CSS position Absolute and position Relative clashing with Keyframe Animations (In React Project)

Look at .h1-div (Parsa Ventures Text)

If I make the div position relative, the animation works, but the h1 moves to the bottom of the screen below the content.

If I make the div position absolute, its very responsive and is positioned where it needs to be, but animation doesn’t work.

I need the responsiveness and the animation both to work on the h1.

enter image description here

(Imports and state not included in code)

import React from 'react' function App() {     return (         <>             <Home />          </>     ) }  export default App   

Home Component:

class Home extends React.Component {     render() {         return (             <div id="mainDiv" style={{ backgroundColor: '#FFFDF8', overflow: 'auto', width: '100%', height: 'auto',  position: 'relative'}}>                      <div className="h1-div">                         <h1>Parsa Ventures</h1>                       </div>                     <img src={leftTree} alt="a"  id="leftTree"/>                     <img src={swing} alt="a"  className="swing" id="swing"/>                    <img src={mSwing} alt="a" className="m-swing"  id="mSwing" />                     <img src={leftRope} alt="a"  className="left-rope" id="leftRope"/>                     <img src={rightTree} alt="a" className="right-tree" id="rightTree"/>                       <div className="pillow-a"  >                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" className={this.state.pillow ? 'enter' : 'leave'} id="p"/>                         <a href="#" onMouseEnter={this.handleEnter} onMouseLeave={this.handleLeave} id="p-a">About</a>                     </div>                     <div className="pillow-c"  >                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" className={this.state.pillow ? 'enter' : 'leave'} id="p"/>                         <a href="#" onMouseEnter={this.handleEnter} onMouseLeave={this.handleLeave} id="p-a">Contacts</a>                     </div>                     <div className="pillow-p"  >                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" className={this.state.pillow ? 'enter' : 'leave'} id="p"/>                         <a href="#" onMouseEnter={this.handleEnter} onMouseLeave={this.handleLeave} id="p-a">Projects</a>                     </div>                     <div className="pillow-m-a"  >                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" />                         <a href="#">About</a>                     </div>                     <div className="pillow-m-c">                     <a href="#">Contacts</a>                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" />                         </div>                     <div className="pillow-m-p"  >                     <a href="#">Projects</a>                         <img src={pillowA} alt="" />                      </div>              </div>         )     } }  export default Home 


.h1-div{      position: absolute;            width: 28%;     height:1%;     left: 67%;     top: 30%;         animation-name: pvh1;         animation-duration: 3s;         animation-fill-mode: forwards;          h1{             font-size: 3.7vw;             color: #38AFC9;             text-shadow: 6px 6px 0px rgba(255, 210, 225, 0.84);         }           }       @keyframes pvh1 {         0% {right: -25%; bottom: 50%;}         75% {right: 8.75%; bottom: 50%;}         100% {right: 5%; bottom: 50%;}     }    img{         max-width: 100%; }  .right-tree{     position: relative;     left: 40%;      max-width: 60%;  }  .swing{  position: absolute; left: 4%; top: 29.5%; width: 34.3%; height: auto; }  .left-rope{     position: absolute;     left: 4.6%;     top: 45%;     width: 3.7%;     height: auto;     z-index: 1; } 

Cursor position in textarea on insert

I am working on a little emoji function. My problem is when I have a text in the textarea and select an emoji from the drop down the emoji always goes to the end of the text even if I place the cursor at the beginning of the text, the emoji will go to the end of the text like so:

Some text here View attachment 243231

The code:

function insertSmiley(smiley) { var currentText = document.getElementById("textarea"); var smileyWithPadding =" "+ smiley +" "; currentText.value +=...
Code (markup):

Cursor position in textarea on insert

Magento2 Dynamic Rows not providing position with data array

I have created a dynamicRows component for Customer Edit Form. For some reason, if I set visible to false on the field “position”, when I submit a new record, position is never part of the data array.

<field name="position">                 <argument name="data" xsi:type="array">                     <item name="config" xsi:type="array">                         <!-- item name="source" xsi:type="string">customer</item -->                         <item name="dataType" xsi:type="string">number</item>                         <item name="formElement" xsi:type="string">input</item>                         <item name="componentType" xsi:type="string">field</item>                         <item name="label" xsi:type="string" translate="true">Position</item>                         <item name="dataScope" xsi:type="string">position</item>                         <item name="visible" xsi:type="boolean">false</item>                     </item>                 </argument>             </field> 

When the field is visible, then the key “position” is provided and everything works perfect, but I prefer this field to stay hidden. This only happens when adding new row.

Any thoughts?

Change position of Title field in list, in Site Design script

When I create a list in a site design script (via createSPList -> Add-SPOSiteScript -> Add-SPOSiteDesign), the Title field is automatically added. I’ve found out how to remove the Title field by using the Hidden property, e.g.:

{ "verb": "addSPFieldXml", "schemaXml": "<Field Type=\"Text\" Name=\"Title\" DisplayName=\"Title\" Required=\"FALSE\" Hidden=\"TRUE\"></Field>", "addToDefaultView": false }, 

However, what I want to do for this list is include the Title field, but have it displayed at the end of the table and the bottom of the New / Edit form (i.e. last field in the list). There doesn’t appear to be any way to do this with the createSPList command, as the Title field that I specify in my script is overwritten by the Title field which is automatically added, and it is positioned in the first column of the view and the first field in the form.

I’m aware I can change the order after the site design has been applied, but I’d prefer to set the order programmatically in my script. Is there a way to do this? An example script is below, which will add two fields to the view, but the Title field will always be put first when the design is applied, despite being listed last in the script, and not included in the view:

{ "$  schema": "schema.json", "actions": [     {         "verb": "createSPList",         "listName": "List positioning Title field",         "templateType": 100,         "subactions": [             {                 "verb": "addSPFieldXml",                 "schemaXml": "<Field Type=\"Text\" Name=\"Field1\" DisplayName=\"Field 1\" Required=\"TRUE\" MaxLength=\"255\"></Field>",                 "addToDefaultView": true             },             {                 "verb": "addSPFieldXml",                 "schemaXml": "<Field Type=\"Text\" Name=\"Title\" DisplayName=\"Title\" Required=\"FALSE\" MaxLength=\"255\" ShowInViewForms=\"FALSE\" Overwrite=\"TRUE\" Viewable=\"FALSE\"></Field>",                 "addToDefaultView": false             },             {                 "verb": "addSPView",                 "name": "All Items",                 "viewFields": [                     "Field1"                 ],                 "query": "",                 "rowLimit": 30,                 "isPaged": true,                 "makeDefault": true             }         ]     } ], "bindata": { }, "version": 1 } 

I need help building a coding interview question for a DevOps/SRE position

I’m looking for suggestions on good coding questions for a DevOps/SRE Software Engineer. This is the coding exercise that is done offline or in a platform like HackerRank. The idea is that they would solve the problem, and then extend it during the on-site interview. For other software positions, we’ve done questions like parsing city/state from strings, parsing json where the json isn’t always well-formed, and other problems. The problem is trying to keep the problems from being either overly algorithmic or overly reliant on libraries.

The DevOps/SRE world is a little different, and I think it has different coding requirements. Jumping into existing codebases to figure out what is going on, understanding how software interacts with the OS, etc. So I’m trying to build a coding question that:

  • Can be completed in about an hour by a good candidate
  • Is extensible to accommodate follow-up coding exercises
  • Tests a candidate’s baseline coding proficiency
  • Tests a candidate’s DevOps capabilities (e.g, debugging prowess, scripting, parsing information, or general scrappiness)
  • Has some baseline of problem-solving required (i.e, is not simply mechanical)
  • Does not require a “trick” to solve well
  • The answer is not easy to search on the internet

Can I precisely position charts in Google Sheets?

I am using Google Sheets to create a “Monthly Report” spreadsheet for a product, and am attempting to make an attractive, compelling experience for the consumers of the report.

In this spreadsheet, I have several charts across the top of a tab. Due to the controls for grabbing and resizing a chart, it seems to be impossible to make the charts a uniform size and impossible to place them in a position that lines up with the block of cells the chart describes.

Is there a way precisely to control the size and position of a chart in Google Sheets?

Position Aboslute queda debajo de position relative

Tengo un problema con un meno con posicion absoluta funciona todo bien pero a la hora de desplegarlo en componentes de tipo ‘col, col-md-2, col-4, etc’ de bootstrap, este menu queda debajo de dicho componentes.

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

al analizar el css, veo que tienen ‘position: relative;’, al desactivar el position funciona correctamente, pero quisiera saber si no existe otra forma, ya que no me es factible tener que quitar la posicion relativa a todos esos componentes.

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Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 REACT

Por qual motivo retorna o erro:

Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Estou tentando apenas fazer uma chamada ajax mo meu controller, que na verdade até faz e retorna…

O que eu penso que está acontecendo isso é porque no retorno desta chamada tem um campo que é XML

O que me vem mais uma dúvida, como tratar XML nos componentes do react ?

Segue código:

  plotarCamadaNoMapa(camadas) {         fetch('api/TelaOperadorRJ/GetXMLCamada?idCamada=' + camadas)             .then(response => response.json())             .then(data => {                 this.setState({                     xmlCamada: data                  });             });           console.log(this.state.xmlCamada);          } 

Arquivo que XML:

<kml xmlns="http://www.opengis.net/kml/2.2">   <Document>     <Style id="Style1">       <LineStyle>         <color>ff000000</color>         <width>1.2</width>       </LineStyle>       <PolyStyle>         <color>8000ffff</color>         <fill>true</fill>         <outline>true</outline>       </PolyStyle>     </Style>     <Placemark>       <name>Polígono 0</name>       <styleUrl>#Style1</styleUrl>       <Polygon>         <outerBoundaryIs>           <LinearRing>             <coordinates>-46.878889999999998,-23.54439 -46.843359999999997,-23.52 -46.837859999999999,-23.516220000000001 -46.812629999999999,-23.522829999999999 -46.808340000000001,-23.54007 -46.797870000000003,-23.563590000000001 -46.814169999999997,-23.57067 -46.850740000000002,-23.56831 -46.878889999999998,-23.54439</coordinates>           </LinearRing>         </outerBoundaryIs>       </Polygon>     </Placemark>   </Document> </kml>