In which cases avplayer should play? Like play() function, set player rate

I set player to pause and i am setting player rate after the pause. After setting player rate avplayer starting the playing without play method, so i want to know in which other cases that avplayer should play without play method.

I find that when we set rate or seek to specific time than it is play but i want to know is there other cases when avplayer should play

How to extract eBooks from google play

I’ve uploaded a lot of ePub files to google play books, assuming I would be able to download them again at any time. I now have a new computer and would like to access them, but Google doesn’t seem to allow downloads of eBooks previously uploaded, which seems odd to me.

Since there is no encryption or DRM or anything on them, I figured there must be a way to get them back. Here’s what I tried so far:

  • On my linux computer, I installed virtualbox, and installed an Android system there following this guide.
  • I logged into my Google Account on my virtual Android device and opened one of the eBooks I would like to get back.
  • I used the vdfuse utility to mount the .vdi image and navigated to the location where the eBooks are stored, which is /data/data/{your google account}/volumes according to this thread.

Now, however, I’m a bit at a loss. If I look at one of the eBooks, they look like this:

./cover.png ./cover_thumbnail.png ./res2 ./res2/{some-obscure-id}= ./segments ./segments/html{some-index} 

Naturally, I assumed that the segments/html* files would be, well, html files. However, that is not true – they seem to be binary files and just list as data when queried with the linux file utility.

What do I do with these files to get back an ePub? Or should I have taken a different approach to this altogether?

Some Files on SD card will not play why?

Have android in car entertainment unit in my car and am used to making SD cards which I then load onto my unit and play whilst driving. All SD cards are loaded via my PC from Windows Media player.

Just recently loaded another SD in exactly the same way, all files are MP3 sound format as before, but only one track will play, all other tracks come up as “Wrong file or audio format”!!

Totally stumped what’s gone wrong?

Atualização de app não requisitada pela play store

Boa tarde pessoal!

Após o lançamento do meu app na play store, publiquei algumas atualizações, no entanto, o botão de “Atualizar” não fica disponivel no meu dispositivo, apenas “Instalado”. A versão do app do meu smartphone é menor que a publicada na play store, no entanto, foi instalada direto pelo android studio (não pelo apk assinado)

Alguem sabe o que pode ser?

Make Rhythmbox play .mp4 files

Once my Rhythmbox was capable of playing .mp4 files, but I can’t seem to make it the same again.

I tried installing:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras sudo apt-get install ffmpeg  sudo apt-get install faad sudo apt-get install libfaad2  sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-base sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-bad sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-ugly sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-tools  sudo apt-get build-dep rhythmbox sudo apt-get install libav-tools  sudo apt-get install libavcodec57 

But no success. My sources:

Unable to play MP3 or MP4 files in Rhythmbox or Movie Player

Can’t install my own app from Play Store

Not sure whether it’s related to the problem or not, but this affects only my own apps. When I try to install any of them, it downloads twice for some reason, then I get this message:

Can’t install [APP] Try again, and if it still doesn’t work, see common ways to fix this

Other people can install and use my apps with no problems.

Here’s what I tried:

  • I used Titanium Uninstaller to completely uninstall my app after testing it via ADB (yes it works fine with ADB and bundletools)
  • I cleared google play’s data and cache
  • I cleared any data/cache folder related to my app
  • I completely wiped system, data, cache and storage of the phone I use for testing and reinstalled the firmware, first thing I did afterwards is trying to install my app and I got the same problem.

Here’s what I got from logcat: (com.shakibb.dlala is the package name for my app)

05-22 00:20:54.624 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] Intent received at DownloadBroadcastReceiver 05-22 00:20:54.626 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmr.a(59): com.shakibb.dlala: onProgress 1472622/1472622 Status: 200 URI: content://downloads/my_downloads/39. 05-22 00:20:54.634 17611-20434/? W/zipro: Error opening archive /data/data/ | الدلالة : Achat Vente en Algérie ����-5.bin: Invalid file 05-22 00:20:54.638 17611-25829/? W/zipro: Error opening archive /data/data/ | الدلالة : Achat Vente en Algérie ����-5.bin: Invalid file 05-22 00:20:54.658 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] frp.a(11): Selecting account [aNaMyeNBhJG7ajSBD6GdsUVaT9A] for package com.shakibb.dlala. overriding=[true] 05-22 00:20:54.668 975-975/? W/StatusBar: removeFakeNotificationViews()---removeNotification for unknown pkg: 05-22 00:20:54.669 975-975/? I/PhoneStatusBar: updateNotificationCountChange,mLastHasNotification:true , hasActiveNotifications:true 05-22 00:20:54.691 799-1554/? I/libPerfService: perfSetFavorPid - pid:0, 0 05-22 00:20:54.707 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmk.a(5): com.shakibb.dlala from 2 to 3. 05-22 00:20:54.715 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmr.e(-1): com.shakibb.dlala: onComplete 05-22 00:20:54.715 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmr.i(1): Download com.shakibb.dlala removed from DownloadQueue 05-22 00:20:54.717 288-288/? I/installd: free_cache(0) avail 8150192128 05-22 00:20:54.717 799-1026/? I/NetworkIdentity: buildNetworkIdentity: 05-22 00:20:54.718 799-1026/? I/NetworkIdentity: networkId = DJAWEB_F8826 05-22 00:20:54.719 799-1510/? I/NetworkIdentity: buildNetworkIdentity: 05-22 00:20:54.719 799-1510/? I/NetworkIdentity: networkId = DJAWEB_F8826 05-22 00:20:54.721 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] kct.a(100): Prepare to copy com.shakibb.dlala (adid: com.shakibb.dlala , isid: QnPaZv5KSVC13AUwZp9Qaw) from content://downloads/my_downloads/39 (expect 1821314 bytes, isCompressed: true) 05-22 00:20:54.721 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hvz.a(7): APK integrity will be verified using [SHA-256] method 05-22 00:20:54.728 975-975/? I/KeyguardUpdateMonitor: handleBatteryUpdate index=0 updateInteresting=false 05-22 00:20:54.729 1316-1762/? I/BatteryConsumeMonitor: init var lastPlugType : 2 lastBatteryChangedLevel : 87 05-22 00:20:54.732 799-820/? I/libPerfService: perfSetFavorPid - pid:23836, 5d1c 05-22 00:20:54.732 23836-23870/? W/Finsky: [410] ctj.a(1): Copy error (source-FileNotFoundException) for com.shakibb.dlala (com.shakibb.dlala): No such file or directory 05-22 00:20:54.736 256-755/? E/Vold: Failed to find mounted volume for /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/ 05-22 00:20:54.736 256-755/? W/Vold: Returning OperationFailed - no handler for errno 0 05-22 00:20:54.737 23836-23836/? W/ContextImpl: Failed to ensure directory: /storage/sdcard1/Android/data/ 05-22 00:20:54.737 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] kct.b(174): Retry download of com.shakibb.dlala (adid: com.shakibb.dlala , isid: QnPaZv5KSVC13AUwZp9Qaw) (inhibit 1024) 05-22 00:20:54.741 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] kct.a(318): Downloading full file for com.shakibb.dlala (com.shakibb.dlala) 05-22 00:20:54.742 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmk.a(3): Duplicate state set for 'com.shakibb.dlala' (0). Already in that state 05-22 00:20:54.742 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmr.a(38): Download com.shakibb.dlala added to DownloadQueue 05-22 00:20:54.744 23836-23836/? I/Finsky: [1] hmk.a(5): com.shakibb.dlala from 0 to 1. 

My device is: Meizu M2 running flyme 6.2.2

Want to play world cup fantasy cricket game?

After ending the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019, World Cup 2019 is on its way. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales, from 30 May to 14 July 2019.

The ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) takes place every four years, featuring 10 teams. Teams are qualified according to the ICC one day rankings well prior to the World Cup and All teams play each other in a full round robin format with the top four teams progressing to the semi-finals and the winners contesting the CWC final.

For more details, do visit our website: –

Resources to play AD&D 2ed DragonLance

I’ve started playing D&D again (5e). It inspired me to look at my old gaming books and I got nostalgic for AD&D 2e. I started to reread the PHB and remembered the fun I had with Dragonlance. So, that lead me to research what resources would be needed to play a 2e Dragonlance campaign.

What I’ve come up with is:

  • PHB & DMG 2e
  • Monstrous Compendium v1 and 4
  • Dragonlance Classics: 15th Anniversary Edition

Am I correct in my reading the the Classics book contains all the DL modules converted to 2e? Should I also get the AD&D Dragonlance Adventures? What other resources do I need to run these adventures?