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How to use Jekyll locally to create/edit posts on remote WordPress?

How do I use Jekyll on my local machine to create/edit posts on my remote WordPress blog? More specifically:

  • I want to write posts in plain text, use Jekyll’s markup parser to create HTML, and then post the resulting HTML to my WordPress site.

  • If I edit an existing local text file, I want the corresponding WordPress post edited. I don’t care if revision history is preserved on WordPress, since I plan on preserving it locally.

Rationale: I really like the idea of having a website stored/generated locally and then mirrored to a server, in part because that was the only way to do things when I first started posting to the Web.

However, I feel Jekyll’s lack of comments, trackbacks, and server-side scripting (though JavaScript may suffice) are not quite sufficient for my needs, especially since I want to avoid using third party tools such as Disqus, or even a local version of Disqus that runs in parallel to my blog.

Any help appreciated!

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Implementing A “Draft” Mode For Posts

My team is debating how to transition a portion of our Rails application. For simplicities sake, we can think imagine a Post object, and now want to allow a kind of draft mode.

Our real model contains, say, roughly 20 fields and 5 has_many relationships. There are some reasonably complex business rules (i.e., content can’t be changed after a Post is delivered), and a state machine (Posts are pending, sending, then delivered).

class Post     string   content     enum     content_type     date     deliver_on     enum     delivery_state      has_many customer_group_segments end 

Two options being considered, but we are open to more. One is to duplicate all the existing tables (i.e., post_drafts, customer_group_segment_drafts, etc). The second is to include a kind of is_draft field on the post.

The first option would separate all the data, but we’d need to consider sharing business logic between all models. And in the case of the draft, all of the validation rules would be optional until you tried to convert a Draft to a Post. And we’d also need to create a kind of transfer mechanism, etc…

The second option would remove all constraints from the underlying tables. We’d also need to make some kind of mode system, to ensure validation only kicks in where appropriate. And we’d also need to implement various checks to ensure, for example, that we don’t try and deliver a draft.

There is a similar, but older question. I’m curious of there are any new opinions. Any ideas, observations, or working examples would be great!

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