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Kitchen Tools Shop | 100% Dropshipping | Popular Niche
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Kitchen Tools Shop | 100% Dropshipping | Popular Niche

How do you empirically estimate the most popular seat and get an upper bound on total variation?

Say there are $ n$ seats $ \{s_1, …, s_n\}$ in a theater and the theater wants to know which seat is the most popular. They allow $ 1$ person in for $ m$ nights in a row. For all $ m$ nights, they record which seat is occupied.

They are able to calculate probabilities for whether or not a seat will be occupied using empirical estimation: $ P(s_i ~\text{is occuped})= \frac{\# ~\text{of times} ~s_i~ \text{is occupied }}{m}$ . With this, we have an empirical distribution $ \hat{\mathcal{D}}$ which maximizes the likelihood of our observed data drawn from the true distribution $ \mathcal{D}$ . This much I understand! But, I’m totally lost trying to make this more rigorous.

  • What is the upper bound on $ \text{E} ~[d_{TV}(\hat{\mathcal{D}}, \mathcal{D})]$ ? Why? Note: $ d_{TV}(\mathcal{P}, \mathcal{Q})$ is the total variation distance between distributions $ \mathcal{P}$ and $ \mathcal{Q}$ .
  • What does $ m$ need to be such that $ \hat{\mathcal{D}}$ is accurate to some $ \epsilon$ ? Why?
  • How does this generalize if the theater allows $ k$ people in each night (instead of $ 1$ person)?
  • Is empirical estimation the best approach? If not, what is?

If this is too much to ask in a question, let me know. Any reference to a textbook which will help answer these questions will happily be accepted as well.

Why is BASIC a popular android programming language?

First of all, I apologize if this is not the right stack for this question. And if it’s not I hope someone can migrate it to the right place

I was googling to solve some problems I encountered while working on NDK (“C++ code speed comparison between pc and android ndk” this specific string if it is relevant, using Chrome but not signed in) and I got the following recommendation at the end of the first search page

enter image description here

It shows BASIC as one of the popular programming languages for android. Clicking on the link mainly gives search results for the English word “basic” and some links to the BASIC programming language, but nothing about android. I have tried other variations of strings containing “basic”, “programming language” and “android”, but I can’t find anything related to programming android in BASIC. Granted the google suggestion also shows Objective-C as a language for android, but unlike BASIC, searching for objective-C and android at least brings out discussions about writing android apps in objective-C.

Hence my question is, why is google suggesting me BASIC as a popular language for android programming? Is this a random suggestion, or is there actually a BASIC variant for android? If so, what do I need to search in google to find out more information about it?

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Is there a handbook of Certificate extensions, their purpose, popular usage, and how to convert between formats?

I have a number of certificates in various binary formats and would like to understand what those formats mean, their intended usage, and how to convert between them (if possible).

For example, I have a .cer, a .p12, a .pvk, and a .pfx. I can recognize which contains the private key and public key, but think I would benefit from a better understanding of these formats, their history, and why things are the way they are.

If any new standards are being developed, or if any format has “quirks” (such as the inclusion/omission of intermediate certificates), that would be helpful as well.

Does such a concise guide exist?