Use PowerApps If command to manage the text of a label

I’m trying to achieve something easy but I’m new to PowerApps and is way different than InfoPath.

I want to configure a text label to show different text based of values of other field.

For Example:

In my form I have a Choise field with Choises: Choise1, Choise2, Choise3.

When Choise1 is selected from end users I want the text label to show a specific text like CustomText1 or CustomText2.

I tried to add If in the text value of the label but it doesn’t work. I use this as I did in a training:

If(ThisItem.'DataCardValue2'.Value="Choise1","CustomText1"," No selection") 

DataCardValue2 is the Choice field I want to evaluate.

Any help?

Sharepoint 2019 – Form creation without PowerApps or Flow

We are currently in the process of moving to SP 2019 on premise. We are not licensed for Office 365 and will not be for another two years.

I believe without the licensing we cannot use PowerApps or Flow. Can anyone confirm this?

If this is the case – does anyone have a recommendation for form building – preferably a free or low cost option? We currently use InfoPath for form building which I know will be phased out completely by 2026.

Powerapps or spfx to built forms in SharePoint online?

I need to create a few forms on SharePoint online, but first I would like to know which one to use PowerApps or SPFx?

Can I use workflow on powerapps or spfx?

Edit: the complexity of the form is like this: These forms are not bound to a particular list or library. The form will contain different tabs, thus different views. Depending on the status of the workflow, a different view (tab) will be enabled.

Later some graphs can be added.

thank you.

PowerApps Gallery Items not visible when collection as a source

I’m using PowerApps to create an application. For creating menu items, I’ve added a collection on the OnVisible event of the home screen. Below is the function snippet for your reference.

Clear(MenuItems); Collect(MenuItems, {   Name: "Home",   Screen:HomeScreen,   Image: home,   SelectedIcon: home_enabled   }, {   Name: "Settings",   Screen:Settings,   Image:  settings,   SelectedIcon: settings_enabled }); 

After adding a collection, I’ve added the gallery component from the Studio itself for the navigation and set its source to our MenuItems collection that I’ve created earlier.

Even after connecting to the correct collection, I’m not able to view those collections items in the gallery.

What could be the possible reasons?

Multiple PowerApps Linked to Single SharePoint List?

Our organization created a SharePoint list that stores case review data. There are two separate teams that need the ability to manually enter data into the list fields. I have been using a PowerApps customized list form for data entry. However, I have not found a way to change the visible fields in the form based on which group is viewing the list or which SharePoint list view they select. I would like for each group to see different fields that are relevant to their particular portion of the case review. Would a standalone app work better for this situation? Is it possible to have two different standalone app views that link back and allow manual entry to the same SharePoint list?

PowerApps How to get Distinct values of a SharePoint list which is a datasource of dropdown

I am building an app in SharePoint online using PowerApp, I have a dropdown which its data source is from a SharePoint list, it has duplicate data, so I need to get distinct values for the dropdown.

I check PowerApps documentation it has a formula like bellow

Distinct(Employees, Department) 

It works if your data connection is from Excel, but if your data connection is from a SharePoint list, I could not figure it out, any help is appreciated

Need Help with a Powerapps Chart

I am new to powerapps. I just want to create a pie chart or bar chart in PowerApps that is linked to a sharepoint list column called status that will count the number of times the following records occur.

Under Review
Not Started
In Progress/On track
Will Not Implement

I have looked everywhere and I can’t make it work. Can anyone please help?