[font=”Open Sans”, sans-serif]PHOTOLUMINESCENT POWDER INTRODUCTION[/font]
Photoluminescent powder, also known as pigment, is a non-toxic, non-radioactive new environmentally friendly alkaline earth aluminate pigment. Most of the visible or UV light will charge the pigment particles (excitation). The photo luminescent pigment then releases energy for 10 to 24 hours in the form of visible light (which glows in the dark). The photographic light-emitting pigments provide duty-cycle operation with a very high ratio of glow time to the desired charging time. Luminous intensity (brightness) and afterglow time than the traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) or usually sold retail store products more than 30 times higher.
Photoluminescent Powder Characteristics

  • Safe for normal uses as it contains no radioactive or toxic materials.
  • Long glow time. Compared with previous photo storage materials, it has up to 50 times longer emission (glow) time.
  • High initial brilliance. Initial luminance of up to 40,000 mcd/m2.
  • High durability. Long shelf life if the crystalline structure is not damaged.
  • Outdoor usage. Suitable for outdoor usage as it does not suffer luminance reduction even when placed under a 300-watt high-pressure mercury lamp for 1000 hours.
  • Stable Chemical Reaction. Not-encapsulated powder is stable as it is resistant to most anhydrous chemicals, both organic and inorganic. However, it will decompose into metal oxide and lose its luminance when brought into contact with water. Waterproof powder should be used for high water content mediums such as kids water paint. Most resin, epoxy, silicone and acrylic paints can be used with our not-encapsulated pigment and brighter pigment.
  • Temperature Resistance:
    • High Temperatures. The performance and brilliance remain stable under temperature of nearly 1100 degrees Fahrenheit (600℃).
    • No decrease in performance even when tested at temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit (-40℃). High durability.

How bright are these glow products?
Many photoluminescent pigments and products manufacturers refer to the extinction time of their products, which is defined as the time required for afterglow to be reduced to 1 masb (0.032 mcd / m2, or about 100 times the human perception limit). In practice, it is very difficult, unless your eyes are completely dark to adapt, and you are in a completely dark environment.
For practical purposes, the brightness of one to two millimeters per square meter is a more appropriate limit for life safety applications, even if a smoke-free environment is assumed. Therefore, the zinc sulfide product may take 30 to 45 minutes after its excitation source is extinguished. On the other hand, the afterglow of strontium aluminate products can be seen for days or even longer. All PhotoLuminescent Powder are based on strontium aluminate.
At the other end of the time scale, strontium aluminate products can provide surprising initial afterglow. For example, four inches of square material from the magazine page can provide enough light, at least in the first minute. In addition, the microprism retroreflector and other brightness enhancement techniques can increase the brightness of the material several times.

Are Photoluminescent Exit and Egress Signs OSHA Compliant?
Most people can figure out how to exit a building in normal circumstances. But add fear and an emergency, and normal tasks suddenly become difficult. Darkness after losing power and a fire’s smoke make everything worse. This is why it’s so essential to make egress—the act of escaping a building—simple and easy. And glow in the dark exit signs that are approved by OSHA are one way of lighting the way to safety.
In this article, we look at the requirements from OSHA, NFPA, and the IBC for the listing and performance of photoluminescent signs. These mandates include the need for proper light sources, glow duration, and legibility from a distance.
Feel free to skip to the sections on:

  • The basics of photoluminescent exit signs and egress markers
  • Listing requirements from IBC, NFPA 101, and others for photoluminescent signs
  • Are photoluminescent signs OSHA-compliant?
  • Installing, inspecting, and testing photoluminescent safety signs

The basics of photoluminescent exit signs and egress markers
Effective means of egress are described and regulated by multiple model building and safety codes. The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 101: Life Safety Code (2018 edition) is one key document. Another is the International Building Code (IBC, 2018 edition), which has been incorporated into the building codes of every U.S. state.
Proper signage is a key part of emergency preparedness, which is why you see light-up “EXIT” signs everywhere. Smaller egress markers, which often have arrows indicating direction and pictographs of a running man, are also common. These give directions in confusing parts of a building or where exit signs are far apart. All signs have to work well in the dark and without main power, so NFPA 101 and IBC both have specific requirements for backup illumination.
Photoluminescent signs (aka “glow-in-the-dark signs”) are a useful technology for exit and egress signage. They glow without a dedicated power source. Instead, they absorb the energy of light from normally well-lit surroundings—often a particular wavelength of light—and release it over time as a glow. The brightness of their glow diminishes after the charging light source is removed, but glow in the dark signs that are NFPA-, IBC-, and OSHA-compliant remain visible long enough to get people to safety.
Photoluminescent signs can be used as egress markers and exit signs as long as they meet the necessary performance standards. Indeed, many egress markers (being smaller and more common than exit signs) must be self-luminescent—electric illumination won’t do.
PVC Signage
Let’s be clear and as non-technical as possible in the description of PVC signs. The chemicals and the molecular makeup are the same as the pipe referred to in the opening of this article. The best way to help in differentiating the two as that the signs are more lightweight and porous, meaning full of pores. How does this translate to what you want to know? With all those tiny little pores in a PVC sign, it means it will accept liquids. In your case, it means they can accept ink, and thus we can create graphics on the sign you want for your company.  
PVC signs have a matte finish, which means it eliminates glare or reflection. It makes your graphics easier to read. If you really feel you want a shinier gloss finish, we can do a decal print and affix it to your sign.
Brushed aluminium signs
If you’re looking for long-lasting outdoor signs, brushed aluminium material may be just what you need. They’re strong but lightweight and are quite durable. They can be cut to any shape or size and is quite popular due to their resistance to bending and water. What’s more, brushed aluminium signed to give your designs a stunning silver metallic finish.
This type of material is great for both indoor and outdoor advertisements, as well as decorative pieces. It is often the preferred option for wayfinding signs, making them perfect for offices, waiting rooms, or reception areas.
Painted aluminium signs
These are the same as brushed aluminium signs, except they have a smooth, painted finish. These are made from two synthetic plates with a hard di-bond door. They are extremely sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight.
We suggest using this material when designing a panel for a sale or special offer. Just like brushed aluminium, this material is water-resistant and difficult to bend. This makes it perfect for outdoor promotion.
When you’re designing a custom interior sign, you have several options for materials, including plastic, wood, glass, and a handful of metals. Ideally, you’ll choose a material that best reflects your brand or the message of your sign. If that material is stainless steel, you’re in luck. Stainless steel signs signal strength and industriousness to your clients. If your business is about offering protection, stability, or innovation, stainless steel can help communicate that to customers. Plus, it offers five other excellent advantages we’ll detail below.
1. Eye-Catching Shine
Stainless steel is a highly reflective metal that gives off a pleasant shine. It helps catch people’s attention, especially when it is also the focal point of a room, as a lobby sign or other custom interior sign should be. If you use stainless steel for an outdoor sign, a sunny day will charmingly light it up.
2. Longevity
As stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant you can use it for both outdoor and indoor signs. You can expect a long life out of these signs, as long as you occasionally maintain them. When you need to invest in a permanent sign that will broadcast your brand for the long-haul, choose stainless steel.
3. Cost-Effective Metal
Stainless steel is quite cost effective as a sign material, especially as compared to other metals. Bronze, gold and copper, or fake versions of these metals, can be more expensive. With a stainless steel sign, you get the benefits of metal without the disadvantages.
4. Completely Customizable
Many custom indoor signs need to be just that, very custom. If you’re thinking of an unusual shape, unique font or another uncommon design choice, stainless steel can be manufactured to fit your unique vision exactly.
5. Just Add a Bit of Steel
You don’t need to make a whole sign out of stainless steel. This material is a “neutral” that can be combined with several other materials to great effect. Consider adding stainless steel lettering on a plastic sign or combining wood and stainless steel for an industrial look. There are many other possible combinations that can work for your brand.
Ready to Try A Stainless Steel Sign?
At Captivating Signs, we can help you bring out the best in stainless steel in your sign design. We create all kinds of custom interior signs that help your brand shine with strength. Reach out to us today.
Acrylic signs are eye-catching yet subtle and tasteful. They are ideal for companies who are looking to add signage to their office which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. It’s even possible to “float” the letters of the sign to create an attractive 3D effect.
One practical reason why many people use acrylic signs is that they are very durable and need little maintenance. They can withstand any weather condition including snow, rain, hail high winds and temperatures.
Although an acrylic sign includes a relatively simple and straightforward design, there is still room for a high level of customization. The plate itself can be frosted, clear or even a solid colour. The design can include a simple name in a wide range of colours, or even logo designs.
Acrylic signs offer an excellent opportunity to improve the branding and brand visibility of your company. Acrylic signs allow for simplicity, which means you are free to use whichever typography or imagery necessary to communicate your brand.
We offer a variety of different signage solutions, but when it comes to combining visibility and professionalism, acrylic signs are the best solution and reflect the class of your company. Most signage is appropriate for B2C, but acrylic signage is primarily for B2B companies.
At Warwick Signs we offer competitively-priced and professional acrylic signs.

What is Resin Stone?
Resin stones are made by taking shards of stone, binding them with a strong adhesive and molding them in with a special resin. The resulting mixture is then capped with acrylic or other coatings to ensure that the surface and core is protected and scratch resistant. And, because it is made from resin, the material is much lighter than normal stone without losing it’s durability.

What common items are made from Resin Stone?
Stone resin can be formed to make a number of common home items such as tile for flooring, bathtubs, sinks, showers, garden stones and even some jewelry as well.
What are the benefits of Resin Stone?
In addition to being lightweight and affordable, there is a reason this material has a bit of an edge when compared to other commonplace bathtub materials such as acrylic, fiberglass, porcelain and cast iron. The material will not warp overtime unlike fiberglass and acrylic, nor will it break, shatter or chip due to heavy impacts from accidental drops or falls like porcelain will and, as stated before, the material is as durable as cast iron with being four times lighter than it. It is non-porous, meaning it will not absorb water unlike fiberglass and acrylic, which means the structural integrity of it will never change, it also has excellent heat retention on par with higher end materials like enameled steel and copper. And lastly, stone resin is very eco-friendly, made from recycled materials with an entirely green production model. With the added benefit of being a durable material, it will also not create waste as stone resin bathtubs will last several lifetimes.

How to clean and maintain Resin Stone
Surprisingly, stone resin is also quite easy to maintain and clean, as most stains or dirt can be washed away with water and can also be polished easily as well. Simply use a soap based solution or any non-abrasive cleaners to remove any buildup or stains down the line. Avoid using acidic based cleaners or abrasive cleaners as it will damage and remove the finish over time.

How long does Resin Stone last with good maintenance?
With good care and proper maintenance, stone resin can last a lifetime easily.

Preventing Films from Marking Powder Coated Surfaces

Preventing Films from Marking Powder Coated Surfaces
Lignin is a natural broad-spectrum sun blocker due to its UV-absorbing functional groups, e.g., phenol units. UV absorbers can protect materials such as paints and plastic from sun damage.
Richard Venditti, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA, and colleagues have developed sustainable, biodegradable, and transparent cellulose-lignin films that absorb UV radiation. The team functionalized cellulose with azide groups and lignin with propargyl groups and used a copper-catalyzed click reaction to form covalent bonds between them. They added between 0.5 wt% and 2 wt% lignin to the cellulose. The team cast the solution of the bonded product onto glass plates to produce the cellulose-lignin films.
The films are transparent in the visible region of the spectrum, are flexible, and remain stable up to temperatures of 120 °C. They are prepared from renewable resources and have good UV protection properties. The material with 2 wt% lignin blocks 100 % of UV-B rays and over 90 % of UV-A rays.
Newly developed space instruments are increasingly efficient and accurate. One of the main drawbacks is that they are consequently more and more sensitive to contamination. Once integrated, optics are continuously exposed to cleanroom environment. Most of the time, cleaning operations are risky or even impossible considering coatings fragility or accessibility constraints. Thus even in cleanrooms, with the use of specific covers and/or the implementation of purging, inducing altogether stringent operational constraints, molecular and particulate contamination deposition appears to be unavoidable. Hence, the use of a windshield film on the most critical optics during manufacturing assembly and tests would allow a significant reduction of the overall contamination levels or the release of the operational constraints to reach the same cleanliness target. This study presents the results obtained in the frame of a test campaign aiming at identifying and evaluating the most promising protection films (including varnishes, adhesive tapes and electrostatic films) dedicated to space instruments optics. Impacts on both molecular and particulate contamination were investigated together with associated effects on protected substrates (aspect, spectral properties, …). The best solution has been qualified at Airbus and is currently implemented on flight hardware.
NEW YORK, July 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  The global Paint Protection Film Market is forecasted to reach USD 461.7 Million by 2027. Paint safety film is a thermoplastic coating that cures when added to painted surfaces. The product is commonly used in the automotive industry to cover certain parts that are more vulnerable to abrasion or harm. Paint safety film is used in various parts of the vehicle, such as a door panel, bonnet, front bumper, rear bumper, side panel, side skirt, etc. The product prevents the car from soil, wax, mud, bugs, etc. induced by surface stains. It also gives a long period to maintain the vehicle surface to finish flawless. In effect, increasing demand for lightweight automobiles and hybrid cars will boost the market for color safety films in the coming years. Improvement in the electronic industry would increase the growth in the market size of paint safety film due to its usage in different electronic equipment such as mobile phones, LED displays, household appliances, etc. Consequently, growing development in the consumer electronics business will render the Asia Pacific an essential region in the coming years.

The sector of Aerospace & Defense is expected to rise in the coming years at a growing CAGR due to widespread usage of the substance to cover the surfaces of the aircraft. It helps to shield the glass-made pieces from debris, high impact abrasion, and scratches. The material is used both for aircraft interiors and exteriors. In 2018, the operating global commercial fleet was projected at about 26,000 aircraft, which is expected to rise to about 37,000 over the next ten years. Thanks to the involvement of many component suppliers, North America is a significant area in the paint film industry. Another growth enabler on the business will be growing aircraft and vehicle demand in the domain. The U.S. now has more than 3,600 combat aircraft, which, due to its increasing defense expenditure, will increase more in the coming years. Due to its proliferating electronics industry, Asia Pacific is another crucial market with a growing CAGR. As the product is commonly used in the electronics industry to maintain the surface of electrical devices, growing development in this sector in the coming years would result in increased demand for the paint safety window films market.
The demand for paint protection film is extremely competitive because of the stable commodity prices and paint protection film variety provided by various local films and international players. Besides, raw material quality is one of the main reasons for producers to follow the specific market requirements for the manufacture of protective films for broad applications. Projected to fuel global demand growth is the launch of these goods on the online e-commerce website, which renders them user-friendly for consumers across the globe. Also, numerous measures taken by major industry players to accommodate installation services through company-owned service stations and third-party installers will generate potential opportunities during the forecast period for global business development.

Products such as 3M Clear Bra and XPEL Ultimate Plus will have a consistent edge over its competitors because of the regular technological upgradations and superior quality and after sales service.
The global paint protection film market size was valued at USD 297.15 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% from 2021 to 2028. The growing application scope of the product and the development of high-performance films are expected to boost the product demand over the coming years. Furthermore, innovations in technology to offer sustainable products with minimal environmental impact are projected to propel the demand in the forecast period. Product variation concerning performance and quality to resist stains, abrasions, and scratches is also anticipated to be one of the key factors defining the demand for Paint Protection Films (PPFs). Furthermore, the introduction of novel technologies to produce long-lasting films with greater resistance against adverse atmospheric conditions is expected to drive the market over the forecast period.

Technological advancements, such as color variations and superior adhesiveness, in safety films are estimated to draw consumer attention. In North America, automotive and transportation films accounted for a prominent market share, with most of the demand from the U.S. ceramic coating technologies. These technologies are likely to be utilized as an alternative to PPFs due to their superior performance against scratches and abrasions, thus negatively influencing the market growth.

However, the low cost associated with PPFs is poised to offer them a competitive advantage over the forecast period. Market players invest in R&D to improve product durability, as these decoration films are installed for a longer duration. Initiatives taken by producers to manufacture flexible films, which could be applied on unique shapes and are compatible with diverse qualities of paints that are applied on surfaces, are projected to unfold growth opportunities for the market.

The selection of raw materials is a key factor for manufacturers to meet the industry standards for the production of PPFs for different applications. The availability of these products on online platforms is anticipated to boost market growth. In addition, initiatives taken by industry players to offer installation services through company-owned service stations and third-party installers can bode well for market growth during the projected period.
The automotive & transportation sector accounted for the largest revenue share of over 72% in 2020 and is anticipated to continue its dominance over the forecast years. Rapid industrialization coupled with the rising need for transportation has been stirring up the demand for passenger and commercial vehicles, thus fueling the market growth. In addition, increasing awareness about vehicle maintenance is predicted to support the segment growth in the near future.
The aerospace & defense segment is poised to record the fastest CAGR of 7.8% during the forecast period on account of increasing air transportation coupled with growing defense practices by several countries. The rapidly growing aircraft producing segment, wherein PPFs are utilized to defend vessels from oxidation and corrosion, is predicted to boost the product demand.

Consumers across the globe are investing in paint protection products for the maintenance of daily-use electronic gadgets including computers, laptops, tablets, television sets, and refrigerators. Improving living standards coupled with increasing demand for miniature electronic devices is anticipated to bolster the product demand from the electrical & electronics segment.

The rising demand for the product from the energy, medical devices, and construction industries is also estimated to propel the market growth. The product is also utilized in several marine applications, such as offshore oil and gas production, maritime safety and security, deep-sea mining and exploration, and offshore wind energy. Marine applications are expected to escalate the demand for PPFs for protection against UV rays, wear and tear, toxic airborne pollutants, and scratches on boats, yachts, and ships.

Effect Powder suppliers

Product Description
Mica powder is a non-metallic mineral containing a variety of components, mainly SiO2, a content of Al2O3. Mica powder has good elasticity and toughness. Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other characteristics, is an excellent additive. It is widely used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, rubber, plastics, paper, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials and other industries.
Quick Details
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Jointcolor
Occasion: all seasons
Product name: mica powder
Ingredients: mica powder, titanium dioxide, ferrooxide
Application: cosmetic,crafts,decoration,Paint ,etc
Feature: Non-toxic
Color: Various color offerd
EINECS No.: 310-127-6
Supply capacity: 200Tons/ per Month
Payment: Western Union, T/T,L/C, e-Checking
1. Harmless to the human body, environmental protection
2. Good dispersion properties for aqueous and oily systems
3. Temperature resistance: 800鈩?Acid and alkali proof
4. Luster: Multiple reflection pearl luster
Mica powder pigment is non-toxic, high temperature and light resistance, also acid and alkali resistance, no electrical conductivity. It can be used in the paint, plastics, ink, leather, printing and dyeing, rubber, paper-making, cosmetics and other industries.
Storage method
鈼?Store in sealed tank.
鈼?nbsp;Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, rain or heat.
鈼?nbsp;Prevent dust from contacting the goods.
鈼?nbsp;Please re-check the product before use to avoid any loss.
Factory advantage
1. Pre-sale consultant
We provide one-stop consulting service to customers who are interested in purchasing
2. Professional guidance
We have professional staff to guide the use of customers on a one-to-one basis
3. After-Sales service
Our extensive industry experience ensures that we provide our customers with a high level of service
4. The quality of the product
Production of quality products is our development philosophy.Our product quality is guaranteed by the authority, trusted by the users.
5. Network marketing
Our products not only occupy a certain market share in China, but also exported to Europe, America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, won the trust of users.
Synthetic Mica Powder Series Products
Pearl Grade Synthetic Mica Powder1YZ1-151-15渭mWhite Powder1000
2YZ5-255-25渭mWhite Powder800
3YZ10-3010-30umWhite Powder750
4YZ10-4010-40umWhite Powder700
5YZ10-5010-50umWhite Powder600
6YZ10-6010-60渭mWhite Powder600
7YZ15-6515-65渭mWhite Powder500
8YZ10-8010-80渭mWhite Powder500
9YZ20-8020-80渭mWhite Powder400
10YZ10-10010-100渭mWhite Powder250
11YZ20-10020-100渭mWhite Powder200
12YZ30-15030-150渭mWhite Powder200
13YZ40-16040-160渭mWhite Powder160
14YZ50-25050-250渭mWhite Powder100
15YZ60-35060-350渭mWhite Powder80
16YZ70-40070-400渭mWhite Powder60
17YZ70-70070-700渭mWhite Powder40
18YZ200-1000200-1000渭mWhite Powder20Effect Powder suppliers

Simulate wind in a powder game

I would like to create a game similar to powder game.

I’ve got a 2d array that stores different types of powder such as sand, water, gas, and fire. I’ve managed to get these to all move around successfully.

I would now like the powders to react to wind. For example if there is fire it should push air upwards. If the air is moving upwards it will move other bits of powder around.

The way I’ve been trying is to have two more 2d byte arrays. One for the wind x direction and another for the wind y direction. The fire will then add an amount to the cells and each update will add the wind x and y to the piece of powder that is on that cell. This almost works but pushes the powder much to fast.

The difficulty in doing this is that the powder is on a grid while the wind could be going a variety of directions.

What is the most efficient way of doing this?

cheap barium nitrate 99.3% powder

Barium Nitrate crystal powder for optical glass production
Output: 10000mt/year
1. Chemical name: Barium Nitrate Powder/Crystal
2. Molecular Formula: Ba (NO3)2
3. Molecule Weight: 261.34
4. CAS NO.: 10022-31-8
5. UN NO: 1446
6. Hazard Class: 5.1
7. Appearance: White Free Flowing Crystal or Powder
Barium Nitrate
Property: colorless crystal or white crystalline powder colorless crystal or white crystalline powder.
MP: 592C, LD50=8.5mg/kg. oxidant.
Application: Mainly used in producing various Barium salts and glass colorants in glass industry. It is also widely used in manufacturing explosives and fireworks in national defense industry.
ITEMQuality Index
Fine GradeExcellence
PURITY:99.5% Min99.7% Min
MOISTURE:0.05% Max0.03% Max
WATER INSOIUBIES:0.05% Max0.004% Max
IRON (Fe):0.001% Max2PPM Max
CHLORIDE(As Bacl2):0.05% Max15PPM Max
STRONTIUM (Sr):-0.03% Max
LEAD (Pb):-2PPM Max
SO4:-10PPM Max
NA:-40PPM Max
PH VALUE:5.0-8.05.0-8.0
–200 Mesh
Store tightly closed and dry. Keep away from sources of ignition and heat. Storage temperature: no restrictions.
Packed in 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg, plastic woven bag, or as per the buyer’s requirement. cheap barium nitrate 99.3% powder

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