Advice want to Start Playing Again! Played as an Intermediate [closed]

So I used to play a while back ago. Was never that much into it. I actually used to think it was kind of stupid but as of late have been thinking about it more and more. At times it used to bore the crap out of me but when you’d get into it time used to fly by.

I played with some guys who were jerks and used to horse around a lot but would still get into it. I have a good enough idea of what to expect because of my experience and what I was exposed to. Just wondering if there were any ideas on what could help or questions, or thoughts etc.

I’ve already mentioned it to some folks. As far as planning goes, who’s going to DM and how the group structure should work for those not sure what to expect.

Once again I was never that into it. I’ve only played with one group but I went to shops and played as a child and it had a really lasting effect on me. So I want to take it slow and do it the right way.

The challenges I face trying to play are my culture. Drinking, girls, first generation-hispanic materialistic people. They’re some talented people, they have issues like everyone. Just wanted to try something different.

Maybe some guidelines, tactics, practical knowledge or anything that can contribute to the dynamics of our group. I’ve done limited research but my memory is hazy. Have already bought the materials and want this to be a memorable experience. Thanks and any comments or feedback would be much appreciated.

What is the order in which published D&D 5e adventures should be played?

The current list of published D&D 5e adventures is:

  • Starter Set – Lost Mines of Phandelver | 1-4 | July 15, 2014
  • Tyranny of Dragons – Hoard of the Dragon Queen | 1-7 | August 19, 2014
  • Tyranny of Dragons – The Rise of Tiamat | 8-15 | November 4, 2014
  • Elemental Evil – Princes of the Apocalypse | 1-15 | April 7, 2015
  • Rage of Demons – Out of the Abyss | 1-14 | September 15, 2015
  • Curse of Strahd – Curse of Strahd | 1-10 | March 15, 2016
  • Storm King’s Thunder – Storm King’s Thunder | 1-11 | September 6, 2016
  • Tales from the Yawning Portal – Tales from the Yawning Portal | Anthology/Varies | March 24, 2017

I know that both Tyranny of Dragons campaigns are related. Are there any other relations between adventures? Is there a particular order in which they should be played, or are the adventures independent from one another?

Can Blades in the Dark be played in a custom setting?

I’m looking at systems for my next campaign. Currently I really like the look of Blades in the Dark however I have one concern before I invest in buying the rulebook.

Every review of the system I have read talks about how great the setting of Duskvol is and how much of the world building is done for you. It also seems that some of the playbooks and factions are heavily tied to the setting. Particularly the ghosts seem integral to the system.

Ideally I wanted to use this system in a homebrew city within my own world that I currently use to run a pathfinder game. My setting wouldn’t have ghost and would likely be a lower technology level than the default setting.

How well does Blades in the Dark adapt to a custom setting?

My DM played a NPC from my backstory weird. Should I have confronted them about it?

So my DM is actually my best friend and she’s the type of DM that likes getting as much backstory from the players as she possibly can. Well my character’s father is a huge part of her backstory and as my DM likes to put backstory characters into her campaigns, I knew my character’s father would be showing up soon. Well, he did and…he was different than I described. Of course my backstory was only from my character’s perspective so I didn’t give anything super specific about her father, but part of the backstory was that they were best friends and he, despite doing some awful things, acted like a pretty sweet guy. Well, my DM played him as creepy and scary which, while cool, kind of goes against the things I wrote about him in my character’s past interactions with him. To be clear, this wasn’t because of a story-based plot, this was just how she interpreted his personality. After the session, I confronted her about it. I told her that I liked how she played the character, but that it didn’t seem to line up with how I described. She responded that she thought his absence from my character’s life would have changed him a bit, but I’m not certain it fits the character, still. I’m afraid she’s mad at me, and I know that it’s ultimately her decision on how to play this character. I told her so. Should I have talked to her about this, or is questioning her interpretation of the character overstepping?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why was storm played by a biracial woman instead of a black woman?

In the comics storm is an african black woman surely halle berry doesn’t fit that description storm was married to black panther in the comics they had a child with electricity powers my point is why did they get halle berry who is biracial and not a black woman like what storm is supposed to be.

Which Cthulhu Confidential scenarios can be played as one-shots, without spoiling the campaigns?

With the exception of The Red Mist, all published Cthulhu Confidential scenarios use one of the three protagonists from the original campaigns. Does that mean that these scenarios work best when inserted into those campaigns? After playing and loving The Red Mist, we’d like to play another one, without the commitment of a full campaign — but also leaving the door open, i.e. without the one-shot spoiling anything from any of the three campaigns.

Have PCs Historically Played Through More Campaigns Than is Currently Typical?

I’m relatively new to D&D, only having tabletop experience with 5e and a bit of 3.5, along with some scattered exposure to earlier editions through video games.

I’ve heard references to characters adventuring through multiple campaigns, sometimes a large number of them. But as I look through the published campaigns for 5e I see a lot of suggested level references which suggest that a character might properly fit up to two adventures. For example, the introduction to Descent into Avernus expects PCs to start at level 1 and be at least level 13 by the end.

Of course different editions have very different properties that touch on this– 3.5 had a lot of postgame content published specifically to take characters beyond the “maximum” level (whether they were good mechanics or not), while 5e doesn’t (as far as I’m aware). And published adventures are hardly the core of all D&D games played across all tables. But the basic 5e approach, and the adventures published for it, suggests to me that a PC might only see 2-3 non-oneshot adventures at most.

It’s not a problem (there are any number of ways to fiddle with adventure length and character progression) but I’m curious about whether or not the game has changed in this respect.

Has D&D always had this structure of relatively few adventures/campaigns per character (as either a game design element or by popular play style), or did a transition take place at some point? If there was a transition, when did it take place and what was the motivation?

(A valid answer can also be that I’m using terms like adventure and campaign imprecisely)

Can you use your action to interrupt another player action that was played in the same round?

I think the title is pretty straight forward, I’ll just add some context.

I play in a game when everyone play the way we want at our own turn : saying to another player what he should do is forbidden. Your turn = your action.

I think this is pretty fun and it add a lot of stress in difficult fights since we can’t coordinate ourselve on runtime but, sometime, someone make a mistake that could be avoided in a roleplay way.

So, is it possible to use our own action to interrupt another player action that was played earlier in the same round ?


Can a Pathfinder Society adventure created for pregenerated characters be played without them?

Some Pathfinder Society adventures include pre-generated characters. For example, Origin of the Open Road includes this text:

Origin of the Open Road is a Pathfinder Society adventure designed for 5th-level pregenerated characters (Tier 5).

In these cases, is it Society legal to play using Tier 5 characters that are not pregenerated?

I’ve been reading in the organized play rules for PF2e, but I don’t see anything which describes a requirement for using pregenerated characters.