How to Create a Learning Management Plugin in WordPress to Manage Courses [LMS]

I’m looking to build a small learning management plugin to manage courses

The first feature that i want to implement is the front-end course builder Meaning that after designing a course page (using it as a default canvas)

enter image description here

This course builder will do the following:

[Button] -> Create new Course – Add Course title: – Add Course Picture: – Add Sections: – Add Lectures: [Button] -> Publish Course

After hitting ‘Publish’ a course page will be created automatically and added to the database

Any help, tips, assistannce will be greatly appreciated.. I’m stuck for several weeks now

Redirect plugin showing ‘/false’ in urls that reurn as a 404

I’m seeing lots of 404s registered by the WordPress plugin Redirection such as contact-us/false. The user agent that’s finding the 404s is Googlebot-Image/1.0

I have Search Console connected to the site and it is not reporting any 404s.

Wondering if these 404s are anything to worry about and what might be causing them?

Does Avada theme, Fusion Builder or Toolset plugin store some data remotely?

I have a new task to try to speed up one WordPress site. In order to do so, I copied the existing site to my company’s dev server. The problem is pages do not look quite the same. The code and DB are totally the same. After search I found that some theme settings and some fusion and toolset settings are not the same on prod and dev server. For example header width, fonts, custom.css is empty on dev (one that belongs to theme and can be edited from backend), etc…

What can that be? Do some of these components store data remotely and because of diff domain, I can not get that or I miss something else?

Coding the Javascript part of a TinyMCE plugin: the IDE can’t resolve the tinymce variable

I’ve copied a very basic plugin for WordPress which adds a button to TinyMCE.

The code is correct and works. But while I’m coding (in PHPStorm), the IDE can’t resolve the javascript objects. How can I configure PHPStorm (or a generic IDE) to see the code of TinyMCE included in WordPress?

enter image description here

What is the best Google Analytics WordPress plugin?

Major Features –
I would like to share few of its major attributes which makes this plugin stand out-[/url]

  • In case, if you want to pose some restrictions over viewers of your post, this [url=]plugin allows you to exclude traffic from certain users, role types, IP address, country, city or region.
  • This plugin makes it easy for you to analyse various details by providing a Google Analytic Report. These details can be real time, sessions, locations, visitors and browsers statistics in the form of graphs.
  • Also, you get access to brief statistic block which makes it easier for you to compare the stats from last few days say: 7 to 30 days.
  • You don’t need to worry about keeping a track on revenues & performance of your product as this plugins does exactly this work for you. It effortlessly maintain the product SKU and transaction IDs.
  • Besides, this plugin facilitates you with push notifications regarding the details like highest or lowest interaction on your website. All you gotta do is to select periods and conditions, depending on when and how you wish to be notified.
  • Without hassling around with codes at the back-end, you can easily allow prominent users like authors & editors to view a report displaying the specific activities within the post right from the front-end.

Well, I personally like using this plugin & the pricing is also not so high. The pricing is done in accordance with the number of domains you have.
Pricing –

  • As a beginner if you own a single domain then you need to pay $30,
  • While for 3 domains, the cost is $45.
  • You can also get unlimited domain support, just by spending $60 on this plugin & get access to all of its exemplary features & premium support

Plugin for affiliate disclosure

I've been pasting my affiliate link disclosure as plain text in the beginning of each post, but I recently discovered that it was publishing to Facebook with the plugin I use to automatically post my published blog posts to my FB page. I believe Jetpack does this for me now. I tried creating an app for FB for my page, but it's forever in development, and I don't know what I'm doing enough on that end to get it to work.

Since I can't change what is auto posted, is there a plugin or some…

Plugin for affiliate disclosure

Should Custom post types and fields be in the theme files or in a custom plugin packed into the theme?

Hi guys I am trying to create a Custom Premium wordpress theme for a Travel Agency. I am thinking of finishing the theme and submitting it for review.

I want this theme to be really useful so I ended up creating some Custom post Types (CPT) like :

  • Organized Trip : with custom fields(CF) like : Hotel name, Trip Duration,Type of reservation,… .

I honestly agree with those who say for a better code these CPT & CF belong into a Plugin something like Organized Trip Plugin .

So should I :

  1. Make this a separate plugin and pack it into the wordpress theme in a bundle way with TGM Plugin Activation.


  1. write down these Custom post types into the wordpress theme files and include them in the functions.php – Theme Setup.

Which one do you think is the best Way to do this?