Information Management Policy and Records Declaration

I Currently have a records declaration policy setup on a content type and it works as designed with one gotcha.

Here’s the gotcha:
Item is declared as a record.
Super User undeclares the item, updates some metadata, then saves the changes.
The item is never re-declared as a record.

Policy info:
Event – Created Date + 1 year
Action – Declare record

1) Is this by design or do I need to update my retention policy?
2) Using PowerShell, is it possible to see if an item was ever declared as records? List item property or some other field.

Terms and conditions, privacy policy

Hello I’m seriously thinking of starting a blog but I’m really worried about all legal stuff such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, cookies, disclaimer…. Do I need to have it straight away or can I add it later? Or should I just concentrate on content to start with and do the legal bits later if it will ever have any traffic. If it will I would like to collect emails to be able to send new post notifications and use some affiliate marketing. I will not be selling anything. Any info…

Terms and conditions, privacy policy

European airport policy about certain chemical substances [on hold]

As title tells, i want to know if airports are restricted on some chemical reagents, including: iodine, potassium nitrate, sulfur, silver, copper hydroxide, copper metal, carbon electrodes, potassium bisulfite and simillar things. I want to mention that listed stuff is all solid stuff that is allowed to non licensed trade like on eBay and so on, only some of them are on watchlist due to drug and explosives manufacture, like iodine, potassium nitrate and sulfur. I know that they got tendency to freak out with liquids and anything that even looks little bit suspicious, im gonna proper pack & label everything and if additional questions are needed, im able to answear them all. Is it possible?

For example, if i want to travel from EU to UK by aircraft, and i have my goods in small quantities in original packing that are all inside my backpack in a box. None of them are illegal, some are watched, none of them are liquids, none of them are really hazardous, poisonous or corrosive. For example they scan my luggage and decide to ask me some questions, i got nothing to hide so ill answer them all. My three additional questions are, -Can they still turn me back and not let me in, even if my ticket is already booked? -If yes, is there any way to avoid it by early declaration about my “special” possibly hazardous stuff? -If yes, would it cost much more? (i imagine yes)

Group Policy software installation failing with error %%14

I have created a GPO configured to “assign” \<AD DNS domain name>\NETLOGON\<file name>.msi and verified that it’s applying to the Windows 10 v1809 PC but the actual installation consistently fails.

RSoP reports the following:

20 June 2019 14:10:23  Software Installation failed due to the error listed below. Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation. 

Event Viewer reports the following:

Log Name:      System Source:        Application Management Group Policy Date:          20/06/2019 14:10:23 Event ID:      108 Task Category: None Level:         Error Keywords:      Classic User:          SYSTEM Computer:      <PC FQDN> Description: Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. Software changes could not be applied. A previous log entry with details should exist. The error was: %%14 

I have:

  1. Found that the error %%14 doesn’t seem to be documented online, hence my main reason for posting this.
  2. Verified that Group Policy is already configured as recommended for these scenarios (Specify startup policy processing wait time set to 60 seconds and Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon set to enabled).
  3. Verified that the connection between the PC and DC is 1 Gbps
  4. Found that manually running the MSI from NETLOGON on the PC works fine.

Luggage policy for “Trans-Island Limousine” buses from HK to mainland China

I’m planning on taking one of these routes with Trans-Island Limousine from HK to mainland China. In this PDF, it seems that item 5 specifies that passengers are limited to one luggage of size 25″x16″x9″ and under 22 pounds, and another piece of size 15″x10″x6″.

This seems ridiculously limiting compared to buses in the US. I’m wondering if anybody has had experience bringing large luggage aboard these buses. I plan on having quite a bit of luggage (one check-in sized luggage, and one airplane overhead carry-on sized luggage). Does anybody have experience with them? How strict are they about luggage? Are the buses really small or unable to accommodate a lot of luggage?

Facebook page policy regarding sharing of same url & description with different infographics

My website is centered around a single product. I usually create several infographics (images) relevant to my target audience and share on my website. I am thinking of sharing these infographics on my Facebook page as well. Daily I would be sharing around 15 to 20 infographic photos. While uploading the infographics, am I permitted to add a short description and hyperlink to my product page (in the status/text input area)? I am asking this because, the description and hyperlink aren’t going to change with infographics. They will be the same as my website is focused on one single product?

Network Policy Server + RADIUS not listening on any ports for Windows Server 2019

Trying to setup Windows Server 2019 as a RADIUS server. However, after configuring everything, “netstat -b” shows that the machine is not listening on any of the expected RADIUS ports (1812, 1645, 1813, 1646).

  1. Installed the “Network Policy and Access Services” role
  2. Followed the “Configure VPN or Dial-up” wizard RADIUS wizard

  3. Confirmed RADIUS configuration: RADIUS config

  4. Confirmed “Network Policy Server” ports: NPS ports

  5. Confirmed the “Network Policy Server” service is running.

Result: “netstat -b” shows that the machine is not listening on any of the expected RADIUS ports (1812, 1645, 1813, 1646).

Have tried with no luck:

  1. Rebooting
  2. Restarting the “Network Policy Server” service