[ Comedy ] Open Question : Comedy Section: In your opinion, which character of Friends do you think is popular?

Out of these list of characters, which Friends do you think is better? 1. Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) 2. Monica Geller (Courtney Cox) 3. Phoboe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) 4. Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) 5. Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) 6. Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)

Why aren’t ZUIs (zoomable user interfaces) popular?

After reading Jef Raskin’s The Humane Interface it seems that ZUIs are a obvious paradigm choice to make easier interfaces. Apparently the original iPhone interface was a big investment in that direction with many ZUI patterns, although not considered 100% a ZUI.

Why are ZUIs not a popular UI paradigm / more common?

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SharePoint 2013 Popular items web part – wrong results

Essentially, I have a Popular items webpart on a page, analytics is running – usage reports are being generated but results are not displaying correctly in the webpart. The popular items is set to a page library.

If I were to look at the usage reports or view the popular items page – I can retrieve these results. However the webpart seems to be listing the results in alphabetical order. There is no sort specified on the webpart. Interestingly enough, using the ‘_api/search/query’ with ‘viewsrecent’ seems to be returning null values.

My troubleshooting thus far… Checked search services, crawl status, tail trim, recent popularity timeframe and running services on server…

Any ideas where else to look?

Why some languages are popular on Rosettacode but not elsewhere

I find that some languages are very popular on Rosettacode but not elsewhere. Following is the list from that site:

Sample output on 13 September 2019:  Rank:  1 (1,177 entries) Go Rank:  2 (1,116 entries) Phix Rank:  3 (1,107 entries) Perl 6 Rank:  4 (1,104 entries) Julia Rank:  5 (1,080 entries) Python Rank:  6 (1,053 entries) Kotlin Rank:  7 (1,048 entries) Perl Rank:  8 (1,045 entries) Racket Rank:  9   (970 entries) C Rank: 10   (960 entries) Zkl 

I find that Phix, Racket and Zkl are very popular but they are not very popular on Stackoverflow and at other places.

What can we conclude from this?

Are these languages reliable and is it worth learning and working in these langauges?

Thanks for your insight.

SharePoint 2013 Pages library “Most popular items” returning zero count (except homepage)

I’m new to SharePoint and have been unable to find an answer to this problem.

When selecting “Most Popular Items” on the Pages library the homepage is returning a count for “Recent” and “Ever”, but all other pages are returning a zero count. The homepage has a different content type and page layout from the other pages.

Videos library is returning zero count for all videos.

Documents library is recording as expected.

I’m not sure is this is related but sorting by Recent/Ever is broken on all libraries.