What’s the maximum amount of lines from Sunbeam possible within a single round?

I noticed that sunbeam allows you to to create multiple lines within a single turn. What’s the maximum possible amount of sunbeam lines able to be created by a single caster within one turn?

For reference, the spell has a casting time of 1 action and states:

A beam of brilliant light flashes out from your hand in a 5-foot-wide, 60-foot-long line. Each creature in the line must make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, a creature takes 6d8 radiant damage and is blinded until your next turn. On a successful save, it takes half as much damage and isn’t blinded by this spell. Undead and oozes have disadvantage on this saving throw.

You can create a new line of radiance as your action on any turn until the spell ends.


  • Level 20 Character, any combination of multi-classing allowed
  • Only official material published by WOTC in book form is allowed. No Unearthed Arcana
  • Setup is allowed, including any magical items present in the Dungeon Master’s Guide or any other source-book. Items only present in campaign books are not allowed.
  • You may have 4 allies at level 20
  • Simulacrum is allowed

Is it possible to calculate the longest increasing subsequence of an unsorted list

The problem goes like this:

Instance: List with indices and values

Question: Is it possible to calculate the LIS by always taking the next element from the left (without sorting the indices of the instance)?


Index array:…………1 2 3 4 5 6

Indices instance:….1 3 5 2 4 6

Values instance:…..2 4 6 1 3 5

The longest increasing subsequences would now be:

245 246 235 236

145 146 135 136

Tunnel and Transport Mode in IPSec, is it possible to combine them?

I’ve been wondering between two cases,

1 – tunnel from A to C and a tunnel from B to D, would it be possible to send a packet for A to D?

2 – Transport from A to D, and let’s say tunnel from B to D

Would it be possible to send a packet in any of these cases?

I assume for case 1 it wouldn’t be possible because of SA, and decryption would get messy But for the second case, I mean, that does sounds logical to me..

Could you share your thought?

Is it true that brute force must try ALL possible solutions?

If we look at the NP problems (or NP-Complete and NP-Hard) we must currently use brute force to solve them exactly. We currently need to search through “all” possible solutions until arriving at a correct solution.

But doesn’t this assume only the final solution we try will be correct? Isn’t it is unlikely that we would actually have to try all of them, regardless of whether brute force is truly needed or not? It could easily be the case that we only need to try say 30% of all possible solutions until we find a correct solution.

So why to people say brute force must try ALL possible solutions?

Is it possible to achieve true anonimity?

I have been concerned for a while now by the complete disregard of privacy and confidentiality by service providers government agencies and big companies! so I was researching and eventually found this question: What is torrent encryption and does it make my traffic anonymous?

After which I realized encrypting your torrents does not make you safe, not even a bit. I believe that everyone should have access to education and information, especially in third world countries like mine but one’s ability to do this is being hindered a little bit more every day.

Also, evidence suggests that private companies hosting VPN servers can’t be trusted since they are subject to subpoenas or forced to log user activity and thus actively cooperate with ISP’s and law enforcement.

That being said, I am actively researching ways to reduce one’s footprint and continue with my life (may include torrenting) and I guess asking here may point me to some good resources, and this not about just torrenting is the state of surveillance we have to deal with and our data being sold in bulk.

I’ll start a PiVPN project next week but I doubt that’ll be enough since I’ve read it is not to be taken as a complete security measure. I’m also aware of Tor but torrenting are not recommended over this network either.

I kindly request guidance on this matter.


Is it possible for a campaign-specific magic item to be used outside of the campaign it is from?

I am currently planning to run a game for my family.

Is it possible for campaign-specific magic items to be used (not just carried) outside of the campaign they are from? For example, could Saint Markovia’s thighbone from Curse of Strahd be used in a Waterdeep adventure?