essays on political issues

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essays on political issues

Online Political Voting System

What are the security flaws of this voting system ?

Let’s say one month before the elections an offline machine auto-generates sealed envelopes for each voter which contain 3 unique GUID codes. The envelops are sent by mail to voters.

If a voter signs for receiving the envelope he can participate only in online voting. If he doesn’t then he can only participate in offline voting.

The machine drops the codes for the people who did not sign and releases their voter identities for the offline vote. At this point the machine deletes the voter identity to ensure vote secrecy. The only place which still associates vote identity with the codes is the envelope found in possesion of the voter.

In voting day the user provides code 1 and the site answers with code 2, proving that it is not hacked. Then user provides code 3 which proves to the site that the user is legit. Then user can vote. The vote is associated with code 3, NOT the voter’s identity, which does not even exist on the server.

The user can at any time check it’s vote to see it’s correct. If it’s not (for whatever reason) he can go with the envelope (which has hard to reproduce security marks-like money) to a regular voting place, where his electronic codes are canceled and he can do a normal vote.

When the voting is done the machine publishes the full list of codes (the 3rd ones) and also the full list with all the codes that have voted. That way anyone with a bit of excel/data analysis knowledge can check that there are no extra codes , and count the results, acting like an observer.

PS. Of course all other security measuers still apply: a VPN room for every town, voters receive a CD/DVD with a dedicated secured virtual machine with the VPN preconfigured, etc

I am a political activist, its likely that my computer will be compromised in the future, how can I secure my data?

I have sensitive data to secure. My computer may likely be compromised physically in the future. How can I secure my date from various attacks like Evil Maid attacks and so forth. I have some basic knowledge of encryption and I can work with hidden Veracrypt volumes, but it doesn’t protect me when attacker has physical access.

Why am I being followed by a political opponent in Twitter?

Why would an influential political figure follow me in Twitter, when I’m a nobody, and all I’ve done to date is opposed his party’s philosophy? He follows some 100k people, with a similar number of followers.

I’m almost certain it’s to benefit his party, his politics, and his own interests, rather than mine! But what is this actually achieving for him?

Surely he’d be better off following people of an aligned ideology! Otherwise he’d have 100k people filling his feeds with hate. (Actually, he probably does)

Grouping and displaying people by political demographics

I have a function that sorts and groups items inside an array and then adds a corresponding jsx element to the page.

I’ve already refactored it from 100 lines of code to 44, but I’m sure that its still unreadable pile of spaghetti code. I’ve tried filtering individuals and groups separately but that just bloats my code to some unbelievable extent so im looking for ways to reduce bloat and improve readability.

// array - array im sorting // ageStart - minimal age of person // ageEnd - minimum age of person // activity & time - specific to the jsx elements inside(dont really     play a role here) // function group(array, ageStart, ageEnd, activity, time = '') { // filtering by political views and age.     const polViewsLib = array.filter(item => item.polViews === 'Liberal'         && item.age >= ageStart         && item.age <= ageEnd)        //grouping items inside an array using  reduce(groups people     whose age difference is less than 5)        .reduce((acc, curr, ind, arr) => {         if (             !ind             || curr.age - arr[ind - 1].age > 5         )acc.push([]);         acc[acc.length - 1].push(curr);         return acc;         }, []);     const polViewsConservative = array.filter(item => item.polViews === 'Conservative'         && item.age >= ageStart         && item.age <= ageEnd).reduce((acc, curr, ind, arr) => {         if (             !ind             || curr.age - arr[ind - 1].age > 5         )acc.push([]);         acc[acc.length - 1].push(curr);         return acc;     }, []);   // returning data sorted by age and mapping them to corresponding jsx elements  return [polViewsLib, polViewsConservative].sort((a,b) => {  a[0].age - b[0].age;  }).map((item, index) => {         const res = item.length > 1 ? (             <PersonContainer                 key={item[index].id}                 data={item}                 visibility={activity}                 timePeriod={time}             />         )         : (             <Person                 key={}                 data={item[0]}                 visibility={activity}                 timePeriod={item}             />         );         return res;     });    } 

Typical item inside array that I process:

  {      id:151324,      name: 'John',      age: 45,      polViews: 'Liberal',    } 

[ Politics ] Open Question : If Cortez gets her way and no more fossil fuels in 10 years, how do the dems get to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico to their political parties?

Also…international trade shipping? Nope, that’s gone. Domestic and global air travel? Nope, that’s gone. Vacation cruises to and from the U.S.? Nope, that’s gone. National train transportation? Nope, that’s gone.

[ Politics ] Open Question : When will the political double standard ever end?

The liberals can get away with saying anything racist or sexist as much as they want with no consequences (for example, The View, most notably Joy Behar) while a conservative’s comment that’s not even remotely racist gets taken out of context and ruins their career (most notably Roseanne) And just today, I heard Joy Behar admitted on The View that she wore blackface at a Halloween party years ago, but nobody is even doing anything about it!!! Hmmm…I wonder why…..

[ Politics ] Open Question : When will this political double standard ever end?

For example, Truml supporters who get in trouble for comments that aren’t even remotely racist. For example, Roseanne and Megan Kelly. Yet liberals can get away with saying anything brutally racist or sexist as much as they please with no consequences!!! For example, The View, specifically Joy Behar!!! * Trump