Digitalpush – Free Push notification platform for publishers and advertisers

DigitalPUSH allows you to re-engage visitors and drive them back to your website, from anywhere on the browser. Offering both manual and automated sending, real time reports, instant delivery and powerful segmentation, DigitalPUSH is the ideal solution to grow your website via push notifications.



Digitalpush – Free Push notification platform for publishers and advertisers

Ux design platform for iPhone etc

can someone recommend a platform for designing apps for mobiles etc, My current program is adobe xd (which is great) although I was considering trying a platform that has more functionality (Boolean programming / object states etc) – although something that is not too technical (my programming experience is about as far as vga is excel and very simple (introductory level) java etc… thanks in advance for your help!

I can scrape targeted emails from any social media platform for $10

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Fundamental difference in security research in Cloud platform VM and normal machine

I am trying to study the effects of various network based attacks in an Openstack Cloud environment that I have setup with few machines. However, what would be the fundamental difference between a VM created using Openstack and a normal VM created using a single machine?

Both of the VMs are ought to have the same specs. The major difference that I see is that the attacks done on VM in Openstack would take a different network route (due to distributed resource sharing) as compared to direct attack on a VM on a single physical machine but wouldn’t the effect on both the targets be same?

A platform designed to support both: subscribers and user accounts?

We’ve created a platform where users can subscribe to their favorite organizations’ newsletters (similar to Mailchimp). But we also want to allow subscribers to post content on their organizations’ page (similar to Yelp or Meetup).

We’re afraid that if we were to force everyone to create accounts, it might deter those that are new or just want to receive the weekly newsletter.

We’re in the early stages, and our focus is to expand our user base as much as possible.

Are there any past lessons or existing examples that we can learn from?

Do you use an email marketing platform?

I'm working on a school project and we are trying to improve the experience of an email marketing platform. In your opinion, which is the best email marketing platform and what makes it great? Also, are there any things you'd like to improve about the platform?
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HOQU is an eye-opening platform.

Hey guys,

I hope you will be interested in my topic for discussion.
Recently, I received access to affiliate marketing platform called HOQU. And I am very optimistic about it.

The good thing is that I can conduct marketing campaign without any intermidiary in between. So it cuts expenses for me.

As far as I know, many projects like that exist, so I would like to raise the following question:

What do you think about such platforms as HOQU? Will it be a game changer for affiliate…

HOQU is an eye-opening platform.