Help with settings for Verified list please

I have in excess of 500k of verified sitelist_Blog Comment-General Blogs. With a lot of do-follows
I want to attempt to post a comment to all the do-follows, and I don’t care about keyword matching etc. I’m doing some parasite linking. When I try to set it up, it goes through the list eventually but only posts to about 100. I just don’t get it. In Scrapebox you can just import a list of good urls and an post to them. How do I do that with GSA ?

Homebrew Feat: “Whirlwind Sentinel” –critiques and suggestions please

The DM and I have worked it out, so it’s a bit moot, but I’d still like the community’s opinion on whether or not this homebrew feat is balanced for D&D 5e.
Inspiration taken from:
Sentinel (PHB 169)
Slasher (TCE 81)
(Sorry, feats not in the SRD)

This is for my lvl4 halfling barbarian; he has a STR of 17, so I really really want that sweet +4 mod, but taking the attr bonus is ‘boring’ to me. The purpose of this feat is to give him some more battlefield control (a la Sentinel; plus he took the Wolf Totem option at lvl 3), while also limiting the instances he can ‘do the thing’ (a la ‘Slasher’ feat)
Here’s what we came up with:

  • Increase your Strength or Dexterity by 1, to a maximum of 20

When using ONLY a melee slashing weapon* (with or without a shield):

  • When you use your Reaction to hit a creature with an Opportunity attack: if you don’t have disadvantage, roll a second d20– if the second d20 would also hit, reduce the creature’s speed to 0 for the rest of the turn.
  • If a creature you attacked on your most recent turn makes an attack against a target other than you, you may use your Reaction to make an attack against that creature

*we wanted to underline that this feat only works with slashing weapons, but not prevent a flaming axe or shields

Hi Could someone please advise on how i can rectify the below problem. Thanks in advance!

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I don’t understand something very basic about proxies – please help


I don’t get all of this proxy thing, I will explain.

1. If I do many searches in google in a short period of time, my IP will get banned from doing further searches – thus I need a proxy – right ?

2. If I buy a proxy IP and do the same thing it then will ban my proxy – right ?

So why do I need a proxy ?  and how will it help me ?

Help me balance my Homebrew Born-Lycanthrope Race please

I’ve built a homebrew race for born lycanthropes of different varieties. I’ve referenced the Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter class and NPC Werewolves while I was building it and used my imagination for some of the other strains of Lycanthropy (Weredrake, Bat, Etc.)
I had two aims while making this race. My first aim was to have all the different types be obviously part of the same group but all offer something a little different in terms of their flavor and what they offer mechanically. The second aim was to really convey that Lycanthropy was both a powerful gift and an impractical curse in the life of a person, but as a born lycanthrope they could slowly learn to control it over time if they wished to try, and as a result function more normally in everyday life. Could you help me get to a point where benefits and drawbacks are well balanced and suggest any points where some more flavor might be needed to explain some mechanical decisions? The aim, while making sure the class isn’t too OP is to have some really strong abilities that balance out with some big drawbacks rather than nerfing it to have small benefits and small drawbacks.

Link to the class page on DND Beyond is Here.

Many Thanks

can someone please tell me how can we download malware pcap in ubuntu VM in microsoft azure?

I tried to download malware pcap on ubuntu VM in microsoft azure from the putty but it is not allowing me to do so .It gives following output: Permission denied Cannot write to ‘’

can someone please tell me how can we download malware pcap in ubuntu VM in microsoft azure?