Is it possible to intentionally cause Google and AWS to block my IP address?

It may sound a little weird. I am validating one of my possible research ideas where I want to see if I can intentionally and effectively make websites such as Google and AWS to block my IP. By "block", I mean it won’t let me directly access the service, but not necessarily blacklist my IP. For example, the website will ask me to solve a ReCaptcha before I can access its service, instead of telling me service is unavailable.

I know if I send a large number of requests in a short time (i.e., using DoS) it is very likely that I can make it work, but I wonder if there is any other "efficient" way to make it happen. From what I have found here:, it mentioned Google may block the following:

  • Sending searches from a robot, computer program, automated service, or search scraper
  • Using software that sends searches to Google to see how a website or webpage ranks on Google
  • Using an app, program or script to perform a large number of searches in a short time

Is it possible that I mimic such a request and cause myself to be blocked in just one or a few requests?

Is it possible to create an “always on” environment from a SQL Server on premises to a virtual machine on azure?

I’ve been looking for a similar question here and reading about it about ""Add Azure Replica Wizard", but I heard the it doesnt works because it’s a deprecated feature.

I used to have a primary server and a secondary server on premises as always on, but because of costs I had to delete the secondary "replica".

I would like to know if it’s possible to recreate this always on environment, and then have the primary server On Premises, and a replicated environment on a virtual machine on Azure Cloud.

Then if something happens with our primary, automatically the secondary replica on azure will take the work.

Is it possible to train a neural network to solve NP-complete problems?

I’m sorry if the question is not relevant, i have tried to search for articles about it but i couldn’t find satisfying answers.

I’m starting to learn about machine learning, neural networks etc … and i was wondering if making a neural network that takes a graph as input, and output the answer of an np-complete problem (e.g. the graph is hamiltonian / the graph has independant set superior to k, and other decision problems) would work ?

I haven’t heard of any np complete problems being solved like this, so i guess it does not work, are there theoretical results stating that a neural network cannot learn np-complete language or something like this ?

Is it possible to qualify for a Greater Dragonmark in E6?

I’m considering running an E6 game in Eberron, and I’m curious if there is some way to qualify for the Greater Dragonmark feat.

Skill Beyond Your Years and Primary Contact can let me reach 12 ranks in a single skill, but the feat requires 12 ranks in two different skills. I’ll likely houserule it, should there not be a way to reach it, but I’m curious if anyone knows of another way to reach 12 ranks in a skill in E6 (or some other way to acquire the Greater Dragonmark feat).

Directed Grid Graphs; All Possible Paths Through Nodes

I have a problem in which I am interested in taking a matrix of positive integer weights, including zero, where the matrix has dimensions nrow x ncol and the columns always sum to the same arbitrary number. I want to search for a list of paths (sets of edges essentially) that traverse through the grid space of the same dimension & create the paths such that the # of edges in a path going through a node is equal to the nodes weight (from the matrix). Ie: if a particular index in my matrix was "3", there would be 3 edges that would run into (and out of) this node.

Some important restrictions. Firstly, The only direction the edges can move is rightward (so vertical edges are disallowed) but only one column distance at a time. I do allow for the edges to go from any row_j (in column_i) to any other possible row_j in column_i+1, so diagonal edges (either upwards or downwards are allowed). Here’s an example of such a solution (it is non singular which is why Im interested in ALL possible paths)

enter image description here

Most importantly, I am interested in two things. First I want all possible paths from this process, and even more critically, I want to minimise the number of possible diagonal edges that my resulting paths will contain.

Any sort of algorithm here to solve this would be hugely helpful.

I have managed to solve the case when I don’t care about the number of diagonal edges, and just want a set of paths that match with the weights. To do that, I used the weights at adjacent columns to generate a Markov transition process. This gave me a series of transition matrices (of length ncol-1) which from there I was able to construct probabilistically what my paths through my weights were.

Let me know if anyone needs any more details/explanations here.

Divine Soul. Is it possible to quickened fireball as bonus action + cast cantrip + bonus action a spiritual weapon attack?

So I started playing like a month ago and the DM was nice enough to create a char for me and write me into the story. I’ve never played D&D before but told him I wanted to glass cannon blow things up. So he made me a divine soul sorcerer at level 13. My Metamagics are Twinned, Quickened, and Careful. I’ve been reading up on the rules and just found out before last session that I can quickened fireball and cast fire bolt as my action for extra damage at the expense of 2 sp. My DM gave me spiritual weapon and spirit guardians. So this brings me to my question.

Can I hypothetically on turn one cast fireball, and cast spiritual weapon as bonus action, then have weapon move to/hit bad guy. Then on next turn. Quickened fireball, cast fire bolt, and have the weapon move to/hit bad guy?

I honestly don’t see why not as spirit weapon doesn’t require concentration like something like animate objects. but in the player’s handbook it says:

A spell cast with a bonus action is especially swift. You must use a bonus action on your turn, provided that you haven’t already taken a bonus action this turn. You can’t cast another spell during the same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of one action.

The part where it says "provided that you haven’t already taken a bonus action this turn" would imply that I can’t. But the part "you can’t cast another spell during the same turn…" leads me to believe I might be able to. Because I am not casting another spell. I am also not concentrating on it. Like if I dominate person and tell the person to attack a bad guy, it’s attacks are not connected to what I do at all. In my opinion it’s a lot like casting conjure celestial and getting a couatl to cast/attack or dominating a monster.

Is it possible to send a POST CORS request with json data?

Is it possible to send a custom POST CORS request with json data?

I found that the website is vulnerable to CORS and it’s accepting my origin header:

, however the request is a POST one and if i try without any post data i get: {"errorCode":"invalid","message":"Invalid json body","statusCode":400}

I was wondering if it’s possible to send cors requests containing json data. If it’s possible how should i edit my proof of concept code?

At the moment i’m using the following:

<script> var createCORSRequest = function(method, url) {   var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();   if ("withCredentials" in xhr) {     // Most browsers., url, true);   } else if (typeof XDomainRequest != "undefined") {     // IE8 & IE9     xhr = new XDomainRequest();, url);   } else {     // CORS not supported.     xhr = null;   }   return xhr; };  var url = ''; var method = 'POST'; var xhr = createCORSRequest(method, url);  xhr.onload = function() {   // Success code goes here. };  xhr.onerror = function() {   // Error code goes here. };  xhr.withCredentials = true; xhr.send(); </script> 

But i’ll need to add {"id":"test","name":"test"} as POST json data to my PoC to make it work. How could i do that?

What is the current (mid-2020) status of hardware rootkit/malware and possible detection/monitoring?

I’ve posted a question (link) related to a potential compromised computer via SSH access with root user. Although no evidence of a break-in, I’m considering extended measures to ensure (as much as possible) that my hardware has not been compromised. The software rootkit/malware would be easier to deal with apart of technical details as I expressed in another question (link). I’m particularly concerned because a SSH root access seems much more serious than a rootkit/malware infection from a compromised application downloaded from the internet.

OTOH, hardware rootkit/malware is a different level of a threat and I was trying to get more information about it. As I could see in other questions (link,link, plus some internet articles), the debate regarding hardware threats was much related to state-actors aiming high-level targets a few years back (prior 2017). However LoJax surfaced in 2018 and possibly others until today.

So, what is the current status (mid-2020) of these infections? Are they popular or still related to particular high-level targets?

My research showed that the only ways to get rid of such threats at hardware level would be either (i) flash the hardware with default firmware (not simple) or (ii) replace the piece of hardware. Besides, I’m not sure this hardware-level intervention would be detected in any manner, even using specialized application like rkhunter or TDSSKiller, since it could be hidden at kernel Ring 0 area outside the userspace. In the end, the user would have an evidence only if the rootkit drops a malware in the userspace, which could be caught by an AV or other scan app.

I see that OSSEC would be a handy tool to monitor the system, but possible setup before an infection. In case one has a potential compromised system, what would be the way to detect and/or to monitor the activity of a potential compromised hardware rootkit/malware (if any)?

In summary, such threats could be hidden in any writable firmware in the hardware (BIOS, SSD, HDD, GPU, etc.), however detailed knowledge of these firmwares are needed in order to deploy such malicious software, making it not so popular (this answer from 2015 states it in a more clear way, although somehow old). If this level of threat is still not popular in the wild, I would consider a very small possibility that such threat would be deployed in my computer, but I don’t have the clear picture yet.

Is it possible for a caster to have 2 castings of Foresight active?

The Foresight spell specifically includes the following caveat:

This spell immediately ends if you cast it again before its duration ends.

Looking at this, I figured the only way to avoid that issue was to be a Sorcerer with the Twinned Spell metamagic, however, Foresight is not on the Sorcerer’s spell list. I also could not find a way to get it onto their list within the bounds of 20 levels.

Is there any combination of classes or features within the rules that would permit a caster to allow 2 targets (or more) to simultaneously benefit from Foresight?

cPanel for $7? How even it possible!

I was searching for cheap cPanel license for one of our VPS and I find a website from quora called

I just wondered how they provide cPanel at so cheap! They are providing unlimited cPanel accounts with the license. I just bought one for testing purpose and works like a charm. Also I got updates from cPanel. I have more than 250 cPanel and I didn't find any issue. So my question is how they provide a license at this price? As I know cPanel increased their price. I…

cPanel for $ 7? How even it possible!