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Hi, I run a charity organization known as MMA for Charity L3C. We started only one week ago and already have a few thousand subs and regularly reach over 10,000 views on our podcasts. We do a minimum of two podcasts per week. I would like to start advertising other peoples businesses or art on our platforms since being associated with charitable work will be great positive Publicity for others, and I will offer it very cheap. For the first month I will do just $ 2 dollars for a 60 to 90 second plug on our first podcast of the week or $ 3 for a plug on both podcasts per week. If the podcast you are promoted on does not reach over 10,000 viewers within seven days you will receive a full refund. I will include all relevant information that you give me an hour links and descriptions. You can write to me and tell me exactly what to say on air. If it goes over the 90 second limited by a few seconds that’s okay. This will be great organic and unique marketing opportunity for your c h annel. Regards, Justin Koslosky MMA For Charity L3C Owner

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What was the first RPG podcast?

What was the first podcast that specifically focused on tabletop RPGs?

Wikipedia says the term “podcast” was coined in February 2004. If there were any RPG-related radio shows or actual play recordings from before then I would be interested in learning about those, too.

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$50 Podcast Graphic Needed ASAP

Evening folks, I have another contest for a Podcast Graphic. The brand guide can be found here. Here are two samples that have already been created:

The Military Influencer Podcast
w/ Chris Corker

The graphics created look too cartoony. Interested in seeing what you folks can create… Here's the link to our website for more…

$ 50 Podcast Graphic Needed ASAP

RhythmBox Podcast Status Update

New to Linux? Attempting to use RhythmBox to auto download podcasts where I can drag and drop to external player. How do I change the status of the podcast in RhythmBox from download after I have copied to mp3 player? It’s current status is “Download” and I don’t want to delete it yet. I just want to know I have moved it over to an external player. Thanks

SEO news Podcast – opinions please

I’m considering starting a podcast which rounds up all the news in the SEO world.
I’ve been looking for a podcast like this for a while but can’t seem to find one.

I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts specifically:
1. Would you listen to it? (If not, what would be putting you off?)
2. How long do you think it should be? (5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes)
3. How regularly do you think it should be produced (daily, weekly, bi-weekly)?
4. Any specific things would you like to see covered?

Thanks in advance.


Why do web podcast players never have a volume control?

I’ve noticed this trend with all web podcast players like overcast etc. It’s annoying because I don’t always want to load up itunes, or spotify etc just to listen and I often listen while I’m doing other things.

So I find I have to lower the system volume and then raise the volume in other applications up to max if I want to be able to hear the podcast but also hear something else over the top.

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