My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks

My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks

My GSA SER stopped posting backlinks.
There are no blocked engines or search engines (IP).
It is simply too slow or not at all.
Could it be the lack of private proxies? Or can I continue using the GSA’s own proxies?
My connection is fiber optic and 70Mb of Down for 20Mb of Up.
The GSA Ser seems to be choking on posting new backlinks today.
There are no serious problems with the GSA Logs.
What should I do?

not posting to links that i manually added

i added some links that were created manually and did :-

project>data>edit button (on top right next to url)>import>from clipboard

urls created show in url list

it also has urls from the above tier (tier 1)
it has created posts for the urls on tier 1, but not a single one for the urls added manually.
on – project>data> edit tier filter options button
it is set to -urls age in days – 7-120
it is about a month since i added the links manually although they were created before that.
its creating links for the tier above, but not the links added manually
it has the 2 boxes ticked at the top of “data” in the project
“use a random url from above on every submission” (this is where the added urls are)
“use verified urls -of tier one profiles”

GSA not posting with the sites with PR more then zero

Hi, I have a hard time second day already – trying posting with the setup PR-1 – but in a hours GSA works and no one submission and verifying!!! Whats problem there, please clarify somebody. screenshot –
P.S. If I posting with PR-0 – everything is normally – posts appear. But for money site need good backlinks with high PR. Please help!

Posting Short Cuts to make my Posts look more professional? [migrated]

I’m new here, but i am already addicted to reading and answering questions. I am predominantly on my phone.

What i am wondering, is how can i beef up my posts? I recently learned about using > before a line to create the yellow box effect. Are there any other simple tips and tricks to help make my posts look that much more professional??

Posting on forums


 i own a phpBB forum and trying out GSA to see how it works.
I have 2 “complains” :)
  1. It will register correct. But it won’t insert url to profile page.
  2. It will not make any kind of posts (create new thread or reply to existing threads). I do have checked the “Forum post” in the “Type of backlinks to create” tab.
Do i make something wrong or is just not working?

Automatic box uncheck in posting after an hour or more

I have a post that when I want to publish it on the homepage so it’s a stick post via meta_tag.

But to remove this post from meta_key I need to go back to the post to manually wet the checkbox.

Is there any other way for this checkbox to go off automatically after it’s done an hour through function?

Example I have the ‘News-latest’ checkbox ID and meta_key => ‘The latest news’ after one hour of checkbox or ‘news-latest’ metakey to be automatically uncheck by the post in metakey.

enter image description here

XMLRPC posting

Hi @Sven,
How is this XMLRPC posting should work? I selected WordPress XMLPC posting as the only engine and loaded an account in
SER says in the log that
001 possible new Target URLs from present accounts
1/1 No engine matches
I’d like to upload an article to an existing account. Is this the right way?