Please explain me about multiplayer matchmaking with new rooms process

Let’s put that I’m making a moba game. Whenever there are 10 players queuing, a new game room (instance) will be created and they will be sent into that new game room just like a typical online game. So if there are 30 concurrent players, there will be a total of 3 game rooms running. right?

Can someone pls explain me in general how the process of creating a new room (instance) and putting the players there works. I’m struggling to find tutorials online as most of the tutorials are about client => host connections.

Here is my idea. Please clarify me if the idea is right or wrong. There will be a lobby server to which all the players will connect to queue the game. If the queue has reached 10 players, a new game instance with gameplay scene loaded will be run with some command line arguments, a new server connection will start there and the 10 players will be removed from lobby server connection and will have to connect to the new instance’s connection.

I’m trying to use sp_ineachdb, please can anyone see where I’m getting it wrong?

Can anyone help please? I can’t seem to find where I’m missing it. I’m trying to loop through the user databases in my SQL Server instance to delete all the existing users. I’m using the stored proc dbo.sp_ineachdb. For each database, I get an error that the cursor already exists. My code is pasted below. Thank you.

DECLARE @sql AS VARCHAR(4000) SET @sql =

‘USE [‘ + DB_NAME() +’] DECLARE @UserName nvarchar(256) DECLARE csrUser CURSOR FOR SELECT [name] FROM sys.database_principals WHERE principal_id > 4 AND is_fixed_role < 1 ORDER BY [name]



EXEC dbo.sp_ineachdb @command = @sql

PLEASE HELP! Can not open shop page in wordpress [closed]

I can not open the (woocommerce) shop page in wordpress. It says "the preview could not be loaded".

After deactivating all plugins, I can view the page after installing Woocommerce, but not after installing Elementor.

I changed my theme, contacted the host regarding any redirects or hosting problems, but didn’t find any.

I searched many articles about it but really do not know, what else I should do. Any advice or experiences?

Thanks a lot! Best regards, Christina

Cost for a complete GSA SER setup… Please help

I had a guy to create GSA links for my sites. But he is not replying since a long period of time.
So I am planning to setup my own vps. Can you please suggest me the requirements for creating good quality, Tier 1, contextual links.

As per my research, I will need:
1) GSA SER software. [Mandatory]
2) A good VPS. [Mandatory]
3( Captcha. I understand that I will need atlease 2 captcha solving source. Is it mandatory to get GSA captcha breaker? xevil? 
4) Proxies [Mandatory]. But how many and what quality?
5) GSA lists and some service for web 2.0 addons.

I want this setup to be economical, but also I want to create the best quality links that GSA can create.

I would highly appreciate the comments from users who have real experience of using GSA SER.

Please, help me with this

Hello everyone,
I created a blog with blogger and used a theme from btemplates. The theme is good for me but I don't know how to add my social links to the social icons that are already on my theme.
Below is a screenshot of the code for editing my social links but I have tried but it didn't work.
Can anyone tell me the format I should use?
Thank You!

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