desired functions on an e-learning platform that I’m developing for a client. The platform is to be like italki.com

Below are the functions desired to be implemented on the platform

  1. An e-learning platform whereby languages professionals can register as tutors;
  2. Students can register and choose a tutor to learn from based on their language of choice;
  3. Students can purchase credits which will be used to book their tutors;
  4. 15% commission is deducted from each course session fee as service fee, and 85% goes to the tutor;
  5. Tutors can withdraw their money once their wallet is up to $ 100.

please developers, help out

A platform for poker games

Why are you selling this site? https://pokerblink.com/

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A platform for poker games

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SYN Flood Test Platform

I am a new programmer, i’m learning. I made a SYN Flood program. I observed with Wireshark, i saw how many packets. But I don’t know how many megabytes of attack were. I don’t know how many packages are going to the target in a healthy way. Is there a test platform that you would recommend for SYN Flood(Online/Offline)? I don’t want to attack real sites. I just want to see the damage done by the program.

Escort, Content-Selling Platform with 67 Countries

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Maybe someone who can cope with this project can be found and would like to continue

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There escorts have the opportunity to place advertisements for your services in order to place internet.
This happens either free of charge with limited…

Escort, Content-Selling Platform with 67 Countries

Artifacts on top of platform sprite only when moving

I made a floating platform in Unity which has a propeller movement animation. I attached a script I wrote to the game object that adds slight vertical and horizontal movement using the game object transform.position. This is creating some weird artifacts at the top of the sprite, but only when the movement code is active. When I don’t move the platform and just leave it still to animate there are no artifacts.


gif of gameplay

Sprite Import Settings:

sprite import settings

Sprite Renderer:

sprite renderer settings

Camera Settings:

camera settings


resolution settings