Where to find the rules for Abilities for Alola and Galar Pokémon?

Though the main Dex for 1.05 does not include the Alolan and Galar Dex, I have found files for these that are- As far as I am aware, official. However, some Pokémon included in these have abilities that are unique to them and are thus not described in the 1.05 core rulebook. For now, I am (wherever possible) assuming that these are identical to the abilities in the main game with the same name. However, I would like to know the official PTU rulings of these abilities. Where could I find these?

Are there ways to make a Pokémon evolve prematurely?

I know that in the canon of both the original games and the anime, it is possible to force Pokémon to evolve before they reach the right level (Such as the Gyarados at the Lake of Rage). Is it possible in PTU as well to make a Pokémon Evolve without providing the conditions that are normally needed? Such as the right level, evolution stone, or others?

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OOP demonstration in C++17 using a Pokémon

I want to showcase with as minimal code as possible the basic Object-oriented programming (OOP) principles of Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Encapsulation. I know there are many more principles than just these 3 and even different types of the 3 I’ve mentioned there. I attempted to implement them all below. I think using Pokémon as an example is a good way to show this, so I’ve used Castform as my buddy of choice for these examples.

If you believe showcasing more than just Polymorphism, Inheritance, and Encapsulation to evaluate a developers understanding of OOP, please provide comments around this and which additional key principles I should add to my Pokémon example.


#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <time.h>  class Pokemon {     protected:         int m_dex_num;         float m_catch_rate;         std::string m_type;     public:         Pokemon(int dex_num, int catch_rate, std::string type)             : m_dex_num(dex_num), m_catch_rate(catch_rate), m_type(type) {}          int dex_num() const { return m_dex_num; }         float catch_rate() const { return m_catch_rate; }         std::string type() const { return m_type; }          virtual bool attempt_catch() = 0; };  class Castform : public Pokemon {     private:         std::string m_forms[3] = { "sunny", "rainy", "snowy" };     public:         Castform() : Pokemon(351, 11.9, "normal") {}          bool attempt_catch() {             srand(time(NULL));             return (rand() % 100) < m_catch_rate;         } };  int main() {     auto wild_castform = Castform();      std::cout << "Wild Castform appeared!\n";     std::cout << "Dex number " << wild_castform.dex_num() << '\n';     std::cout << "It's a " << wild_castform.type() << " type\n";      for(int i=0; i < 5; ++i) {             std::cout << "Catch attempt resulted in " << wild_castform.attempt_catch() << '\n';     }      return 0; } 


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