Ccc Background position x calcular

Me estoy comiendo la cabeza con una cosa que me gustaria saber si pueden ayudarme . Gracias antes de todo.

Resulta ser que estoy creando el css de una pagina de “ruleta” tipo ruleta de csgo pero tengo un problema y es que basicamente quiero posicionar la imagen en el centro usando “background position x” Para luego en js en funcion de lo que salga mover la ruleta para realizar dicha animacion.

El problema resulta que al hacer mas o menos grande la imagen de la ruleta que mostrara que ha tocado ps me da “background position” distinto al en el que estaba trabajando antes que seria a 1360px . Entonces queria saber si hay alguna manera de calcular dependiendo del tamaño de la pantalla y que la imagen quede justo en medio como sale en el code pen Da igual con el codigo que sea pero que lo haga con el background position y tambien poder realizar animaciones con esto para mover la “ruleta” y mostrar el “ganador”

El resto ya lo hago yo pero me estoy comiendo la cabeza con eso ya que no trabajo css y no se me ocurre ninguna solucion aparte de hacer un codigo para cada tamaño etc etc

.pad{   width:1360px;   margin:auto; } .ruleta::before{     content: "";     top: 0;     background-image: url(;     width: 14px;     height: 115px;     position: absolute;     z-index: 2; } .ruleta{     border: none;     text-align: center;     width: 100%;     height: 115px;     background-image: url(;     background-position-x: -64px;     background-repeat: no-repeat; } p{   font-size:24px;   text-align:center;   margin-top:50px; }
<div class="pad">   <div class="ruleta">   </div> </div>  <p>Quiero que quede con el color verde totalmente en el centro en los distintos tamaños</p>

Codepen original

Does Mage Hand give away the caster’s position?

I was thinking about casting mage hand while hidden to do things like, for example, pulling a lever behind a guard’s back. But if I’m not an Arcane Trickster, the hand is visible and the question is, does it have any kind of “spectral” connection to me as its caster?

The spell doesn’t say anything about a visible connection to the caster:

A spectral, floating hand appears at a point you choose within range. The hand lasts for the duration or until you dismiss it as an action. The hand vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again.

You can use your action to control the hand. You can use the hand to manipulate an object, open an unlocked door or container, stow or retrieve an item from an open container, or pour the contents out of a vial. You can move the hand up to 30 feet each time you use it.

The hand can’t attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 pounds.

But in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, on page 124, this picture appears. The hand seems to have a connection back to the caster, showing the source and where they are:

A wizard hides behind a curtain, while a hand made out of blue smoke reaches out, visibly connected back to her own hand.

Does that mean that everyone can see where you are hiding if you use your mage hand? Can they always trace the mage hand back to its source?

Or is the artwork in the book not “approved” rules-wise?

Saving the user’s position in the nav

We have a client for whom we assist in maintaining/designing their web based application. Their system is very robust, it’s a matrix I can’t even understand. Because of the multitude of entry points, language requirements and accessibility, it’s really difficult to come up with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of solution to their user experience.

After years of trying, we’ve finally convinced them to go responsive (shocking, i know). We’ve been planning an off-canvas navigation (accessed via hamburger) with ‘accordion’ sections. The client is asking if we can save the user’s position in the navigation so that when they click back in to it, they don’t have to drill back down (potentially) 3 levels to find their place again.

I’ve never done this. Does anyone have any insight? Is this bad UX? Is this done in web-based applications? Do you have any examples or alternative solutions? The client is a fan of bread crumbs. I am not.


Mouse Pointer stuck at Logout Position

I am using Ubuntu 19.04. Recently I have been experiencing a strange problem with my mouse pointer. If I use Ctrl+Alt+F1 to exit a unity screen, the mouse pointer gets stuck at the current position. And on re-login mouse does work but the earlier pointer is still shown.

Only solution I found for the problem is to Logoff screen using the lock button and wait for a while then Login again using the resume button from the top right corner of the unity desktop.

Yesterday I blacklisted my nouveau drivers and updated my nvidia drivers from the NVDIDIA site itself. Other than that, I have not done any new updates.

What can be the reason for this strange issue? Is there a possibility that my GPU drivers became corrupted?

How to fix image size and position to the centre of the page, so all images are the same size

My problem website: On the home page, I’d like to position the 3 pictures in the middle of the page similar to the way pictures are laid out on this website:

Any advice? Thanks for the help, from a new jobseeker and brand new wordpress user!

[ Politics ] Open Question : Has Stephanie Grisham, the new Press Secretary, given any news briefings to the press since taking on this position in the White house.?

If so, how is she doing? What is the general feeling? The relationship between Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the press had become quite contentious before her sudden departure.

Display current post position in Elementor Posts widget

I’m using Elementor 2.6.8 + Elementor Pro 2.6.2

I’m designing an Archive template to display a list of Custom Post Types filtered by custom taxonomy terms. I’m using Posts Widget from Elementor Pro to do this without a line of code.

Also, thanks to Ele Custom Skin plugin (1.2.0), I can design each post skin in a custom way (hopefully Elementor Pro will provide this in the future)/

Now, I want to display, in each post, the post’s current position in the list (=in the WP loop).

I tried with this code snippet that I added to each post with the ShortCode Widget.

add_shortcode( 'current_post_count', function () {     global $  wp_query;     $  out = $  wp_query->current_post;     return $  out; } ); 

But this always return -1.

I suppose the reason is that, in the context of the Posts Widget, the global $ wp_query is not the one to get the info from. I suppose the widget use another variable. But thenm I don’t know how to achieve this. Maybe if I could get the actual $ query variable in use ? Or maybe use the Query ID parameter offered by the Posts Widget?

I don’t know how to get this to work.

Anything to point me towards the right direction guys? thanks!

Change position of tile overlay

After looking at multiple pages, I ended up with the below code to resize my tiles on the promoted links page.

However, when using this code, the overlay seems to remain in the middle of my image, rather than all the way down. Could anyone confirm why this is happening and what I need to change to force it to remain at the bottom of the tile?

enter image description here

<style type="text/css"> {  height: 370px !important; }    /*  tile row height */ {  height: 370px;  }    /*  tile dimensions, including inter-tile margin */ {  width: 370px !important;  }     /*  tile and title( + description) overlay dimensions */, {   width: 370px !important;   }     /*  tile background image dimensions */   .ms-tileview-tile-content > a > img {   width: 370px !important;   }     /*  title and description text  */ {  padding: 4px 7px 7px;  font-size: 24px;  line-height: 32px;  }     /*  description text class  */ {  padding-top: 10px;  font-size: 13px;  line-height: 16px;  }{  position: absolute;  left: 0px;  width: 100% !important;  height: 100% !important;  }    </style>