Port forwarding multiple webservers, DG1670A/TW

I currently have one webserver with django/nginx connected to my Arris router DG1670A/TW (loaned by Spectrum IP provider). Perhaps the following info is superfluous for answering my question but here are the configurations anyway, for my current website:

-‘firewall->port triggers’:
–‘outbound port’ 80-80 and ‘inbound port’ 80-80
–‘outbound port’ 443-443 and ‘inbound port’ 443-443

-‘firewall->virtual servers / port forwarding’:
–‘outbound port’ 80-80 and ‘inbound port’ 80-80
–‘outbound port’ 443-443 and ‘inbound port’ 443-443

Ports 80 and 443 are used for the current website. What is your opinion, advice, answer or alternative solution for 2 servers on one public facing IP: Can I use a 2nd physical server for a 2nd website (different domain name)? It seems to me that default http and https require those ports and setting up a second website would require a user to tediously type ‘www.2ndwebsite.com:8080’ while nginx is configured for listening on port 8080. Perhaps I just need some new hardware to make this work, like a switch?

Can’t get grub2 boot menu via COM2 port

I want to connect my “CentOS Linux release 7.6.1810 (Core)” device via COM2 port,then I modify ‘/etc/default/grub’:

GRUB_TIMEOUT=5 GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR="$  (sed 's, release .*$  ,,g' /etc/system-release)" GRUB_DEFAULT=saved GRUB_DISABLE_SUBMENU=true GRUB_TERMINAL_OUTPUT="serial" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="console=tty0 console=ttyS1,115200n8" GRUB_DISABLE_RECOVERY="true" GRUB_TERMINAL="serial console" GRUB_SERIAL_COMMAND="115200n8 serial --speed=115200 --unit=0 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1" 

then run:

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg 

as the result I could only get the output after “boot menu”, not including the grub2.

PS: I’m using COM2(ttyS1) not COM1(ttyS0)

is there a way to port forward two routers?

i have two routers Router 1 connected to the network

and Router 2 connects Ethernet to Router 1 and also Ethernet to me

Router 1 is DHCP

and router 2 is also DHCP (Linksys)

so i watched a video on how to port forward two routers

and what he did was to change router 2 to static ip and putting in router 1 the router 2 static ip and from router 2 to my ip address so the problem is i don’t want to change my router to static ip address as i want to port forward my routers with both are DHCP is there a solution for it ?

or any other method i can use and it’s easy to do ?

Multiple IP addresses with SELinux using the same port

I have a CentOS 7 box with multiple IP address on the same NIC. One IP uses 443 for ssh and I want the other IP to use 443 for the web server. SELinux won’t let httpd startup saying:

(13)Permission denied: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address MYIPADDRESS:443 

I have both services setup to specifically listen on only the relevant IP addresses via Listen arguments in their relevant config files. Before I just turn off SELinux is there a way to allow both? My config SELinux currently looks like:

# semanage port -l | grep 443 http_port_t                    tcp      80, 81, 443, 488, 8008, 8009, 8443, 9000 pki_ca_port_t                  tcp      829, 9180, 9701, 9443-9447 pki_kra_port_t                 tcp      10180, 10701, 10443-10446 pki_ocsp_port_t                tcp      11180, 11701, 11443-11446 pki_tks_port_t                 tcp      13180, 13701, 13443-13446 ssh_port_t                     tcp      443, 22 

Fujitsu port replicator compatibility

We have some port replicators for older Fujitsu Notebooks from the type FPCPR231.

Now we would like to buy a FUJITSU Lifebook E548 and wonder if the connector is still the same. Unfortunately, there is no list of compatible devices for the older replicators. There’s only a description of compatible series, which i don’t trust. Does anyone know more about it?

IPtables allow traffic from only an ip and one port to one port

I have this command for allow traffic to one port only from one ip:

iptables -I INPUT ! -s $  BUNGEE_IP -p tcp --dport $  PORT -j DROP 

But I would like allow only a single port of “$ BUNGEE_IP”, something like this, but dosen’t work:

iptables -I INPUT ! -s $  BUNGEE_IP:$  PORT -p tcp --dport $  PORT -j DROP 

How can i do this?

What do game devlopers do when they have to port their DirectX games to PS4/Switch?

I’m not a game developer (hope to be one day though!) and was wondering how devs handle porting their games that use DirectX to PS4/Switch? From what I know neither supports DirectX, only OpenGL, and Vulkan. Do the devs just have to recreate their game with OpenGL or Vulkan? That seems like a lot of work. I’d imagine it would probably be a fairly common scenario, especially with AAA games so I’d assume that there would be something somebody has made to make it easier?

And as a side question that I’m sure has been asked before a dozen times, why choose DirectX over Vulkan? Vulkan seems much more portable and seems to perform on par with DirectX (compared to OpenGL at least), there doesn’t seem to be any obvious features that I have read about that DirectX has but Vulkan doesn’t. So on account of it being more portable wouldn’t Vulkan be better?

Set a specific port for SSAS

I’d like to force the SSAS (Sql Server Analysis Service) instances to use from a specific port instead of using dynamic port because of firewall policy.

According to this link The default port for SQL Analysis Services is 2383. However, named instances will by default use a dynamic port number.
I can set the port with below instruction:

The server can be setup to listen on a specific static port by editing the server property Port via SQL Management Studio or the msmdsrv.ini file of the instance.


  1. Can I use any non dynamic ports (1-49151) if they don’t use by another processes?
  2. Will I encounter with issues e.g performance, conflict and so on if I set a specific port for SSAS?
  3. I didn’t see the port 2383 when I used the netstat -ano command. It’s default port for SSAS but it hasn’t used. Why?

I use Microsoft Sql Server Analysis Services 2014 and 2016.