Distance of the point (a,b,c) to the plane Z=0

I’m trying to solve a calculus problem, I need to find the mass of a cylinder, I’m close to the answer, I got $ 8\pi$ but it should be $ 16\pi$ .

I think my mistake lies in the density function since it uses some linear algebra ideas.

“The density at the point (a,b,c) = double of the distance of the point to the plane z=0”

At first I did $ \sqrt{a^2+b^2}$ but that’s the distance of a point to the z-axis not z-plane right?

If we want to find the distance of a point (a,b,c) to the z-plane can we just lower this point until it reaches the z-plane? So we have the distance between (a,b,c) and (a,b,0)? So we get $ \sqrt{z^2}=z$

At what point in design do you create a new database or just keep adding tables

My question is at what point should you create a new database and why?

So after many years of creating small projects I have come to the realization that I have way to many db’s. Now it’s not a ridiculous amount as in greater than 10 but it’s enough that its recognizable. I got to this point primarily because for every project or task that I was working on I would just create a new db add the tables and work with long object names to query data from other db’s if needed. So I’m starting to see the folly in my ways because now I have a multitude of db’s with 5-8 tables when I should have just added the tables to a main/master db. I understand that programs that use a relational db will have 1 db with hundreds of tables but that is what is to be expected. I mainly did it this way so if something happened to the data or if I was working on a project and something disastrous happened it only effected one project not all of them.

How to find the location of a point in 3D space from projected 2D angle

I have points $ A,B,C$ in 3D space and I know the position of $ A=(x_1, y_1, z_1)$ and $ B=(x_2, y_2, z_2)$ . I want to find the location for $ C$ given that $ AB$ and $ AC$ is perpendicular in 3D space but on a 2D plane it’s $ 63.8^{\circ}$

Is it possible to find the location of $ C$ with the provided information above?

enter image description here

Finding a point on a convex set

Given a compact bounded convex set $ \mathcal C\subseteq\mathbb R^n$ given by $ t$ hyperplane inequalities I want to find a point $ u\in\mathcal C$ such that for all $ v\in\mathcal C$ a convex relation $ f(u,v)\leq0$ holds where $ f:\mathbb R^{2n}\rightarrow\mathbb R$ is a convex polynomial of degree $ 2$ and $ m$ terms. Is it possibly to do this in $ O(poly(ntm))$ time?

How to show whole numbers to 1 decimal point

I’m using the following formula to display results based on the answers obtained from another calculation. ‘=IF(A1<=10,MROUND(B1,0.1),IF(A1>10,MROUND(B1,1)))’.

The formula works with no issue, except for when the answer in A1 is less than 10, and the number in B1 is a whole number. I need the whole number to be displayed to 1 decimal place.

Any ideas?

Unable to update people picker field by default share point approval workflow

I have document library in SharePoint 2013 environment, content approval is on. and I have copied the default SharePoint 2010 approval workflow and added one action to update the custom approver field once approval task is approved.

For first time if approver approves the task the WF will successfully update the approver field and the document gets its major version. When user tries to update the approved document and again requests for approval, this time when approver approves the task, the workflow through below error with with outcome as unknown error. the document continues to be in pending sate ever.

Error: “The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.”

Please help me on this.Thanks.

Non-constructible conditions on the fibers that lift from generic point to a non-empty open

Let $ f:X\rightarrow Y$ be a flat morphism of schemes, with an irreducible locally Noetherian target. Call a condition on the fibers of $ f$ “good” if the condition holds at the generic point of $ Y$ iff it holds on a non-empty open set. What are some geometrically interesting examples of non-constructible “good” conditions on the fibers?

How to scale a sprite on x axis to touch the point without changing pivot?

I have a sprite. The pivot is at random point. I want to increase a sprite scale on x axis without moving the pivot till touching a point at right. I have a method to set/add size. I calculate a distance from a sprite edge to a right point and add it as a size.

The problem is the sprite scale increases its size in both directions of x axis (left and right) considering the pivot is not at the left edge. How to solve the problem?

I have: https://imgur.com/kXe1E52 I want to get: https://imgur.com/Awijq3T

Cassandra behavior on contact point based on data center

Cassandra setup in 3 data-center (dc1, dc2 & dc3) forming a cluster

Running a Java Application on dc1. dc1 application has Cassandra connectors pointed to dc1 (ips of cassandra in dc1 alone given to the application)

turning off the dc1 cassandra nodes application throws exception in application like

All host(s) tried for query failed (no host was tried)

More Info:

cassandra-driver-core-3.0.8.jar netty-3.10.5.Final.jar netty-buffer-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-codec-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-common-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-handler-4.0.37.Final.jar netty-transport-4.0.37.Final.jar