SharePoint Error Invalid look-up value. A look-up field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again

While trying to update a value in pages library, I am getting below error:

Invalid look-up value.  A look-up field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again. 

This is happening for documents which are migrated from different environment..

Did anyone face this issue?


Magento 2 Images Not Showing on Product Detail page Please Advice

I have installed Magento 2.1.6 and had lot’s of products over it. then i download fresh copy of magento 2.1.7 from magento market place and extracted and used my previous database that was had lot’s of products and order histories etc.

the website start working fine . now i migrate Media folder from old website directory to new website directory same in pub folder

now images start working fine. but when i see on product detail page images not showing else all images showing any help?

Delete database accidentally by a bash, rescue please

My developer committed a huge mistake and we cannot find our mongo database anyone in the server. Rescue please!!!

He logged into the server, and saved the following shell under ~/crontab/

enter image description here

And then he run ./, then there were lots of permission denied, then he did Ctrl+C. Then the server shut down automatically.

He tried to restart the server, then he got an grub error:

enter image description here

He then contacted AliCloud, the engineer connected the disk to another working server, so that he could check the disk. Then, he realized that some folders have gone, including /data/ where the mongodb is!!!

1) We just don’t understand how the bash could destroy the disk including /data/;

2) And of cause, is it possible to get the /data/ back?

PS: he did not take snapshot of the disk before.

“pkexec xfce4-terminal” has stopped working – help with troubleshooting, please

I have been using an upgraded xubuntu machine (16.04 to 18.04) for just under a year now. I use a root terminal extensively, so on about the 2nd day after my upgrade I figured out how to get it working with pkexec instead of gksu.

Today it stopped working, with no action on my part, and no updates applied. Rebooting had no effect.

Where do I start to troubleshoot this?

Here’s my /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/xfce4-terminal.policy file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE policyconfig PUBLIC "-//freedesktop//DTD PolicyKit Policy Configuration 1.0//EN" ""> <policyconfig> <vendor>xfce4-terminal</vendor> <vendor_url>xfce4-terminal</vendor_url> <icon_name>terminal</icon_name> <action id="org.freedesktop.policykit.pkexec.xfce4-terminal"> <description>Run "xfce4-terminal"</description> <message>Authentication is required to run xfce4-terminal</message> <defaults> <allow_any>auth_admin</allow_any> <allow_inactive>auth_admin</allow_inactive> <allow_active>auth_admin</allow_active> </defaults> <annotate key="org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.path">/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal</annotate> <annotate key="org.freedesktop.policykit.exec.allow_gui">true</annotate> </action>

auth.log is showing no error. here is an example — the first is launching gparted via pkexec. it works normally. The second is launching xfce4-terminal. xfce4- terminal never appeears.

Mar 22 22:31:05 ooboontwo pkexec: pam_unix(polkit-1:session): session opened for user root by (uid=1000) Mar 22 22:31:05 ooboontwo pkexec[17035]: derek: Executing command [USER=root] [TTY=unknown] [CWD=/0data/ssd0/home/derek] [COMMAND=/usr/sbin/gparted] Mar 22 22:31:18 ooboontwo pkexec: pam_unix(polkit-1:session): session opened for user root by (uid=1000) Mar 22 22:31:18 ooboontwo pkexec[17303]: derek: Executing command [USER=root] [TTY=unknown] [CWD=/0data/ssd0/home/derek] [COMMAND=/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal] Any help appreciated!

How would I solve this question?? please help me :(

In a science classroom, when labs are performed, students are seated at lab tables. If the teacher assigns 2 students to each lab table, 4 additional lab tables will be needed to seat all of the students. If the teacher assigns 4 students to each lab table, 4 lab tables will not be used. How many students are in the science class?

AWS Cloudfront Help Please

Is there anyone with Cloudfront experience that can give this rookie some advice? I am working on a live streaming project using LXD containers for generating the hls, and using Cloudfront for distribution, but I am having problems trying to view the streams. I’d appreciate help to troubleshoot this if you have the time. Note that this works if I don’t use the LXD container. Also would prefer to take any discussions offline or private messaging.



Can I please keep the things I liked about Inbox?

I’m incredibly bummed that Inbox is going away because it made Gmail tolerable for me and the things I’ll miss aren’t on any of their “how to keep the features you love” posts:

  • The inbox bundled by date. Currently I see “Today, Yesterday, This month, February” in separate bundles.
  • The efficient placement of the compose button on the bottom right.
  • Smarter folder/label sections in the sidebar, WITH DIVIDERS,
  • bundled trips
  • “Purchases” and “Finance” bundles.

I like seeing “Updates” / “Purchases” bundled in my inbox, rather than in tabs. And I like to pop open the bundle, so I can skim it and archive it all. That works far better for me than the tabs in Gmail standard.

I like that I can mark a whole bundle as “done” with a single click, too. Especially for bundles that I tend to skim (like Updates or Social).

Any tips on how to get those functions back in?

Runtime Scanner errors that I cannot fix for the life of me, please help

What is causing these wonky errors? I can’t fix any of it whatsoever, what am I doing wrong here?

My code is as follows:

import java.util.Scanner; public class TDEE {     public static void Main()     {         Scanner in = new Scanner(;         double bMR;         String firstName;         String lastName;         String temp;         String gender;         String heightFeetString;         String heightInchesString;         String weightPoundsString;         String activityLevel;         double tDEE;         int heightIn;         int heightFt;         int weightLbs;         double heightMeters;         double weightKg;         String ageString;         char genderChar;         int age;         double heightCm;         double aF;         String input;         char inputChar;          //Gather Input         System.out.print("Enter your first name: ");         firstName = in.nextLine();          System.out.print("\nEnter your last name: ");         lastName = in.nextLine();          System.out.print("\nEnter your gender(m/f): ");         temp = in.nextLine();         temp = temp.toLowerCase();         genderChar = temp.charAt(0);         boolean isFemale = (genderChar == 'f');         boolean isMale = (genderChar == 'm');          if(isMale){             gender = "Male";         }         if(isFemale){             gender = "Female";         }         else{             System.out.print("\nPlease enter a valid response.");             gender = "Error";         }            System.out.println("\nI pity the int foo that doesn't create menus correctly.\n");         System.out.println("Resting:          Most time is spent sleeping/reclining");         System.out.println("Sedentary:        Minimal movement, mainly sitting/lying down (e.g., watching TV, reading, etc.)");         System.out.println("Light:            Office work, sitting (e.g., walking, laundry, walking on level ground at 2.5 – 3.0 mph).");         System.out.println("Moderate:         Light manual labor (e.g., dancing, cycling, gardening, etc.)");         System.out.println("Very Active:      Hard manual labor (e.g., team sports, climbing, agricultural labor, etc.)");         System.out.println("Extremely Active: Heavy manual labor (e.g., full-time athletes, construction workers, etc.)");         System.out.print("Please enter your activity level (By first letter): ");         input =;         input = input.toLowerCase();         inputChar = input.charAt(0);         boolean isResting = inputChar == 'r';         boolean isSedentary = inputChar == 's';         boolean isLight = inputChar == 'l';         boolean isModerate = inputChar == 'm';         boolean isVeryActive = inputChar == 'v';         boolean isExtremelyActive = inputChar == 'e';         if(isResting){             activityLevel = "Resting";             if(isMale)             aF = 1;             if(isFemale)             aF = 1;             else             aF = -1;         }         if(isSedentary){             activityLevel = "Sedentary";             if(isMale)             aF = 1.3;             if(isFemale)             aF = 1.3;             else             aF = -1;         }         if(isLight){             activityLevel = "Light";             if(isMale)             aF = 1.6;             if(isFemale)             aF = 1.5;             else             aF = -1;         }         if(isModerate){             activityLevel = "Moderate";             if(isMale)             aF = 1.7;             if(isFemale)             aF = 1.6;             else             aF = -1;         }         if(isVeryActive){             activityLevel = "Very Active";             if(isMale)             aF = 2.1;             if(isFemale)             aF = 1.9;             else             aF = -1;         }         if(isExtremelyActive){             activityLevel = "Extremely Active";             if(isMale)             aF = 2.4;             if(isFemale)             aF = 2.2;             else             aF = -1;         }         else{             System.out.println("Please enter a valid response");             activityLevel = "Error";             aF = -1;         }          System.out.print("\nDo you know your BMR? (Yes/No)");         temp = in.nextLine();         temp = temp.toLowerCase();         if(temp.equals("yes") || temp.equals("y")){             System.out.print("\nEnter your BMR(Numbers only): ");             bMR = in.nextDouble();         }         if(temp.equals("no") || temp.equals("n")){             //Gather Input         System.out.print("Enter your age: ");         ageString = in.nextLine();          System.out.print("Height in inches: ");         heightInchesString = in.nextLine();          System.out.print("Weight in pounds: ");         weightPoundsString =;          //Parse numeric input           age = Integer.parseInt(ageString);         heightIn = Integer.parseInt(heightInchesString);         weightLbs = Integer.parseInt(weightPoundsString);          //Convert height and weight         heightCm = 2.54 * heightIn;         weightKg = 0.45359237 * weightLbs;          //Determine BMR         // The BMR formula:         // 10.0 * mass in kilograms         // + 6.25 * height in centimeters         // - 5.0 * age         // + s, where s is +5 for males and -161 for females          int s = 0;         if(isMale)             s = 5;         else if(isFemale)             s = -161;          bMR = (10.0 * weightKg) + (6.25 * heightCm) - (5.0 * age) + s;         }         else{             System.out.print("\nPlease enter a valid response.");             bMR = -1;         }             //calculations         tDEE = bMR * aF;          //Display results         System.out.println("\n\n");         System.out.println("Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure\n");         System.out.println("Name: " + firstName + " " + lastName);          //Note: numeric values displayed to one decimal place         System.out.println("BMR: " + bMR );         System.out.println("Gender: " + gender);         System.out.println("Activity Level: " + activityLevel);         System.out.println("TDEE: " + tDEE);     } } 

Some test output here: Enter your first name: First

Enter your last name: Last

Enter your gender(m/f): m

Please enter a valid response. I pity the int foo that doesn’t create menus correctly.

Resting: Most time is spent sleeping/reclining Sedentary: Minimal movement, mainly sitting/lying down (e.g., watching TV, reading, etc.) Light: Office work, sitting (e.g., walking, laundry, walking on level ground at 2.5 – 3.0 mph). Moderate: Light manual labor (e.g., dancing, cycling, gardening, etc.) Very Active: Hard manual labor (e.g., team sports, climbing, agricultural labor, etc.) Extremely Active: Heavy manual labor (e.g., full-time athletes, construction workers, etc.) Please enter your activity level (By first letter): r Please enter a valid response

Do you know your BMR? (Yes/No) Please enter a valid response.

Calculate Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Name: First Last BMR: -1.0 Gender: Error Activity Level: Error TDEE: 1.0