Portfolio items created indefinitely from external API. Every time different number

I am trying to make new portfolio item for every json item from external api. I am working on WordPress and placed my code in functions.php of the theme used. When i run my code, it creates portfolio items more than necessary. The items seem to randomly get duplicated even tho i have made validation statement and made sure that each post lug is unique. I want it to stop when the array in json file finishes. Unfortunately I can’t share the api link because it is not supposed to be open-source. It consists of one page. $ model and $ results get correct info. I am new to these WP functions and API thing and got really confused at this point. Hope someone can help me out!:

add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_get_3dmodels_from_api', 'get_3dmodels_from_api'); add_action('wp_ajax_get_3dmodels_from_api', 'get_3dmodels_from_api');  function get_3dmodels_from_api(){          $  results = wp_remote_retrieve_body(wp_remote_get('<api-url-here>',  array(         'timeout'     => 120,         'httpversion' => '1.1',     ) ) );            $  results = json_decode($  results);     //print_r($  results);           foreach($  results->scenes as $  model) {                  $  model_slug = sanitize_title($  model->name. '-' . $  model->id);                  $  existing_model = get_page_by_path($  model_slug, 'OBJECT', 'portfolio');          if ($  existing_model === null) {              $  inserted_model = wp_insert_post([                 'post_name'=> $  model_slug,                 'post_title'=> $  model_slug,                 'post_type'=> 'portfolio',                 'post_status' => 'publish',             ]);                          if (is_wp_error($  inserted_model)) {                 return false;             }                      $  fillable = [                 'field_605dcef7001bc' => 'name',                 'field_605dcf01001bd' => 'description',                 'field_605dcf09001be' => 'category',                 'field_605dcf13001bf' => 'preview',             ];                          foreach($  fillable as $  key => $  name) {                 $  model_content = $  model->$  name;                                  if ($  name == 'preview') {                     $  model_content = '<img src=' . $  model->$  name . '" alt="">';                 }                                  update_field($  key, $  model_content, $  inserted_model);             }         }  wp_remote_post(admin_url ('admin-ajax.php?action=get_3dmodels_from_api'), [         'blocking' => false,         'sslverify' => false,     ]); } 

Thank you!

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“Portfolio” filter in Pure theme filtering more than one category at a time

I downloaded this theme which looks amazing. If you click on the filter it filters the posts by category. I installed it and I noticed this filter is called “portfolio”. I implemented it and looks amazing, I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that if I click on more than one filter it keeps the previous selection active, for example in the given link if I click on “Branding” and “Poligraphy” it keeps both the filters active and keeps all the posts with categories Branding OR Poligraphy. Right now it just switches betweens the two categories and just basically filters one at a time.

Thank you!

How to remove Author and Category from a single portfolio page?

I have a little issue with removing the Category and Author from my single portfolio pages. I tried different suggestions from other posts here and nothing worked, I also tried to modify the code myself and am hitting a wall again. Apparently it seems the right code to be added is strictly individual depending on the page and I was hoping someone can give me a little nudge. I’am using the Edge theme and there’s the link to one of the pages that I’m trying to work on:


Thank you all in advance!

impreza portfolio display/view blank page

I have a strange problem. My site is in development currently. I have taken over from the previous developer, and I believe this was working for him (I think/hope).

We have a few portfolio pages, but I cannot view/display any of them. If I click on Preview for example, I get a blank page. Browser console shows no errors.

Pages and blog posts work perfectly.

I have enabled debugging, deleted cache, deactivated all plugins – still the same. And there is nothing in the log.

I am at lost of where to look next. Any pointer to what I should control or test will be very useful.


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Where/How do I gather data for this portfolio project…?

I’m sure I’ll be called, as a UX designer, to give a total-usability-makeover to a website or two. Wanting to include in my portfolio a demonstration of my preparedness for this, I simply Googled “Worst websites” and took my pick from a list of the “top 25” to redesign. Someone on the forum had mentioned that for personal portfolio projects it would be okay to assume the specs or pain points to address for a website or product in question if unable to contact users. If anyone’s interested, here’s the website,brace yourself: http://www.jamilin.com.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way I’d be able to reach out to the regular visitors (if any) of this website to interview or invite to participate in a/b testings, surveys, etc., basically gather data/specs/reqs. and even if it was possible I’m sure it would be more time consuming than worthwhile for this purpose. The best I can do is recall all middle-aged, free spirited, flower children men and women hipster friends of mine, and/or anyone I know who I suspect to have New Agey interests and derive persona profiles from them. But having a look at this website, I’m pretty certain my ideal version of the redesigned website would appease the offended audience, though I know it’s a kind of cardinal sin in UX to project one’s own design ideals onto what should be user or client generated requirements.

What’s the best thing to do in this situation? or at the very least, what’s okay to do? Is it acceptable, in this case, to assume solutions?

Honest way to show your skills in Portfolio

So i have started seeing this a lot in portfolios of designers.

enter image description here

This person has a title that says “My Skills”, and at the bottom are bar graphs that are in percentages. So I asked this question – “What do the Percentages mean” ? If you say Photoshop = 85%, does that mean you know 85% of all there is to know about Photoshop?

What is a good way to represent this