The vanishing XLM! Help please?

This question is about my Bitcoin core wallet, I got XLM with the airdrop when the Bitcoin Core wallet added XLM to the wallet. Got it months ago now and its been fine just sitting there until today, when its simply vanished without a trace. I first thought this must be a security issue, but that seems unlikely because the bitcoin I have in the wallet is untouched. There’s also only one 1 entry in the XLM transaction list which is the airdrop received. It’s like the 250 XLM just vanished from the ledger, ceased to exist, is there any network issues or something? I haven’t been able to find any info, like maybe I’m the only one affected. Any ideas?

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Please help me solve this Problem on parabola from conics. 🙏🙏

An arch-shaped monument is often mistak- en to be parabolic in shape. In fact, it is a catenary, which has a more complicated formula than a parabola.The arch is 475 feet high and 444 feet wide at its base. Complete parts (a), (b), and (c).

(a) Find the equation of a parabola with the same dimensions. Let x equal the horizontal distance from the center of the arc.

(b) The table gives the height of the arch at various widths; find the corresponding heights for the parabola found in (a). Width(ft). Hight

  1. 417 100
  2. 354 237.5
  3. 248 375

C) Do the data support the notion that the arch is a parabola?

Layer ‘model/embedding/seq_embedding’ already exists, please choice other ‘name’ or reuse this layer

I am currently trying to run this solution on github:

When I run this with cmd: python –batch-size 32 –num-epochs 50 -lr 0.001.

The problem show Exception: Layer ‘model/embedding/seq_embedding’ already exists, please choice other ‘name’ or reuse this layer Hint : Use different name for different ‘Layer’ (The name is used to control parameter sharing)

I searched but the solution doesn’t make me understand how to solve it.

This is the picture about my problem

Final Codes for this problems please

Could you please post the final codes for this problem? Thank you very much! Please post java codes. The example has C#, but I am interesting in Java. Thanks

public decimal ShelfPrice { get; set; }

public string Name { get; set; }  public bool IsImported { get { return Name.Contains("imported "); } }  public bool IsOf(ProductType productType) {     return productType_Identifiers.ContainsKey(productType) &&         productType_Identifiers[productType].Any(x => Name.Contains(x)); } 

i am not able to get the correct output. Is there any error in this code. Please give me your answers

def sumOfDiv(x):

sum = 1 for i in range(2, x):      if x % i == 0:          sum += i  return sum 

Check if pair is amicable

def isAmicable(a, b):
for i in range(a,b+1): if sumOfDiv(a) == b and sumOfDiv(b) == a:

     print(list(a,b))  else:   return "none" 

a=int(input(“enter the number:”)) b=int(input(“\nenter the number2:”)) isAmicable(a,b)

SEO news Podcast – opinions please

I’m considering starting a podcast which rounds up all the news in the SEO world.
I’ve been looking for a podcast like this for a while but can’t seem to find one.

I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts specifically:
1. Would you listen to it? (If not, what would be putting you off?)
2. How long do you think it should be? (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes)
3. How regularly do you think it should be produced (daily, weekly, bi-weekly)?
4. Any specific things would you like to see covered?

Thanks in advance.