What issues will arise from a player’s weird request for a backstory?

So we are starting a new campaign and one of my players has a unique backstory.

His character had a twin sister who died at the age of 10. Before her death, a wizard found them both and bound the sister’s soul into a pendant. Now his character and sister switch souls at midnight. Also, he wants to be able to Astral Project(at will) whichever soul is in the pendant.

A little background on our campaign: the characters are level 7, the sister is a druid, and the brother is a warlock.

I see the following issues with this setup:

  1. The sister was 10 at her death and not really a druid yet
  2. If they would switch souls, the warlock would lose all of his abilities since his sister isn’t the one who made the pact
  3. I am not a fan of them being able to astral project.

Are these the only issues with this setup? What other issues are likely to arise from this?

Dealing with 2 Immature Players Who Detract from the Experiences of Others

I have read a number of threads here similar to but not the same as the problem my group and I are having (including this thread, this answer, this answer to a similar situation, and this question which addresses only 1 person).

I have a question related to dealing specifically with 2 problem players, and would like to explore avenues of resolution other than disbanding or kicking these players out of the group.

After joining a new group recently, I am finding more and more that two people in the group are surprisingly immature, a fact not helped by them both feeding off of each other’s behaviour. While this is not necessarily a problem in and of itself (and in theory could actually lead to some fun interactions), it is unfortunately leading to some detrimental effects for the rest of the group (and the DM in particular). these effects include:

  • Slowing the game down – When these two players get together, they tend to distract one another. This is especially frustrating when playing with a larger group (5 or 6 other players), since in talking to one another they miss what is happening, and we consistently spend time having to catch them up on what other players have done, the state of the battlefield, etc. While not a huge problem for me as a player (though certainly irritating), our DM is getting understandably frustrated having to repeat everything twice, since neither of these two players are paying attention. They also don’t think ahead when its not their turns, and since they are both spellcasters, this frustrates us other players a great deal, as our turns often take under 30 seconds, while because of their distracting behaviour their turns frequently take upwards of 5 minutes each.
  • Losing a sense of cohesion – Their two characters almost exclusively look out for each other, even to the detriment of the rest of the party. While this could make for an interesting dynamic in game, their behaviour is inconsistent, and they appear to show little loyalty to the order our group serves (around which our 2 month campaign has been based; loyalty to this order was the prerequisite for joining the group), our overarching mission, and more importantly the welfare of our group (eg last session they refused to heal our tank because they wanted to save their healing spells for “more important characters”). This is, unsurprisingly, leading to resentment both in and outside of the game.
  • Ruining Immersion – A large draw for many of us to this group in particular is the role playing aspect of the game. However, the constant bickering and out-of-game discussions among these 2 players is constantly drawing us out of the game. Our DM has tried calling them out at the table for being distracting and taking away from the game, as well as speaking to them privately (though I was not present when this conversation took place). Regardless, the poor behaviour continues, and our DM appears to be at his wit’s end.
  • Poor Gameplay – Before anyone gets upset about me listing this, let me explain. The two players tend to make decisions against the advice of the rest of the group and the DM (which is fine – after all, we are roleplaying). HOWEVER, these decisions (unsurprisingly) often lead to a poor situation for them, to which they respond with resentment towards the group and the DM, consequently leading them to spend the rest of the night complaining about how boring the game is, and further distracting the group. For example, in our last session we were fighting a group of dragons. Rather than mounting their dragons and helping in the fight, both decided instead to head into town and get drunk, even after the rest of us, including the DM, advised against it. When they realized that the rest of us were having a great time slaying Shadow Dragons, they complained that they were stuck in a tavern in town essentially doing nothing, and began berating the DM for not allowing them to instantaneously join the battle. We are unsure of how to handle this behaviour, and their boredom undoubtedly contributes to the distracting behaviour that is frustrating the rest of the group.

Ultimately, the question boils down to this: How do we deal with 2 immature players who feed off of one another, and detract from the experiences of other players?

Although simply kicking them out or forming a new group is certainly an option, I figured sharing our predicament with the wonderful RPG community here may lead to some unexpected solutions which may help us actually resolve the problem.

How can I get my players to play a high value of Resource skill without powergaming?

One of my players has a +4 Resource and he wants to equip his group with excellent equipment(because he can). He can add by Resource roll an advantage “Excellent Equipment”. But am I afraid of powergaming with using this skill to solve all conflicts.

How can I do this?

My thoughts are to add a Stunt that gives one Free Aspect Call “Excellent Equipment” to each member of the group per one session. But it seems to me that this is how I cut back on the player’s ability to use the skill according to the rules.

Unity Space invaders with top 3 players

I’m about to create a simple Space Invaders game but I have a difficulty on it, I have to create like a Top3 weekly, from all the users and get the top three most scored users, this is easy, is a backend task, but I’m wondering if is there any backend for Unity to make it simpler, I know how to create API Rest for many frameworks but I’m used to use Spring, is that good for Unity? If now, what’s better? Is there any library to do an API calls from Unity? Like Retrofit in Android? I’m asking it because I’d like to have like a Log in to game, register etc, but I don’t know if it’s a work of Unity or not, since I need to have the user tracked.

Also I want to export this Space invaders to iOS and Android, is that ok, right? I’ve been looking and Unity facilites to you the export.

How do I prevent players from flying too low in an infinite sky?

Let’s say I have a game that allows the player completely free, open world flight, and the world itself is a bunch of floating islands. This creates some problems with flying too low, such as reaching the fake cloud “floor”, being stuck without being able to get back up, and so on. How can I prevent this without introducing some jarring invisible “floor” that repels the player if he slams into it?

I thought about having some sort of in-universe wind near the “bottom” that might decelerate the player and then push him/her back up, but I’d like to hear some more ideas that might be less artificial.

How would I as a dm create a smart phone-esk spell/device my players could use [on hold]

so my players are setting up a large nexus of guilds from my empire and 1 or 2 they made up themselves across several cities. They are having a hard time sending long messages to and from each other, and hiring a mage is not an option so how would you guys/gals set up a multi-use system to send maps,long messages,money, basically anything small to and from places a few hundred miles apart fairly quickly. I’m looking for a way to homebrew and device that can send and receive the things listed above from wherever my players are in the world

lost-mines-of-phandelver is impossible and for a starter kit is putting our group of new players off [on hold]

So fare there is no introduction in the game play itself to the underlying rules expectations of characters in order to succeed. All the enemy’s are so over powered we just keep dying and achieving nothing. As an introduction to D&D it is not doing to well.

Are we missing something, as it seems like if you are not in the know already do not bother trying as it is a closed club.

How do I handle a DM that plays favorites with certain players?

I am currently in a campaign where, out of everyone involved I’m the least friend of the group. My character has certain secrets and I will text the DM at times so the other players don’t know. He will go with this for a few times then start saying it in front of everyone. For example, as a warlock, I have an imp familiar that is invisible and doesn’t interact with the party. I told the DM I wanted it secret because I was using it to interact with the NPC’s as a way for me to gain power. The DM said it in front of everyone. When asked why, he said “because they will find out eventually”.

My character basically doesn’t have any secrets left because of this.

Another player that is a good friend of the DM has secrets about his character and I have personally discovered one of the big ones because of player knowledge outside the game (He cast a spell he shouldn’t have been able to). Both, the player and the DM, go to lengths to make sure the secrets stay secret for that character even when it should have been revealed. The DM just claims “oversight” when I confronted him about it.

It really upsets me that he is playing favorites.

How can I handle, in general, a situation where a DM plays favorites with their players?

What could prevent players from leaving an island? [on hold]

I am currently building a campaign for DnD.

The main plot plays out on an island the heroes are stranded after their ship goes off course and sinks.

They discover that this island is ruled by monsters that serve a mighty demon/ancient evil. There are no humans beside a small town/city that is regularly visited by the demons to take a few of the people living there to perform a ritual, sacrifice those people, feed on them, etc.

The main goal for the group is to defeat the evil force and free those humans.

The island is undiscovered because it is so far from the other continents.

My problem to solve

How do I stop my characters from just turning around and leaving the island in a self built ship/raft?

My first idea was to make it geographically difficult/impossible to leave by surrounding this island by a nearly closed ring of mountains (kinda in a U shape). An explanation for this could be that the island used to be a volcano that exploded (a real thing) and the mountain ring is what is left of the volcano.

My problem with this idea: is it believable? Isn’t it a bit too random for them to have been stranded exactly through the passage that is open?