Multiple-entry Schengen visa for France and Portugal

I applied for a Schengen visa 2 months ago for my trip to Greece earlier this month. I was expecting to get a multiple-entry Schengen visa for 3 months, but they only gave a visa for 9 days for the duration of my trip to Greece.

I am now planning to go on a day trip to Paris in August and a trip to Portugal in October. How do I go about applying for the Schengen visa to ensure I get a multiple-entry visa?

Also, since I am not actually staying in Paris, what kind of documents I’d provide as the proof of accommodation?

Thank you.

Italy, Portugal, Netherlands in September end [on hold]

I will be traveling to Italy, Portugal and Netherlands in September end. I am spending 2 days in Rome, Amalfi, Venice, 4 days in dolomites, 2 days in Lisbon, Porto and finally, 4 days in Amsterdam.

  1. Is this good enough plan to see all the places?
  2. I decided to choose Amalfi instead of Cinque Terre. What would have been your choice?

3.Instead of Porto, I was thinking of going to Lagos for 2 days.Is that better?

  1. In netherlands, I was thinking of going to Amsterdam (3 days) and 12 hours day trip in Haarlem and Zaanse Schans.

Please give me any suggestion/advice that you feel needs to be added in my itinerary.

Schengen visa renewal for Indian citizen to go to Switzerland, after having one issued by Portugal consulate in Los Angeles

I have a boss from India, living in US w/an H1B visa and in process to get a green-card. He went to Portugal in March 2018, and we processed his Schengen visa via a specific agency provided by the Portuguese Embassy web-page.
At the occasion, we were told that: “Should he have had a recent Schengen visa from the last 2-3 years, please include its copy and if deemed qualified to submit by mail, we will explain the alternate procedure for him to follow.”

The question is: would he need to go in person to a Swiss consulate now, as he has a business trip to this country? And would this be necessary every time he travels to Europe w/difference of time higher than 90 days?

TAP Portugal LHR to BSB forced shorter return date and had to pay for new return

i purchased a return plane ticket from TAP Portugal to fly from London Heathrow to BSB Brasilia ( Brasil). I planned to stay for 120 days. At check-in I was told that I could only stay in Brasil for a maximum of 90 Days and that I had to change my return flight to be within those 90 days. I would also have to pay the extra fare involved.

I asked why did they allow me to book a flight over the 90 days if they were going to deny me at check-in at Heathrow. I think that’s a reasonable question. Also the visa can be extended whilst in Brasil by approaching the Police federal at the airport if staying longer than 90 days and an extension can be granted for up to an additional 90 days. Am I entitled to some compensation? I feel robbed!

I got ordered to leave an ongoing public crime scene in Lisbon, Portugal

I was en route from my hotel to a cafe at 3.30pm in the heart of Lisbon, when I walked up this alley (the link I provided is the exact spot) when I saw 3 cops and 5 kids in an ongoing crime scene – 4 kids were facing the wall on the left side while being watch on by one cop whilst 2 cops were questioning another kid on the right side of the street.

I stopped to watch but got quickly ordered to leave by one of the cops. He said this is how it works in Portugal – and I had a feeling I’d get arrested if I didn’t leave. So I left.

Was the cop right – does he have the authority to order me to leave a public crime scene?