Posting only to verified imported Project Accounts

Hi Sven,
Please, I have some verified accounts that have been steady for several months.
My problem is about using the import account feature of SER.
I might need some clearance here first.
1. Does SER import all the created accounts in a project or does it only import the ones with VERIFIED links?
2. If it imports all accounts, how does one ensure that it only imports accounts with verified links.
Since, I already have these accounts created, how do I FORCE SER to re-login into these accounts imported from the verified links of other projects.
I don’t want to use no new list or make SER to search for links to post to. I only want it to post these verified account links.
I would really appreciate your guidance in this respect.

Posting to a Custom Post Type from front end – user generated content

Is there a fast and reliable way of posting to a Custom Post type from the front end? My use case is for creating a daily checkin for a fitness trainer. I have created the necessary fields using ACF. And I was trying to create a front end post form using ACF Frontend for Elementor plugin. But in the plugin my post type doesnt show up at all. All in all I’ve tried various methods and I help with something concrete and reliable.

Thanks in advance!

how to stop it posting to same domain multiple times

the project keeps posting to blog comment sites many, many times,
i have unselected
options>”use urls verified linking on same verified url”
& also unselected
options>scheduled posting>”allow posting on same site again”
but the projects keep posting (blog comments) to different urls on the same domains (many different domains) over & over again

anyone know how to stop this ?