Would plugging or unplugging the Coax cable from router before turning the router off cause any damage to the router or the cable?

Would plugging or unplugging the Coax cable from router before turning the router off cause any damage to the router or the cable or anything? Because I accidently unplugged the coax cable from the router before turning it off.

External audio works only after plugging and unplugging a headset

I have a laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. It worked just fine until recently when it stopped playing audio after booting. Every time I reboot the system I have to plug in and then plug out a headset in order to make the built in speaker work.

I think the issue might come up with an update, because I didn’t make any system changes at the time when the issue showed up.

How restore sound to its normal state?

Autorun script while plugging in a USB device on a USB-media blocked PC

I have about 50 PCs with ubantu versions ranging from 12 to 18. All is USB media blocked. I want to copy a folder from my usb to a standard user account. Every time I have to manually acquire root permissions in terminal, since it’s logged in with standard user,then turn off usb block, copy files and turn on usb block.

Is there any way I could do this with script or something? Like… I plug in the USB, wait a few seconds then unplug, the files would be copied, usb block untouched and still logged in as a standard user. Newbie to linux here. And thanks in Advance.

When plugging mobile, ubuntu 18.04 prompt the file browser twice

When i plug a mobile device to my ubuntu (18.04) it prompt an empty file browser, and on the mobile it ask me to approve the computer to explore my files. If i choose “approve” it work as expected, but if i choose “deny” it prompt another browser – and both windows show my home folder.

This behavior repeat itself and i can’t tell why. It seems like a bug but didn’t find similar questions.

Tried with Samsung J7, Samsung S8, LG Q7 and LG G5.

Wonder if it something i should worry about or if it is well-known bug…

Keeping scaled internal display when plugging in a new external monitor

I have a problem caused by two things:

  1. I use a ‘scaled’ setting for my Macbook; one down from normal so that it ‘looks like 1440 × 900’.
  2. I work in a hot desking office on a different desk most days.

Every time I plug into a new monitor I have to do the dance of going into display settings and rearranging the monitors; this is fine. Unfortunately it also changes my scaling setting for the internal monitor.

Is there any way I can force the internal scaling to be consistent? Just because I use different external monitors doesn’t mean that I want the internal display’s settings changed.

(Macbook Pro 15″ 2017, macOS 10.14.4, various mostly Dell monitors)

iMac tripping breaker just by plugging it to electricity, without even pushing the power button!

iMac 21” (EMC: 2638)

The iMac was connected to a UPS but through an extension cable, so not directly.

So the iMac was running as usual when suddenly it went off, with all the other devices that are connected to the UPS. And I have no electricity in the room, the electricity breaker tripped, and the UPS is making that loud beep.

After unplugging everything from UPS, and turning back electricity and etc… I found out that it was caused by the iMac.

(UPS and all other devices are working fine now without the iMac there).

I try to plug the iMac to a different socket, but it immediately trips the breaker even before clicking the power button, just by plugging the cable to the socket, trips breaker!!

I tried different sockets in different rooms that are connected to a different electricity breaker, but the same thing happen.

I tried a different cable, but same thing happen.

I unplugged cable from the back of the iMac and tried the 10-sec hold power button thing, but didn’t help, same thing happened.

TL;DR – iMac is tripping breaker just by plugging it to electricity, without even pushing the power button!!!

Any one has any idea what happened here??

the closest Apple service center is hours far from me and I would really want to try everything before going there.

Thank you!

Cisco Catalyst – plugging in a switch on an access port take down a far-away port channel

I have made a diagram at this pastebin – basically i have a production network with a pair of 6840 as my core (VSS), it has port channels to various systems. I do not use any routing protocols, VTP is set transparant across the board, and rapid spanning tree is enabled, no port security enabled, no NAC of any kind – very default in most settings really. A closet switch 3850 stack is connected to it with a trunk port channel. From this i have a 3560 on my desk, connected with a trunk port. This all works great.

I was then going to configure a 2960S for some testing at my desk, off of the 3560 permanently on my desk I have an access port on vlan 50.

With the 2960 i configured all ports as mode access, access on vlan 1, disabled spanning tree, stopped cdp and lldp, vtp transp, other than that it had no configuration.

When i plugged it to my desk 3560, all ports on the 350 immediately go “orange”, and I found out it also happened to the up stream, as if the port channel between the 6840 and the 3850 was blocked. I gather it must be spanning tree or something kicking in, but I really don’t get why. Because it is a production network i was not able to keep playing with it, as soon as I unplugged it was back to normal within 30 seconds.
Doing show logging on all of them did not really reveal anything to me.

as a side note – it took the switch to a lab that has a pair of 3560’s – plugging it in there had no issues at all, worked as I expected there.

is there some hidden magic I am not getting here related SPT – or what is the proper way to connect such as switch in a “dumb access port” way?

Boot Camp: Plugging in an external mouse makes mouse click not work anymore

So this started happening recently, I think after the last OS upgrade. Now if I plug in an external mouse (any mouse, I’ve tested several) while in Windows 10, the mouse click and scroll won’t work anymore. It also disables the mouseclick on the track pad. The really weird thing is that I’m able to click on icons on the desktop, once. So I can’t double click them to open them, but I get that blue highlight when clicking once.

  • I’ve tried rebooting with the mouse Connected, and then it works for like 10 seconds. Which makes me believe some service starts up and messes everything up.
  • I’ve tried running msconfig to disable all non-Windows services, and then rebooting.
  • I’ve tried uninstalling the device from the Device Manager.

Disable Changing Brightness when Plugging Charge

i have the Lenovo 320S-15IKB (Type 81BQ) Laptop (ideapad) – Type 81BQ.

When i connect charge cable – brightness changing, when i turn it off it return’s to level that was before plugge.

As you see on screenshot – i can’t change it by default opportunity because options are missed.

Screenshot of all this

I have new laptop with all drivers, latest’s version updates , soft and etc.

Please help me to get back this options, or say how i can turn it off in maybe regedit.

If i disable Intel Graphics – brightness don’t changing when i plugge charging.