CURL Post Request to PayPal NVP/SOAP API [on hold]

curl POST -d USER=[email] -d PWD=[password] -d SIGNATURE=[signature] -d METHOD=TransactionSearch -d TRANSACTIONCLASS=RECEIVED -d STARTDATE=2019-05-21T05:38:48Z -d ENDDATE=2019-05-22T05:38:48Z -d VERSION=94  curl: (6) Could not resolve host: POST  TIMESTAMP=2019%2d06%2d19T15%3a00%3a11Z&CORRELATIONID=8439e637f94&ACK=Failure&VERSION=94&BUILD=52546130&L_ERRORCODE0=10002&L_SHORTMESSAGE0=Security%20error&L_LONGMESSAGE0=Security%20header%20is%20not%20valid&L_SEVERITYCODE0=Error%   

Hey All,

I’m posting about CURL POST requests I have been making to the PayPal NVP/SOAP API. Above I have the curl request itself followed by the response from the prompt below. I have tried this call many different ways such as without the -3t in the domain, concatenating all arguments in the request into a string separated by & as well as various permutations of those. For some context I’m just trying to get an ordered list of all transactions from my company within a given timeframe with minimal calls to the API. This seem(ed)s the best, most efficient way to go about it. Any insights, or pointers at all as to why this doesn’t work or about the NVP/SOAP API generally would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively code for successful curl requests made to this API would also be appreciated.

Thank you,


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How to show featured image instead of post content?

Hello guys,

Maybe you can help me with a little thing…

I have a code to show a video, and when I don't have a video, the post content is shown instead. I need to replace the post content (text) with the post featured image: the_post_thumbnail('full');

This is my code:

 <div id="play_video">  <?php $  content=get_post_meta($  videoId,"wpscript_embed",true); if($  content){                  $  width = '100%'; $  content = preg_replace('/width="(.*?)"/i', 'width="' . $  width .'"', $  content);...

How to show featured image instead of post content?

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problema validacion form con js para enviar por post php

tengo este form:

<form action="../procedimientos/guardar_familiar.php" onsubmit="return verificarFormulario" method="post">     <div class="form-group">         <label>Primer apellido <b>*</b> : </label>         <input type="text" class="form-control" name="apellido_1" id="apellido_1" placeholder="Introduce el primer apellido">        </div>     <div class="form-group text-center">         <button id="btn_guardar_familiar" type="submit" class="btn btn-success w-100 py-100">Guardar</button>            </div> </form>   <script>         function verificarFormulario () {          var campo_apellido_1 = document.getElementById("apellido_1");          if (campo_apellido_1.value.trim().length == 0) {             // toastr.warning('Warning','Hola mund');             //alert("INVALIDO");             toastr.warning('El primero apellido no puede estar vacio!','Error');             return false;         };                  //alert("VALIDO");                 return true;         }  </script> 

Si no esta completo el campo apellido_1 te manda el toastr bien, pero cuando esta completo no me lo guarda al llamar al fichero php. El fichero.php funciona porque lo he probado con otras cosas, pero ahora que le he metido la validacion con js ya no llo guarda cuando el campo apellido_1 esta relleno.

Getting 403 forbidden error while using csrf with POST request

I tried to consume an API from outside application which implemented CSRF. So I need to pass the CSRF token value to access their API. 1. 1st API – getting CSRF token. 2. 2nd API – POST request, passing the CSRF token. But getting 403 forbidden error as response. Please help to resolve this.

URL obj = new URL(url); con = (HttpsURLConnection) obj.openConnection(); con.setRequestMethod("POST"); con.setRequestProperty("Authorization", "Basic XXXXXXXXXX"); con.setRequestProperty("x-csrf-token", csrfToken); con.setRequestProperty("Accept", "application/json"); con.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/json"); con.setRequestProperty("withCredentials", "true"); con.setDoInput(true); con.setDoOutput(true); 

Jobs In Audio Video Editing And Post production

Film making is not an easier task, to make it simple and easier it has been split into 3 main sections i.e. Pre production, Production and Post production. Let’s discuss these three in brief:
Pre Production: In this preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and crew are hired, locations are selected and sets are built.
Production: In Production raw materials for the finished film are recorded and, last step i.e.
Post Production: It turns individual scenes, called raw footages…

Jobs In Audio Video Editing And Post production