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– Plesk Control Panel
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Setting up FTP for AWS Windows Instance (using Plesk)

I’m trying to have a developer set up a licensing server on my website through Plesk. I have a Windows AWS instance.

I’m admittedly new to this and have spend about six hours trying to figure out how to get FTP to work — I’ve used a bunch of tutorials but keep running into dead ends.

What is the easiest way to do this? When I tried to download the FileZilla server, it won’t let me install the file (the file type after downloading is “All files.”). When I try to set up the FTP through the Plesk interface, I can’t get it to connect from outside the instance (I’ve already set up inbound access through the AWS console, but no matter what port I use, it won’t connect).

Would really appreciate any advice here. Happy to provide more detail if needed — thanks so much.

Migrate from Virtualmin to Plesk or cPanel (specifically the files and databases)

I have a dedicated CentOs 7 server with Virtualmin and quite a few domains on it. I would like to migrate them to an Ubuntu 17.04 server with Plesk. However, I may would be willing to migrate everything to cPanel as a halfway step to Plesk if there’s only a solution for cPanel. Does anyone have a script they could share they have used or have any real world tips?

Options I’ve considered…

  • Fully automated: Migrate all domains and db’s. Anyony have help on this?
  • Partially automated: Manually create the customers and domains in Plesk, then use a bash script to unzip the Virtualmin backup file and move files into appropriate locations and import databases using CLI. This could be a run once thing or manually once for each domain with prompts for specifics like customer info. Thoughts?