update multiple list items using Sharepoint Plus and ids

I’m using Sharepoint Plus and want to update multiple list items based on ids.

I have one input text to update only title field and an array of IDs from selected my list items as a function, (to simplify , i have made the list of the ids as the following):

... <input id="Title" name="Title" type="text"> <script> var fileds = {};  $  ('form').on('submit', function(e) {    e.preventDefault();    fileds['Title']= $  ("#Title").val();    $  SP().list("MyName").update({Title: [fileds] },{      where:"ID in (34, 45, 55, 33)"   });  });     </script> 

if i’m using only one id –> where:”ID = 34″ then it is working but i want to update multiple records with the same value from text filed. is there and possibility to do that ? any idea ?

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Veil plus la robe de mariée est formelle

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One plus 7 Review

Ordinary 7 is more or less 6T with upgraded hardware like Snapdragon 855. The more interesting sibling is 7 Pro and in the professional version there have been a lot of really nice changes.

We start with a few astounding figures that really have no relevance when it comes to regular daily use. The phone is equipped with Snapdragon 855, 12GB frame and 256GB UFS 3.0 storage. In benchmark testing, the phone sweeps the track with many other phones in the market. More specifically, 7 Pro gets…

One plus 7 Review