vmware player fails to install but no errors given

I am trying to install VMware player onto my workstation (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS). I’ve followed the instructions for installing from a bundle (download, chmod and sudo ./bundle_file) after which the installation process goes through a number of steps and finishes without any obvious errors. Despite there being no errors, closer scrutiny of the output seems to suggest that the installation did not actually install.

command ran as follows:

sudo ./VMware-Player-15.5.0-14665864.x86_64.bundle  Extracting VMware Installer...done. Installing VMware Player Setup 15.5.0 Copying files... Rolling back VMware Player Setup 15.5.0 Removing files... Deconfiguring... 

The attempted installation takes approx 9 seconds.

The complete installation log is as follows: /tmp/vmware-root/vmware-vmis-20775.log

2019-09-23T13:13:06.271+09:30| host-20775| I125: The process is 64-bit. 2019-09-23T13:13:06.271+09:30| host-20775| I125: Host codepage=UTF-8 encoding=UTF-8 2019-09-23T13:13:06.271+09:30| host-20775| I125: Host is Linux 4.15.0-64-generic Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS 2019-09-23T13:13:06.270+09:30| host-20775| I125: DictionaryLoad: Cannot open file "/usr/lib/vmware/settings": No such file or directory. 2019-09-23T13:13:06.270+09:30| host-20775| I125: [msg.dictionary.load.openFailed] Cannot open file "/usr/lib/vmware/settings": No such file or directory. 2019-09-23T13:13:06.270+09:30| host-20775| I125: PREF Optional preferences file not found at /usr/lib/vmware/settings. Using default values. 

No vmplayer command is created anywhere that I can find.

I’ve also tried downloading and running the full workstation bundle (VMware-Workstation-Full-15.5.0-14665864.x86_64.bundle). Output of the run attempt is nearly identical (only the name changes).

I’ve spent many hours crawling through Q&A forums and cannot find a similar case. Anyone know how to fix this? I need the vmplayer working asap.

A player always wants to recruit NPCs into the party. How do I handle this?

TL;DR: I have a player who wants to recruit lots of NPCs to avoid putting his own character in danger and to grab more spotlight for himself. I’m concerned about how this will affect challenge balance and the amount of fun the other players have. He doesn’t want me to run the NPCs either.

I recently started running Lost Mine of Phandelver as a new DM with a group new to tabletop RPGs. One of the players is a long time friend of mine but he decided he wanted to try to recruit a goblin into the party temporarily. It was the last one of a group that they killed and I responded that they could try to persuade the goblin into fighting for them. He rolled real well and now the goblin follows them. Naturally it will most likely die or something else will happen that will make it no longer part of the party but, when I was talking to the player after the game, he went on that he would just try to recruit another creature or NPC they encounter and if he failed he would just keep trying with other creatures/NPCs.

Now for background I know that he enjoys playing games with a sort of overpowered sense. He likes to play god a little as well as have others get their hands dirty for him. (Example: In Skyrim he uses mods to have tons of followers that fight for him) He doesn’t care for a challenge that has real consequence. He prefers simulated challenge (he also uses mods to keep followers from dying so he can still have a challenge of a difficult encounter but it will never end in complete failure.) He has told me that he prefers this style of play and it doesn’t take away at all from the “fun” or enjoyment of the story and gameplay. He likes to take the spotlight and appear as a cool or respected or even idolized by others that may look up to his “greatness”.

So my question is how should I handle him wanting to constantly recruit non PCs into the party. I don’t mind the occasional NPC tagging along if the NPC’s goals can be met by doing so… but I don’t really like the idea of constantly having him persuading non PCs into the party to fight for him, especially if he does it to give him a sense of control over the party and take the spotlight as a leader all the time. I’m also worried a little bit about balancing and if the other two players will get annoyed with this. They seemed fine with this one instance but what if later down the line they grow tired of the concept and it steals from them trying to enjoy the game.

When I confronted him one on one about it and he told me his future plans I tried to gently let him know that I really wouldn’t be comfortable with this being a regular thing and stating that as a new DM I’m not 100% sure how to balance and make sure the other players don’t feel left out or over shadowed by his play style. Let’s just say he grew rather upset of me ruining his fun.

We never came to a conclusion and I’m not sure if I should just let him do what he wants and just keep losing and gaining followers in the party or should I be firm about this and say it can’t continue to happen more than the occasional NPC doing it for the NPCs own reasons or if I should create a permanent NPC follower. One of the problems is it can’t even be a NPC I control as a DM, he wants to control it.

I’m new to DMing and this is the first problem I’ve run into where I’m not really sure how to rule on it (and I’ve been very liberal with the “Yes you can try to do that” attitude) I would really appreciate any advice.

Is there a feat that allows a player to true polymorph at will, if not would it be balenced?

I have a shardmind fighter in a 5e game that can half way polymorph himself into objects without taking their stats,and is made of crystals, like a stick or a spear etc. It is not a 5e race so we discussed this ability. Now, he wishes for a feat where he can “true polymorph”. I think its not a bad idea but, i need to know if there’s a feat like this already, and if not and we homebrew it, how could we balance it out.

What to do as a player when ranger animal companion dies

I recently found myself in a situation where my PHB Beastmaster’s animal companion was killed. There were no suitable beasts in the vicinity. As we were partway through a dungeon the party was unwilling to take a several day detour to replace the beast.

After a long rest the rest of the party was full health and ready to continue on but I had no new animal companion. My spells and equipment were optimized around the beast companion so without it over half my damage output was gone.

I ended up spending the rest of the dungeon casting cure wounds as there was little more I could do besides a single hand crossbow shot a turn.

Is there realistically anything I could have done or do Beastmaster rangers have to accept that if their beast companion dies they will be sitting on the sidelines until they can replace it?

DM flatly refused death saves on the animal companion stating it was not a PC. RAW only; no UA or hand waving.

What do I do when problem player does not attend Session 0?

Apologies if this is not the correct place for this question but I’m at a bit of a loss for what to do and would appreciate the advice of an experienced GM.

My party have been playing DnD 5e since July 2017, I DMed us through Lost Mine of Phandelver with a lot of success. At the start of the campaign the players all rolled their own characters and I asked them to write back stories as I was writing homebrew story hooks based on these for the future. We started out with 3 players but by the end of the campaign we had 6. The character who was added around session 3 was met with distrust from one of the original characters (we’ll call him P1) and this escalated quite a lot due to drunkenness on the P1 player’s part. In a later session this was revealed by the player to be a racist dislike for all dragonborns justified by an event in P1’s backstory. I was unsure of this but the new player was happy enough to roleplay it out but over the course of the rest of the campaign, this was never resolved – an explanation has never been given in character though all players know why the character behaves this way. P1’s character still says horrible things to the dragonborn and makes a point of stating how much he dislikes him at any given opportunity.

We finished LMoP and started onto my homebrew stuff. P1 and another player were often not able to attend DnD due to other commitments and we decided to pause that campaign until we were more available. One of the other players has DMed through some homebrew and the start of Tomb of Annihilation for about 3 months – P1 behaved a little better during this, no racism, just a bunch of spotlight stealing.

We’ve recently resumed our original campaign and P1 player claimed that he had lost his character sheet. Fine, I say, choose to roll a new character or remake him as best you can based on memory. He elects to remake this P1 character – the only thing is, he doesn’t remake the character at all the same. Half way through the session, the character is revealed to be multiclassed now sharing the same class as the character he is racist against. Another cause of tension. In fairness, I should not have allowed this – I should have put my foot down then and there. But we were mid-game and I didn’t want to disrupt it for the other players. I should have fixed this after the session but I was hoping it wouldn’t be a problem. He had also forgotten his whole back story which is very frustrating for me as I put a lot of work into the plots surrounding it.

In our most recent session the P1 player was more disruptive than usual – changing things about his character [including giving him an obnoxious accent], interrupting me, talking to me the person not me the DM or NPC about things irrelevant to DnD in the middle of the session during other characters conversations with an NPC and trying to talk to other NPCs while I’m speaking with another character. Claiming to have magical abilities beyond what was previously agreed – a cantrip being used like it’s some all powerful spell and then long arguments that I said he could do it last week, etc. The other players were frustrated and a few of them mentioned it to me after the session. Our dragonborn’s player has also stated that he now dreads sessions when he knows P1 player’s character will be present.

It had come to a head for me. We’d jumped into all this without a session 0 so I decided that I needed to make my expectations clear. In an effort to iron out the misunderstandings between us all I scheduled a Session 0 for this evening. I sent a list of questions with the options of sending answers to me to be discussed at the table or just answering on the night. P1 player obviously elected the latter. But lo and behold, we get a message this morning that he is ‘sick’ and not going to attend tonight. I have suggested that we Skype him in and he is ignoring us. Most of the other players think he is avoiding the session because he doesn’t want to have his behaviour brought into question.

How do I proceed? What is the best thing to do here? Do I just send him the answers to the questions decided by the rest of the group? Do I demand he sends his answers?

Is it up to the DM or to the player to “fix” a tone problem in the group?

Playing in a friend’s campaign and the other PC is difficult to play against, to the point that it’s frustrating me both in and out of character.

The DM and I are playing a high-magic, god-touched struggle against good and evil where I’m having an amazing time living out my existential crisis, killing bad things and making life-altering decisions. The other PC however seems only vaguely attached to the plot, keeps making objectively terrible choices in game and pokes fun at my character every time she tries to open up and share anything. Basically, her character doesn’t take anything seriously and doesn’t seem concerned about the results of his actions.

Before I get into specifics, my question is is the tone problem something I should be fixing, or is it entirely on the DM to solve?

The Story

Our campaign’s kick-off was that we were both dealt a half-deck of a highly modified Deck of Many Things, and our quest is to undo all the damage that’s obviously caused. My character, Nasa, has multiple curses and stat penalties on her, her soul’s been stolen, she has ghouls out for her blood, etc. Comparatively, the other player’s character, Chirp, got 50k gold, a loyal companion, a couple of magic items and his only “problem” is that he has disadvantage against being charmed. It was 100% luck which cards we drew and clearly I got terribly unlucky!

Chirp is a happy-go-lucky guy who doesn’t seem particularly interested in fixing his disadvantage problem. Comparatively, Nasa is a pessimist and a worrier, especially since all this bad luck has befallen her. She’s determined to repent for her past mistakes and leave the world a better place, even if she has to die for it.

The Problem

Nasa is (admittedly) pretty gloomy, and especially so compared to Chirp. Between the soul stealing and being marked for ghoul undeath she’s accepted her fate as ever un-dead and is ready to martyr herself to help others. In trying to play her accurately it’s possible I’ve made her too unpleasant to be around. However, I really have trouble dealing with Chirp when he’s constantly mocking and belittling her.


  1. Nasa believes she has magic (she doesn’t) and every time she “casts a spell” Chirp calls her on it, tells her she’s lying and tries to pressure her into confessing. He’ll make fun of her attempts and belittle her for not actually having magic even after she stops defending herself. We had discussed the whole “not actually magic” thing ahead of the campaign and everyone thought it was hilarious at the time and was super into the idea, but now I feel attacked for it.

  2. Nasa got paralyzed during battle and was left, helpless, with 3 HP since she’d been up close with the enemy tanking so the others could lay in hits. Chirp killed the enemy, but instead of making any attempt to help Nasa or even just protect her until the effects wore off he grabbed a handful of mud and drew a mustache on her face while she was frozen and nearly dead.

  3. I figured it might help humanize Nasa to spill a little bit of her backstory, but in the middle of a halting explanation of some of her history Chirp interrupted and basically laughed at what she perceived as a personal sacrifice and cracked a couple of jokes.

The Player

I’m really, really good friends with both the DM and the other player. We’ve played other campaigns together (usually with me DMing) and while the player always chooses to portray a playful, goofy character something about Chirp is really driving me up a wall.

We had a session 0 where we discussed what the campaign was going to be like, and we all agreed to a heavier storyline. But this last session actually made me kind of angry because I feel like she’s mocking my attempts at playing things more seriously.

I’ve mentioned my feelings briefly to both player and DM. The DM seemed concerned but hasn’t done anything yet to fix it, and the player was moderately sympathetic but basically said something that sounded a lot like My Guy Syndrome to me – essentially that Chirp was just a naturally cheerful guy and not to take it personally.

I’m wondering if I’ve messed up in making Nasa and if I should lighten her up and give Chirp a reason to stay and get involved. This is my first time being a player instead of a DM. Is this tone problem something I should take upon myself to solve, or is it generally on the DM to fix such things, or even am I just reading too much into this?

Can a player use misty step to stab someone without attacking?

One time, my sorcerer and my warlock were fighting. The warlock that uses its pact of the blade and hexblade ability to summon a rapier as an action, then as a bonus action uses misty step to teleport right in front of the sorcerer with his arm sticking out. At the time, I didn’t make him roll to attack and let him roll for damage, now I’m questioning it.

P.S. If this is already answered my bad, I’m too lazy to go through all of the actual questions that are similar to the one I am asking now.

A fellow player does not want me to roleplay, what do I do?

I have a little problem. One of the guys I’m playing with does not like roleplay. What I do now is like:

I’m talking to the dog:

Good dog, good dog

Reciting it as a hypnotizing mantra

And I point to the “bardic music: fascinate” on my character sheet so our DM knows what it is, mechanically.

What he is trying to make me do is to just say:

I’m using bardic music to fascinate this dog.

Simpler and faster? Maybe. But no satisfaction in it for me.

I’m just using Bard class to represent non-bardic character concept (scholar boy with not quite enough power to be a wizard or sorcerer). Repeating “bard” again and again would be against roleplaying.

Any way to make him accept roleplaying, or maybe roleplay a bit himself?