How is it possible that mathematica can’t calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of this?

How is it possible that mathematica can’t calculate the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of this:


$  Assumptions = f \[Element] Reals ; \[CapitalNu] = (1/(4*Cosh[f]^3))*{{Exp[f]*(Cosh[f])^2, Exp[f],      Cosh[f], Cosh[f]}, {Exp[f], Exp[f]*(Cosh[f])^2, Cosh[f],      Cosh[f]}, {Cosh[f], Cosh[f], Exp[-f]*(Cosh[f])^2,      Exp[-f]}, {Cosh[f], Cosh[f], Exp[-f], Exp[-f]*(Cosh[f])^2}} Eigensystem[N]  


enter image description here

It is not very hard on paper(I ‘ve done it) but it has too many calculations. I ‘ve seen mathematica doing way harder things but it just failed on this one…

Where is my mistake?

Max possible speed in pathfinder?

So a friend and I were discussing speeds in pathfinder. He thought the max speed was about 600 ft per round. I thought there might be more buffs for this though. So how fast could a character built exclusively for speed go?


  • Speed must be reached using only feats, abilities, and racial traits. No spells allowed and it must be done by a playable race in the core books.
  • Any level
  • The character may not use items to enhance speed.
  • Core Rulebook only

I will try to keep this as Adult as possible, but you are getting on my nerves

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What’s the best Is there a way to convert MTG into creatures and characters to AD&D?

I started playing AD&D when it came out in the seventies. I have all of the 1st edition Core books including Deities & Demigods with Melnibonéan and Cthulhu mythos. I have about 100 Modules as well as some Gamma World and Star Frontiers. I started playing Magic the Gathering in 1993 and have about 15,000 cards. There are a lot of creatures as well as characters from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering that I would like to incorporate into some D&D dungeons, but not exactly sure how to make the transition from Magic’s Attack/Defense to D&D’s AC/HP or specific DAM into my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Any suggestions where to start? Is there a published process for such a conversion? If not, is there a comparison from tested homebrew conversion process that a user is willing from D&D share?

Two questions asked in posts and no answers, only posts closed. The Mods here must be kids that play nothing but 5e. I understand that it must be easier for you to just shut down a post, than to answer a question, or even just give some constructive criticism, but come on… This is by far the "crappiest" forum that I have ever had the displeasure of joining. I’m sure that you will close this post as well and possibly "Ban" me from posting again. but for Christ’s sake, answer a question once in a while or at least give some kind of feedback to help out someone that likes to share his interests with other gamers..

Does this build make it possible to use two concentration spells at once? [closed]

My DM told me to make a 2nd level character, which he approved, and it was a wizard 1, sorcerer 1 with draconic bloodline. I was a dragonborn so I thought I could be a melee wizard with some fun little caster tricks when I stumbled upon this new trick.

I planned to make the character Wiz10/Sor10, using tenser’s transformation. I wanted a weapon to enchant myself, so I planned for a greatsword, with glyph of warding. Of course the glyph can only move 10 ft, so it didn’t seem very practical at the time… until I thought of something.

The bag of holding. It seemed like the perfect idea, but it was too big, eventually I came across the handy haversack, and since it makes an extra-dimensional space, the glyph wouldn’t technically move.

So if you have a weapon enchant it and its hilt with Tenser’s transformation and another self-concentration spell, quicken-step metamagic another concentration spell, could you use three different concentration spells at once. Given that you set the activation requirement to a command word and drawing the sword?

Is it possible to not differentiate through an undefined variable?

Suppose I have some $ \lambda$ that is a function of $ x$ , and I don’t know exactly what it is yet.

Then, doing the following differentiation D[lamb, x] gives zero. But what I really want is to not have Mathematica evaluate the expression, i.e., just leave it as it is until I know $ \lambda$ later.

Is there a way to achieve this? Thanks!

Is it possible to play an Epic D&D3.5/Pathfinder campaign with a non-magic hero?

My DM is going to arrange a campaign of Epic Gestalts (LvL 24/24), I wanted to play a non-magic user, but they are so underpowered that I probably can’t, the closest to a non-magic user I seem to find is using Tome of Battle. Is it the only way?

My Character Idea

My idea was to do something like a Warblade16/Factotum8 With a Swashbuckler3/Something11/PathfinderDuelist10 (Even though, Factotum is a bit magic user :-T)

But I don’t know if a mage with a Wish or even any creature on the Epic Level Handbook can launch my character to the stratosphere without effort, where he hopelessly dies.

Although I don’t think the campaign will focus on combat, I don’t want to be placed in disadvantage.

We are using a 3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder gestalt hybrid of handbooks which mean the most useful of the three versions is what we use.

Oh and another question (if you think the build could go as I put it)…

What Should I place in Something 11? (I don’t know if I should do Factotum 11)

The Campaign Idea

In a Forgotten Realms pre-Spellplague Faerûm, 5 characters will go to the city of the dead to argue with Kelemvor about The Wall of the Faithless And the injustice it is to actually exist. If he doesn’t cooperate chars should prepare to change it with not so diplomatic ways.

The other Chars

I don’t have all the info, but I do have some vague idea of what we are having

  • An ArcaneUber[Wiz/Src]/AbleCombatant
  • A Warlock/Master of the Nine [ToB]
  • An UrPriest/Avenger of something (Kinda Barbarian/Roguish something)

Is it possible to attach oracle database file after clean install

I had an Oracle 10g instance on my Win2008R2 server. Unfortunately, the server crashed and we had to re-install the operating system on C: drive. The oracle files are on other drives except than C.

The other drives (except C) are restored from disk backups. I don’t have dump file, I only have oracle data files such as USERS01.DBF and the oracle control files.

Now I am trying to find a way to install oracle again on the server but I am just wondering about how I can attach the current .DBF files to the new oracle instance? Is this possible? If so, how can I attach the current .DBF files to Oracle?

Currently there is no "OracleService" on services.msc and no listener as well. But previos oracle was installed on F drive so I still have the oracle binaries and data files on F drive.

Really appreciate if you can provide any information on this.

What is the highest minimum and maximum roll possible on a (Dex) sleight of hand/pickpocket check? [closed]


Let’s say we’re attempting to pickpocket something from someone and would like to reduce our chances of failure as much as possible. What is the highest minimum roll and maximum roll reliably possible in the game? In order to make this easier to replicate for others, I’m going to offer some restrictions:

  • Things that are not largely guaranteed in most games, such as: Boons, Artifacts, and Manuals.
  • This can be any level character up to 20th level, all that matters is that it still remains the highest min and max roll for the check.
  • Must be acting alone and receive assistance only from themselves, their items, feats, racial abilities, class features, etc.

These restrictions should ensure that the check can be performed reliably any time it is made by anyone with the proposed build in nearly any campaign with the average amount of magical items and quest rewards, etc.

I will post my own findings as an answer below. Feel free to use it as a frame for further answers, or offer one all your own.

Is it possible to loophole your way into getting a permanent guardian of faith?

Guardian of faith says:

The guardian vanishes when it has dealt a total of 60 damage.

Because of this, could you:

  1. Have the guardian attack something with a good Dex save

  2. Assume the thing succeeds

  3. If not, attack it again (it succeeds, the Guardian dealt 30 damage)

  4. Attack an object twice because objects fail Dex saves

Conclusion (4.5): The Guardian has dealt 70 damage. This means it can never do a total of 60 damage. You now have a guardian for the rest of 8 hours.

  1. Repeat daily

Actual conclusion: You have a permanent guardian of faith.

Would this work?