Create realistic digital portrait for commercial or personal use for $190

Hi i will draw an amazing realistic digital portrait using the photo you provide for reference. It can be used for your music covers, printing or any commercial or personal use. I need: a good quality photo no blurs etc you will get: a 300dpi high resolution jpeg or png or any image format that you need. Size is 2500x3500px by default. If you need other please mention. you can inbox me before placing any order. Thanks

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Whose portrait is printed on the Waterdhavian gold coin?

Reading Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for an upcoming campaign, I’m writing a few teasers about the world in preparation. I know that the “dragon” is the local name for the gold coin minted in Waterdeep, but it has two sides – one showing a dragon, and one showing an old man with a beard.

My initial instinct is that it’s probably Ahghairon, the first Open Lord of Waterdeep, and the dragon is Aurinax, but I’ve not been able to find anything to back this up as there don’t appear to be any images of Ahghairon.

Does anybody know if there are any official sources that give an indication on who it’s supposed to be?

Image of a Waterdhavian "dragon" gold coin

I Will Draw High Quality Cartoon Portrait From Your Photo for $10

FULL DETAILED ABOUT THIS SERVICE BASIC $ 10 +Head shot avatar +Color with basic shadow +Unlimited revision +12 hrs delivery 1 Day Delivery + Unlimited Revisions1 FigureHigh ResolutionColor STANDARD $ 30 +Half body avatar +Color with standard shadow +Unlimited revision +48 hrs delivery 2 Day Delivery + Unlimited Revisions1 FigureHigh ResolutionColorBackground/SceneCommercial UsePREMIUM $ 50 +Full body avatar +Color with premium shadow +Unlimited revision +Commercial use +VIP Support 2 Day Delivery + Unlimited Revisions1 FigureHigh ResolutionColorBackground/SceneCommercial UseFull Body

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How do PCs discover a Guardian Portrait?

The Guardian Portrait from the Curse of Strahd adventure (p. 227) has the trait:

Assuming the Portrait casts a spell with somatic and/or verbal components – is the detection of the Guardian Portrait automatic by PCs or is this something for which they need a Perception check? How did the Curse of Strahd adventure define how these Guardian Portraits are discovered?

vintage artistic pencils portrait for $18

I will give you: -3 JPG files. -Outlines + some details. -Pencil style. -Realistic + abstract touch. You will have head & shoulder portrait portrait of you or the people you love ( in JPG medium size file)Perfect for profile pictures, about me, gifts, wallpapers, birthday cards and many more! *note: if you need a custom size of the JPG file please tell me. – If you have any questions, please feel free to message me before placing an order. Thank you!

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Using a Lyapunov function to classify stability and sketching a phase portrait

Consider the system $ $ x’ = -x^3-xy^{2k}$ $ $ $ y’ = -y^3-x^{2k}y$ $ Where $ k$ is a given positive integer.

a.) Find and classify according to stability the equilibrium solutions.

$ \it{Hint:}$ Let $ V(x,y) = x^2 + y^2$

b.) Sketch a phase portrait when $ k = 1$

$ \it{Hint:}$ What are $ x’$ and $ y’$ when $ y=ax$ for some real number $ a$ ?

a.) Using $ V$ , we get $ \frac{d}{dt}V=2xx’+2yy’$

Plugging in our system , we get:

$ $ \frac{d}{dt}V=2x(-x^3-xy^{2k})+2y(-y^3-x^{2k}y)$ $ $ $ =-(x^4+y^4)-x^2y^{2k}-x^{2k}y^2<0$ $ I dropped the $ 2$ since it doesn’t matter to determine stability. We see that our own equilibrium is $ (0,0)$ since setting $ x’=0$ we get $ $ y^{2k}=-x^2$ $ Which only works for $ x=y=0$

Therefore our system is asymptotically stable at the origin.

I am having trouble with b.), mostly because the hint is confusing me.

Let $ y=ax$ , then our system becomes $ $ x’=-x^3-a^2x^3=-x^3(1+a^2)$ $ $ $ y’=-a^3x^3-ax^3=-x^3(a^3+a)$ $ I am not sure what to do with this. Using linearization doesn’t work since the Jacobian will be the zero vector at the point of interest. I have never had a problem that asks to draw a phase portrait when linearization doesn’t work, so I am hoping someone more clever than me can offer some advice.

How can I filter and sort videos by orientation (portrait or landscape)?

I’m attempting to filter and sort all videos in a local folder based on their orientation. I can’t find anything in AppleScript, macOS file search, or video metadata that will make this easy. My guess is that I’ll have to grab the video’s height and width, and then generate a folder for each distinct combination. I’ll then have to eyeball which sizes are portrait and landscape.

My goal:

  1. Export all original videos from iCloud Photos (~400GB) and store them locally
  2. Filter and sort them by portrait or landscape orientation
  3. Remove videos that meet further specified criteria (under 15 seconds, duplicates, etc).

Draw avatar cartoon portrait, sticker, emojis from your real pictures for $25

I will draw Cartoon portrait for you in many expression, I can draw it as cartoon’s stickers and emojis of your pictures or your pets pictures. feel free to contacting me first before you buy. you will get 1 PNG file (for Cartoon portrait drawing).20 Gifs or PNG files(for stickers and emojis drawing) We are: More than 8th years work as vector Design. With many customers in my real job, With style and skill can make your photos become awesome cartoon realistic. And ready to fast working if you needed.

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