Please review my site Ram Digital

I will likely regret this as it's a website selling digital marketing services so know your going to be extra harsh.

Please keep in mind all leads for website design and development go to a local website development company who made our original website.

I have recently remade our site and wanted some feedback.

Show Blutooth status on menu bar – Linux aqpplication name please?

What is the name of the application which actually shows the Bluetooth devices? I have TWO USB dongle Bluetooth adapters installed and getting conflicting info. Only one USB dongle shows as “paired” ( with what ?) type “Computer”. And it is “off” and cannot be turned “on”.

I can get there thru “Bluetooth Settings” and the window title is “Bluetooth”. I like to bypass the flaky GUI with CLI commands, but need the real app name.

Best practice on Web Chat “please wait” messaging

We are currently integrating a web chat functionality on a utilities website, where customers can query their bill, or changing plans etc. with their electricity bills. (this will be available to all customers whether they are logged in or not).

The web chat will sit top right on all paged, and when clicked, will initiate a web chat sessions. In the event of a bottleneck of chats starting, we need to design a pre-screen before the chat initiates with an agent. I cannot find any best practice information our there, so my thought was to provide the following while the user waits:

  • An apology message saying that chat agents are busy.
  • Current wait time: XX minutes.

Would this be considered an overshare of information to the customer? or is the visibility and transparency appreciated and considered good Ux? Any hats thrown into the ring on this one are much appreciated! A brief mockup is something I put together below as a first pass:

enter image description here

I’m cursed with consistent natural 1’s and people in the group are getting annoyed. Please help!

It started off as a joke. I had to sneek past an army of zombies slowly rising out of their graves. It ended with me rolling a natural 1 on stealth and the entire party is surrounded because of my blunder. Since then I have had consistent natural 1’s that have affected the story; I end up insulting the count with a persuasion check, I’ve fallen into bottomless pits twice and I’ve had a full cart land on me because I failed a dex save.

The problem however is not the roles. Those bottomless pits? The reason I survived them was because at the last moment a powerful deity appeared out of nowhere and rescued me from falling to my death. That cart? It would have crushed me to death had it not been for the DM to say “at the last moment, an NPC dives and pushes you out of the way” and I live. The DM clearly sees that I’m cursed but does everything to prevent my death. And then last week happened…

We were fighting a demon who opened up a portal to hell that requires a successful dex save to prevent us from being sucked into it. I typically got a Nat 1 and fell in, luckily someone pulls me out, then on the next turn I get another natural 1 and fall in again. The DM knows that I’m dead because of my roles but at the last minute he says out of nowhere “suddenly the fog rolls in and your vision ceases for you to discover it was all an illusion” and I survive.

This made a lot of the other players angry because I’m creating hassle for them to solve because of my roles but also because the DM doesn’t want me to die. I said he doesn’t have to be nice to me because of my bad rolls but he keeps doing it because he knows I would have gone through 4 characters if he didn’t. And yes I have rolled other dice and I still get bad luck.

What do I do?

SharePoint Migration – InfoPath with modern and classic SharePoint Online sites – please clarify

We are migrating a large site collection from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365 SharePoint Online, starting with a single site (for testing purposes).

The site collection uses InfoPath forms quite heavily. We will eventually move all these InfoPath forms to PowerApps/Flow but for now, considering the goal is to first get off SharePoint 2010 entirely, we’d like to be able to do that part at a later stage.

  1. Is it true that InfoPath forms are not supported by the Modern Site experience and thus must use the Classic site experience? (or is this an assumption I have made?)

  2. If I create sites in the Classic experience initially, what effort will it take to modernise them at a later stage?

Magento2 Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page while creating configurable product

While creating the configuration products in magento2.2.2 I am facing the “Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page” error. I have google regarding this error and I have found the solution to increase the value of max_input_vars PHP configurable variable. I have increased this value but the problem is not solved.

While creating the configurable product almost 40000 associated product is generated and now I have set the max_input_vars value to 3075000 but the problem is not solved.

Anyone please help me to fix this issue.