How can I play an animation as long as the player is on the pressure pad?

I’m making a 2D platformer with Unity. Recently, I implemented a pressure pad system. Basically, when the player triggers the pad, a door near there should be opened. The system works properly but the only problem is when the player stays on the pad, the OpenWhenOn animation (an idle animation for when the door is open) is not playing. I want to somehow make this keep playing as long as the player is on the pad and if it exits the trigger, the DoorClosing animation should be played. I thing there is a problem with the Animator Controller and the transitions. Thanks in advance.

enter image description here This is my Animator Controller. HasExitTime is disabled for all the transitions. The condition for the transition between DoorOpening and OpenWhenOn is set to true and for the transition between OpenWhenOn and DoorClosing is set to false.

Is the Chronicles of Darkness line suitable for play with a Story Teller and two players?

I have a group of three players, but more often than not real-life stuff means that only two are available to play at any particular time. I’ve recently had my curiosity piqued by the New World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness lines but have read varying advice as to how well the system/style would work with mainly two, occasionally 3 players.

Is the Chronicles of Darkness system suitable for two players and a Story Teller?

Please note – valid answers to this question must draw on personal experience.

My own game disappears after installation on Google play store

I have a problem where I just installed my own game I made into my phone, but however my game just appears to be not be openable it just shows one button "Uninstall", instead of open. I do however saw that my app appears to be hidden in my phone app settings. Did I did something wrong? I used Android studio to make my signed APK or AAB game. For this published game it is a AAB. Is that bad?enter image description here

Is it possible to play an Epic D&D3.5/Pathfinder campaign with a non-magic hero?

My DM is going to arrange a campaign of Epic Gestalts (LvL 24/24), I wanted to play a non-magic user, but they are so underpowered that I probably can’t, the closest to a non-magic user I seem to find is using Tome of Battle. Is it the only way?

My Character Idea

My idea was to do something like a Warblade16/Factotum8 With a Swashbuckler3/Something11/PathfinderDuelist10 (Even though, Factotum is a bit magic user :-T)

But I don’t know if a mage with a Wish or even any creature on the Epic Level Handbook can launch my character to the stratosphere without effort, where he hopelessly dies.

Although I don’t think the campaign will focus on combat, I don’t want to be placed in disadvantage.

We are using a 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder gestalt hybrid of handbooks which mean the most useful of the three versions is what we use.

Oh and another question (if you think the build could go as I put it)…

What Should I place in Something 11? (I don’t know if I should do Factotum 11)

The Campaign Idea

In a Forgotten Realms pre-Spellplague Faerûm, 5 characters will go to the city of the dead to argue with Kelemvor about The Wall of the Faithless And the injustice it is to actually exist. If he doesn’t cooperate chars should prepare to change it with not so diplomatic ways.

The other Chars

I don’t have all the info, but I do have some vague idea of what we are having

  • An ArcaneUber[Wiz/Src]/AbleCombatant
  • A Warlock/Master of the Nine [ToB]
  • An UrPriest/Avenger of something (Kinda Barbarian/Roguish something)

How can I play a character like Chara from Undertale (with a really strong knife) in D&D?

In my friend’s D&D game, I am trying to find a way to play a character like Chara/Frisk, so the simplest way I thought I could do that is with an overpowered knife.

I was looking at Unearthed Arcana and I found the Psychic Warrior martial archetype for fighters (from UA: Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard), which was perfect, but then it got revised into the Psi Knight (in UA 2020: Psionic Options Revisited).

How can I create a character whose class allows them to make their melee weapons/attacks stronger, and who is able to do long-ranged energy slashes?

Of course, the former is more important than the latter.
I also don’t want paladin, rogue or ranger stuff. (The reason I don’t want rogue is because it’s more of a stealth class and I just want to kill people.)
I’m fine with Unearthed Arcana content; in fact, I would prefer it.