How to remove images from my plugin page in WP Directory?

I can’t understand why, but I can’t rid of old (unnecessary) screenshots of my plugin in WP Directory.

I’ve remove assets folder from each version in tags, remove assets folder from trunk, made commit, but on the plugin’s page on WP Directory those images still here.

If I hover cursor over some unnecessary image – I’ll see hash of commit which firstly contain this image. How to rid of this image?

How can I customize the look of a form generated by PaidMembershipPro plugin?

I am new to using WordPress but would like to create a website for a small organization. I installed the PaidMembershipPro plugin along with the "WP Bootstrap Starter" theme. I also used the PaidMembershipPro plugin settings tab to create the required paged.

However, the forms and the pages don’t look good. I would like to use bootstrap classes to make it look better. So I tried editing the Membership Levels page, but all I see is [pmpro_levels]

How can I edit the HTML code generated by this [pmpro_levels] code?

How to delete all the resized images without plugin

Images on my wordpress site are talking 1.4 gb space. I’m sure Used Original images space is not more than 300-400mb. So i want to remove resized images so my site’s backup can be light. i used many image cleaner plugins and only 100mb space reduced. At the end when i checked upload folder in file manager i’m still seeing resized images for every original image. Any new working method ? Thanks

Writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API? [closed]

I am writing a plugin to track user purchase and post back that using API.

First the user visit a third party listing site and logs in. Then he clicks the listing and visits a wordpress store with this plugin.
I need to store that user info for 30 days. In that window period if he makes purchase i will pay commission to the third party listing site.

Can you suggest any code examples or free and paid plugins to look at.

How to revive (or take over) a plugin?

I have been using a neat plugin to make sites multilingual. The last update to the plugin was 5 years ago – and it is broken as of WP 5.5.

I have signed up to the WordPress plugins site, but can find no way to sign up to (or even contact!) a project. Nor can I find a contact for a site moderator or suchlike.

How do you do that? How can one take over leadership of an abandoned project?

plugin wraps the entire content

I have made a small plugin which grabs the post from another blog of mine, and I render it using a shortcode:

<div class="blog__grid">         <?php             // If there are posts.             if ( ! empty( $  posts ) ) {                  // For each post.                 foreach ( $  posts as $  post ) {                      $  featured_img = $  post->_embedded->{'wp:featuredmedia'}[0]->source_url;                     $  ecerpt = $  post->excerpt->rendered;                     // Format the date.                     $  fordate = date( 'n/j/Y', strtotime( $  post->modified ) );                       // Show a linked title and post date.                     ?>                     <?php                     $  allposts .= "<div class='blog__grid__post'>                     <div class='blog__grid__post__image'>                         <img class='blog__grid__post__image--img' src='{$  featured_img}' />                         <a class='blog__grid__link' href='/blog/" .$  post->slug. "'>"                         . esc_html( $  post->title->rendered ) .                         '</a>                     </div>                         <div class="blog__grid__post__meta">'                         . esc_html( $  fordate ) .                         '</div>                         <div class="blog__grid__post__excerpt">'                             .$  ecerpt.                         "</div>                     </div>";                  }              return $  allposts;         } ?>     </div> 

Now when I try to add more content to the page which uses this shortcode, everything I write is encapsulated inside the blog__grid tag, here is a screenshot from the inspector, the highlighted elements should not be inside this div, and I don’t know why they are, can someone please help me with that?

enter image description here

Building WordPress Plugin Using FPDF – How do you get post content from currently viewed post?

I am using FPDF to build a plugin in wordpress that will add a button on each post(documentation) that gives the user the ability to export it as a styled pdf from the post without having to maintain working files and uploading attachements for hundreds of files.

I used this as a guide, and it currently works in one respect, however this current iteration exports a PDF of ALL posts in the documentation post type. How do I instead pull the post content from the currently viewed post only?

I have been banging my head for a week, so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Let me know if I can clarify anything additional.


<?php  if ( ! defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) { exit; }  include( 'atomicsmash-pdf-helper-functions.php');  $  pdf = new PDF_HTML();  if( isset($  _POST['generate_posts_pdf'])){ output_pdf(); }  function output_pdf() { $  args = array(     'post_type'   => 'manual_documentation'   );  $  posts = get_posts( $  args );  if( ! empty( $  posts ) ) {     global $  pdf;     $  title_line_height = 10;     $  content_line_height = 8;      foreach( $  posts as $  post ) {          $  pdf->AddFont( 'Lato', '', 'Lato-Regular.php' );         $  pdf->AddFont( 'Lato', 'B', 'Lato-Bold.php' );         $  pdf->AddFont( 'Lato', 'I', 'Lato-Italic.php' );         $  pdf->SetMargins(12.7, 12.7);         $  pdf->SetDrawColor(36,161,89);          $  pdf->AddPage();         $  pdf->SetFont( 'Lato', 'B', 24 );         $  pdf->SetTextColor(4,23,51);         $  pdf->Write($  title_line_height, $  post->post_title);          $  pdf->SetLineWidth(1);         $  pdf->Line(14, 27, 40, 27);          // Add a line break         $  pdf->Ln(14);          // Image         $  page_width = $  pdf->GetPageWidth() - 20;         $  max_image_width = $  page_width;          $  image = get_the_post_thumbnail_url( $  post->ID );         if( ! empty( $  image ) ) {             $  pdf->Image( $  image, null, null, 100 );         }                  // Post Content         $  pdf->Ln(10);         $  pdf->SetFont( 'Lato', '', 10 );         $  pdf->SetTextColor(38,59,71);         $  pdf->WriteHTML($  post->post_content);     } }  $  pdf->Output('D','atomic_smash_fpdf_tutorial.pdf'); exit; }  function as_fpdf_create_admin_page() {  ?>  <div class="wrap"> <form method="post" id="as-fdpf-form">     <button class="custom-botton" type="submit" name="generate_posts_pdf" value="generate">Download PDF</button> </form> </div>  <?php }  function register_shortcodes(){ add_shortcode('fpdf-doc', 'as_fpdf_create_admin_page'); }  add_action( 'init', 'register_shortcodes'); 

/wp-admin not accessible after migrating to local host (no plugin issue)

I migrated my local WordPress site to my WPEngine account and it’s been working without any problem!

After adding some content, I decided to export the database from the live version and import it to my local version so that they are synced. I adjusted the two siteurl and home fields in the database and the home page (https://localhost:8888) comes up well but the /wp-admin page is forced to https and responds with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR error.

All the other pages of the website cannot be loaded and return this error: Not Found The requested URL /news was not found on this server.

It seems like a "permalinks" reset problem for inner pages!

All these problems would go away if I switch the database back to the one I was using for local version so I’m pretty sure it’s a database issue!