Does “Not Found” error always mean the app is unpublished or not active on Play Store?

I am having difficulty finding some apps in Play Store. A lot of times, when I come across a link on the older posts of this website and I load it, I get “Not Found” error on Google Play. I explicitly get:

We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

I do double check with the app on AppBrain and usually, it shows that XYZ app unpublished on some ABC date in the past, so I end up believing that the app is really dead on Play Store. However, sometimes, a user, whose post I deleted because of dead link tells me that the app is live on Play Store.

I do a check using Opera browser’s free VPN service (regions: Europe, Americas, and Asia), and also with a Chrome Extension for American/British VPN service. I again and again get the same dead link. I also ensure using Private Browsing to rule out browser caching.

Recently, a fellow moderator notified me that while I was not able to load the link, he could easily load the app Google Goggles on Play Store. AppBrain still shows the app is no more active on Google Play though.

Similarly, I came across the app MyAndroidTools which does not load in Google Play Store, also seems inactive on AppBrain, but had a fresh beta version, as seen on APKMirror.

How do I truly believe that the app is really dead for everyone? Alternatively, how do I know to whom the app is not dead, and how can I load at least the app’s page, let alone download it from Play Store?

I can’t play mp4 videos in Parole version 0.9.1 (codec missing), Xubuntu 16.04.6

I can’t fix Parole media player to play mp4 videos! I search and research on internet but none of suggestions worked for me. I installed latest version via Ubuntu repositories but no avail to play video, I got the following message :

“Required plugin could not be found”

“Parole Media Player requires to install plugins to play media files of the following type: H.264 (Main Profile) decoder”

Before upgrading to version 0.9.1 I had version 0.8.1, also not playing videos. What can I do to fix this? I have all dependencies installed (for parole, for gstreamer, and so on). Attached screenshot of parole. Thanks, Vladi Parole missing codec

Is it feasible to let a newcomer play the “Gandalf”-like figure I created for my campaign?

I’m writing and DM’ing a campaign based around members of a nonprofit organization in a province of a decaying empire undergoing a civil war.

The premise

The player characters are new members of the NGO, who are being given an orientation by their Program Coordinator (basically their boss) when the city they’re in comes under attack by the government’s troops. The entire NGO’s presence in the region is destroyed and the PCs and the program coordinator have to decide what to do next.

The program coordinator is the “Gandalf”-like figure in that she potentially directs the quest and accompanies the PCs on their adventure to find and return 12 children still missing after the raid. This may or may not spiral out of control into joining the insurrection to topple the evil emperor depending on the choices of the players in the campaign.

One member of my prospective group actually works at a nonprofit organization and it just occurred to me that her perspective might bring something interesting to the table that I couldn’t. I was thinking of asking that member if she might be interested in taking on the role, with the sole precondition being that finding those children is the character’s main motivation, and everything else around that is up to her.

Point of clarification: I’ve previously discussed the campaign with said player and she expressed an interest in the idea she’d be part of a team making the kinds of decisions NGOs regularly have to make when they’re working in a conflict zone, but in the context of a fantasy world. So it’s not an ask out of nowhere.

Three linked questions:

One, is it feasible or advisable for me to delegate so much storytelling authority to a single player?

Two, is it feasible or advisable for me to do so given that this player is new to tabletop gaming

Three, if the answers to both one and two are ‘yes’, what are some things I should consider when helping to come up with the character?

Huawei Honor Play Android Version 9. Connect usb-c to ethernet

Hi Anybody have any idea of connecting USB C to ethernet then create fixed IP address. I have huawei Honor Play running android version 9. I bought an trendnet usb type C gigabit ethernet adapter to test. Once I connect both of these device, it actually works, there’s internet But the phone settings there is “reverse charge” XD

I wanna connect my phone using ethernet to devices then set fixed IP on my phone so that I can connect to other devices like printers to for troubleshooting purposes.