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[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin v2.4.10.7

Magento 2-Override FinalPriceBox using Preference or Plugin class of Configurable Product module

Anyone has idea how to make preference or plugin on Magento\ConfigurableProduct\Pricing\Render\FinalPriceBox class of Magento\ConfigurableProduct.

Basically, new function i wanted to add in the FinalPriceBox class and to use new function in final_price.phtml file.

I see code in the di.xml of module-configurableproduct module. But do not know how to use in new custom module?

<type name="Magento\ConfigurableProduct\Pricing\Price\FinalPrice">         <arguments>             <argument name="priceResolver" xsi:type="object">ConfigurableFinalPriceResolver</argument>         </arguments>     </type> 

Set Variable to Session in Plugin

is there a way to Seta Session Variable in my Plugin?

If I do something like this:

private $  checkoutSession;    public function __construct(     \Magento\Checkout\Model\Session $  checkoutSession   ){     $  this->checkoutSession = $  checkoutSession;   } 

I become this Error: Type Error occurred when creating object

can someone help me?

thank you in advance.

OpenCart Plugin for Private Crypto Payments

Anonymous Online Payment Gateway

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OpenCart Plugin for Private Crypto Payments

Validação usando plug-in Jquery steps

Eu estou tentando fazer um Jquery steps wizard mas não consigo colocar pra ele parar caso não tenha sido preenchido o formulario no segundo passo.


     if (newIndex === 2 && $  ("#Rua").val() == "") {         return false;      }          $  (document).ready(function() {               $  ("#wizard").steps({                headerTag: "h2",           bodyTag: "section",           transitionEffect: "slideLeft",           stepsOrientation: "vertical",           labels: {             current: "current step:",             pagination: "Pagination",             finish: "Finalizar",             next: "Confirmar",             previous: "Voltar",             loading: "Carregando ..."           },           onStepChanging: function(event, currentIndex, newIndex, cepError) {             if (currentIndex > newIndex) {               return true;             }                  if (newIndex === 1) {               return true;             }                  if (newIndex === 2 && $  ("#Rua").val() == "") {                    return false;             }                }         }            )     });         
     <div id="wizard">             <h2>Verificação pedido</h2>             <section>                 <h2><strong>Pedido:</strong></h2>                  <div class="lista-carrinho"></div>              </section>              <h2>Local de entrega</h2>             <section>                 <div class="informações-usuario">                      <form method="get" action="." id="#form-cep">                         <div class="form-row">                             <div class="form-group col-md-6">                                 <label for="cep">Cep:</label>                                 <input name="cep" type="text" class="form-control" id="cep" placeholder="09572-660" value="" size="10" maxlength="9" required>                             </div>                             <div class="form-row">                                 <div class="form-group col-md-6">                                     <label for="rua">Rua:</label>                                     <input name="rua" class="form-control" type="text" id="rua" placeholder="Sete de Dezembro" size="60" maxlength="" />                                 </div>                             </div>                             <div class="form-row">                                 <div class="form-group col-md-6">                                     <label for="bairro">Bairro:</label>                                     <input name="bairro" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Nova Gerty" id="bairro" size="40" maxlength="40" />                                 </div>                             </div>                             <div class="form-row">                                 <div class="form-group col-md-6">                                     <label for="n">N°:</label>                                     <input name="n" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="2" id="n" size="6" maxlength="10" />                                 </div>                             </div>                             <div class="form-group col-md-6">                                 <label for="complemento">Complemento:</label>                                 <input name="complemento" type="text" class="form-control" id="complemento" placeholder="Ao lado do extra" value="" size="10" maxlength="9" requerid>                             </div>                             <div class="form-row">                                 <div class="form-group col-md-11">                                     <label for="cidade">Cidade:</label>                                     <input name="cidade" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="São Bernardo do Carpo" id="cidade" size="40" maxlength="40" />                                 </div>                             </div>                           </div>                     </form>                 </div>              </section>              <h2>Forma de pagamento</h2>             <section>                 <div class="row d-flex justify-content-center col-sm col-md col-lg m-5 ">                     <h2>Informe sua forma de pagamento :</h2>                 </div>                 <div class="row d-flex justify-content-center col-sm col-md col-lg m-5 ">                      <div class="col-2">                         <li class="list-inline-item">                             <div class="pure-radiobutton">                                 <input id="Dinheiro" name="dinheiro" type="radio" class="radio">                                 <label for="Dinheiro">Dinheiro</label>                             </div>                         </li>                     </div>                     <div class="row">                                          </div>                     <div class="col-2">                          <li class="list-inline-item">                             <div class="pure-radiobutton">                                 <input id="Cartao" name="cartao" type="radio" class="radio">                                 <label for="Cartao">Cartão</label>                             </div>                         </li>                     </div>                 </div>              </section>          </div>

Can I access changed parameters in an after/arond plugin?

I want to access a parameter of a method in an after plugin. The value of the parameter has been changed inside the original method, and I want to access the modified value. Example:

class vendorClass {     function paintBlue($  room, $  options)     {         // ...         $  options['color'] = 'light green';     } } 

Now, my plugin looks like this:

class myPerfectMagentoPlugin {     public function __construct()     {     }      public function afterPaintBlue($  subject, $  result, $  room, $  options)     {           // This $  options array does not contain the color value:           var_dump($  options);     } } 

How can I access the modified content of the $ options variable in an after plugin?

Unity3d android plugin


Написать android plugin для unity3d в котором будут использоваться функции андроид.

Java класс

public class Utils {         public static void fullscreen(){             UnityPlayer.currentActivity.getWindow().getDecorView().setSystemUiVisibility(View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN | View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION);         }          public static void toast(String text){             Toast.makeText(UnityPlayer.currentActivity, text, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();         }          public static boolean test1(int code,String[] text){             return true;         }          public static int test2(){             return 1;         }     } 

Unity3d класс

using UnityEngine;  public class Utils : MonoBehaviour {         private void Init(){         #if UNITY_ANDROID && !UNITY_EDITOR         javaClass = new AndroidJavaClass("com.unity.plugin.Utils");         #endif     }      void Awake () {         Init();         Fullscreen ();     }      public void Fullscreen(){         #if UNITY_ANDROID && !UNITY_EDITOR         if (javaClass != null)         javaClass.CallStatic ("fullscreen");         #endif     }      public void Toast(string text){         #if UNITY_ANDROID && !UNITY_EDITOR         if (javaClass != null)         javaClass.CallStatic ("toast",text);         #endif     }      public bool Test1(int code,string[] text){         #if UNITY_ANDROID && !UNITY_EDITOR         if (javaClass != null)         return javaClass.CallStatic<bool> ("test1",code,text);         #endif         return false;     }      public int Test2(){         #if UNITY_ANDROID && !UNITY_EDITOR         if (javaClass != null)         return javaClass.CallStatic<int> ("test2");         #endif         return 0;     }      public void clickBtn1(){         if (Test1 (11, new string[]{ "text" }))             Toast ("true clickBtn1");         else              Toast ("false clickBtn1");     }      public void clickBtn2(){         if (Test2 () == 1)              Toast ("Равно 1 clickBtn2");         else              Toast ("Неравно clickBtn2");     }      public void clickBtn3(){         Fullscreen ();         Toast ("Fullscreen clickBtn3");     } } 


1.При вызове fullscreen почему то не скрываются кнопки(В java ставил toast функция вызывается).

2.Не вызываются функции test1,test2 – как я понял из-за того что они не void(В java ставил toast функция не вызывается).

Как решить эти проблемы?

[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin v2.4.10.3


[GET][NULLED] – Rocket Genius Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin v2.4.10.3