Is it possible to find out the location of a search result from within the Start Menu of Windows 10?

With Windows 7, I was able to perform a search for a program/file from within the Search box of the Start Menu, right-click the resulting search match and click “Properties” to easily find out the location of what I was about to open. With Windows 10, however, performing a right-click on any search results doesn’t appear to display a context menu from where this can be done.

Is there an alternative way of carrying out this task on Windows 10, or is it just not possible to do?

Is it possible to get the full list of synced nodes ɪᴘ on the network?

There are many website like but I’m failing to understand if they collect nodes from compulsory submission on the web interface for statistics purposes only or they use a way to scan the whole network ?

A second part of the question regarding the type of the node is whether it’s required to run a full node to create blocks as a miner.

Logging URLs in the PHP-FPM Access Log – possible Clean URL Conflict

I have set up an access log in PHP-FPM under pool.d/www.conf, and I noticed that the log usually constructs the URL as “index.php” with all query parameters, EXCEPT for ‘q,’ which is the URL. I know that this is removed by the server for clean URLs, so would anyone know how to collect this?

Looking at the access log format instructions, it seems like there should be a header specifying location. I’ll see if I can find one in Charles Web Proxy.

Here are the relevant config file sections:

from NGINX site config:

location / {     # try_files $  uri @rewrite; # For Drupal <= 6     try_files $  uri /index.php?$  query_string; # For Drupal >= 7 }  location @rewrite {     rewrite ^/(.*)$   /index.php?q=$  1; }  ...  location ~ '\.php$  |^/update.php' {     fastcgi_split_path_info ^(.+?\.php)(|/.*)$  ;     # Security note: If you're running a version of PHP older than t$       # latest 5.3, you should have "cgi.fix_pathinfo = 0;" in php.ini.     # See for details.     include fastcgi_params;     # Block httpoxy attacks. See     fastcgi_param HTTP_PROXY "";     fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME $  document_root$  fastcgi_script_name;     fastcgi_param PATH_INFO $  fastcgi_path_info;     fastcgi_intercept_errors on;     # PHP 5 socket location.     fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;     # PHP 7 socket location.     #fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php/php7.0-fpm.sock; } 

from /path-to-php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf

; The access log file ; Default: not set access.log = /var/log/php5-fpm/$  pool.access.log  ; The access log format. ; The following syntax is allowed ;  %%: the '%' character ;  %C: %CPU used by the request  ...  ;  %e: an environment variable (same as $  _ENV or $  _SERVER) ;      it must be associated with embraces to specify the name of the env ;      variable. Some exemples: ;      - server specifics like: %{REQUEST_METHOD}e or %{SERVER_PROTOCOL}e ;      - HTTP headers like: %{HTTP_HOST}e or %{HTTP_USER_AGENT}e  ...  ;  %o: output header ;      it must be associated with embraces to specify the name of the header: ;      - %{Content-Type}o ;      - %{X-Powered-By}o ;      - %{Transfert-Encoding}o  ;  %u: remote user ; ; Default: "%R - %u %t \"%m %r\" %s" access.format = "%R|%u|%t|%m|%r%Q%q|%s|%f|%{mili}d|%{kilo}M|%C%%" 

How is it possible that a null pointer still retains a memory adress?

When you initialize a pointer with nothing(NULL), that element still has a memory address big enough for the initialising type of that pointer(4 bytes for int, 1 for char etc.) but why,since it’s tehnically nothing, not even the value zero? I mean, NULL can’t be a fixed value like 0 because zero still is considered a value, so it is something more than that? Example:

#include <iostream>  int *a=NULL; int main() {     std::cout <<&a; //it will show the address in hexadecimal system;     return 0; } 

Is it possible to claim an existing YouTube channel?

Someone has reserved a YouTube channel I would like to use myself, let’s call it

The channel doesn’t seem to be used any longer and was never a highly regarded channel as its stats show:
– created in 2007
– 6 videos uploaded ever since
– 310 total views since then
– last video posted on June 2011 with 46 views

I have sent messages to the channel owner via the YouTube Send Message feature (one in June, 2012, and one in January, 2013) but never heard back from that person.

Can/Will YouTube transfer the channel to myself?

PS: I have applied for the mybusiness trademark in the US and own that name on all the major social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn …), could that help convincing YouTube?

Is it possible to create a HTML signature for the Outlook for Android app?

I have been trying to get the full signature that I normally use on desktop Outlook to work on my mobile phone for the Outlook for Android app. So far I have tried multiple solutions such as facemail however I don’t really want to pay to get it working.

This website says that the Outlook for Android app does not have HTML support but I was hoping there was some way to get it working.

Another thing to note is that my business will not allow an app other than Outlook for Android so I am limited from getting other android apps which can do the job.

Is it possible to get infected by opening an email in Android Gmail app?

I just received an email from an unknown person, titled “da vinci” and containing a docx file with the same name. Not suspicious at all, right?

I have not opened or downloaded the file, but:

  • The email has been downloaded by the Gmail app in my Android phone (probably including the attachments).
  • It has been “read” by the app, in order to show me an Android notification about it.
  • Once in the Gmail app, I have opened the email myself (not the .docx). The only text it contained was “Scanned by Avast” and some url. The app also showed me a small snippet preview of the Word document.

Is it possible to get infected this way? My guess: yes, but not very likely.

  • From the notification itself: yes, if the email body somehow exploits a vulnerability in Gmail’s app or in Android. (Is there such a thing? Is this answer still valid?)
  • From reading the email on Gmail’s app: same answer. Or it could contain malicious Javascript… although I’m not sure if Gmail’s app renders Javascript or only html and css.
  • From the Word attachment: I guess again yes, if it somehow exploits some vulnerability in the Gmail snippet function.
  • Assuming the .docx actually was a virus, I guess it would focus on Windows and Word, not in some Android / Gmail vulnerability, right?

In this specific case, I’ve already deleted the email, should I do anything else? Reboot the phone or something?

Is it possible that being the only brother of 4 sisters made me a bit feminine and sisy?

my sisters are all in their mid 20’s and I am the only brother out of all my siblings. I am 19 and well since we were younger i have alwasy hung out and did stuff with my sisters and I and also my mom. My mom was a single mom so there was no father figure or another male presence in the home. So as kids i used to play with their barbies with them and would go watch all their cheerleading competitions. I also used to go to the mall with them because my mom didnt wanna leave me at home alone so i would always be in stores like victoria secret, pink, dressbarn, and mostly the women department in all clothes stores at malls. So since like i was a little kid i was always watching my sisters buy stuff like pencil skirts, high heels, dresses, booty shorts, women panties, bras, crop tops, and much more. I literally knew more about women clothes then men clothes. And my mom never really tried to keep me away from this feminine shopping environment that i was in with them. she didnt care. as i got older into my teens i still would go to stores with my sisters sometimes without my mom just because i enjoyed the bonding we did but i also liked having an excuse to go shopping for girl clothes. I even picked up my sisters mannerisms. like i would say stuff like “omg” in a girly voice. normally for jokes but i letreally was used to saying stuff like that in that voice. i am not gay either however i eventually started getting curious and tried on some of my sisters clothes. they have sooo much of the same clothes in similar colors and fabrics that as i was young in my early teens i started trying on a skirt or maybe some dressses. But i knew i couldnt wear it in public because i like being masculine to the outside world and i like keeping my inner sisy feminine side private. so the only girl clothes i could wear all day without being caught was women panties. So i used to wear some of my sisters thongs. I would put them in the laundry tho afterwards so it was like they used it and it would get washed and no one owuld know. but now i buy my own someitmes and still am into being girly sometimes.