Is it worth buying the “Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition” if I have 1st Ed. and the free changes supplements?

I own the original SW: Super Powers pdf that came out some years ago, however my group and I have been playing with the PDF that Pinnacle released with the rules for power creation.

I’d like to know if the changes in the second edition are significant enough to consider buying it, since I haven’t been able to find a list of the chapters of the book to know if there’s anything special beyond the rules changes on powers, such campaign creation advice, how to make heroic NPCs and villains, etc.

How can we find the powers of a complex number?

this is the complex number im dealing with zb=(1/7)* (Cos[pi/3]+iSin[pi/3])

I need to represent for the first 10 powers in the plane. I also need to label the points with "z to the power n(n is the power for which i elevate zb)

I need to label the axes, i need to do all this in mathematica

My questions 1.How can I represent a complex number in mathematica 2.How can I represent for the first 10 powers the plane. 3.How can I label each point on the graph to the corresponding power?

my professor gave me a hint to use the callout[] command in mathematica. thank you!

What bonus would be balanced against a restriction on a changeling powers?

I am playing as a changeling in a new campaign where every officially published races are accepted. We told the DM the races and classes we wanted to play in advance and he was OK with it. However, during the first session, he said that my changeling will only be able to change their appearance once per day, during a long rest.

I am going to try to negotiate a bonus in exchange for this restriction.
There are two options I’d like to propose, but don’t know which one would be fair :

  1. The actor feat – So even if my character can’t change very often, they are very good at it.

  2. Unsettling visage, from the UA version of the changeling – It’s in theme and could be fun to describe.

I like "Actor" more, but would it be balanced to get it at first level?

(Please tell me if there are any mistake, English isn’t my first language)

Psionic powers for Aegis

When a 4 level Aegis (Elan race) meet prerequisite, he choose "Unlocked Talent" and "Access psionic Talent" so He can access n°5 0-level and a 1-level psionic power. But there are more psionic power lists: Cryptic, Dread, Psion, etc…Nothing for Aegis. From which list the Aegis can pick powers?

What powers might an artifact posess which contains the domain of a god? [closed]

I was not sure whether I should post this here or if I should take this question to the world-builders, but since it pertains more of the mechanical side of things I felt this was the right place:

I recently acquired a campaign setting in which there are no more gods and all that is left divine-wise are their divine/unholy servants, the arch-seraphs and arch-daemons. While brainstorming campaign-ideas I came up with remnants of the dead gods which are spread around the world, news of which spark a huge amount of conflict in the scramble for the last remnants of the truely divine. I got most of it fleshed out lore-wise, but i am kind of stumped with the powers of the remnants. I plan to make the remnants contain different divine domains, namely Creation, Destruction, Renewal and Fate, but I do not know what powers these artifacts should possess, considering that my players probably will get their hands on at least one or two of them. I have vague ideas for Renewal and Fate: for Renewal I would be going in the direction of restoration, healing, maybe refilling used powers, Fate could be predicting fate (some kind of divination magic maybe?) and/or changing fate (forcing/allowing rerolls perhaps)? For the other two, I do not seem to be able to come up with even the broadest strokes of thematicly fitting powers (apart from being able to cast domain spells, those feel like a given, but not like they are enough).

TLDR: My questions are these:

  1. What powers apart from casting domain-spells could artifacts containing the divine domain of Creation, Destruction, Renewal or Fate possess? Consider that players will most likely get their hands an a few of them.
  2. How powerful should the spellcasting of the artifacts be? My naive first idea would be 20-ish, since they would be fueled by the divine domain of a true god, but depending on when the players get their hands on them that could destroy the power-balance…
  3. What are your thoughts on making the artifacts semi-sentient to fully sentient?

How does thin-blood alchemy interact with passive powers?

As I run Vampire the Masquerade v5 with some thin-blood players, a lot of question goes on the thin blood alchemy, even if I haven’t the situation at my table yet.

One of them is how does thin-blood alchemy distilations methods work with passive powers. I explain myself:

Anathor Corporis read that you have the power until you swap with another one. So my ghess is that if you take a passive power, you have it until you swap it.

But what about Calcinatio and Fixatio. If you take a passive power (e.g. the emulation of almost any level one discipline powers), do you have it forever?

And does the power evolve with as you upgrade Thin-blood Alchemy? Or does it stay at the level you made it, and you have to remake it to get the better version?

Are there White Powers in Ravenloft, or was that our DM’s invention?

Soo many, many years ago when the 3rd Edition was the latest edition in the game, we had a big Campaign in the Ravenloft in 2nd (cause old school guys) that we played for almost 4-5 years.

During our time in the Mist, we found out a LOT of the Ravenloft Lore. This was mainly because our DM was a huge fan of the Ravenloft setting, and had every novel and every other official source: Invidia to Pharazia to the small islands in the west part of the plane. But one thing came to me; looking back at the memory lane it is still not clear to me if it was from official source or if it was from the DM’s mind.

In our latest adventures we learn that the Dark Powers are not the only Powers there: that there is, in a smaller number, something called the White Powers (or something synonymous with good). Has anyone ever read in a Ravenloft novel something like that?

Is the existence of the White Powers canon, or it an invention of our DM?

Can you spend a Power Point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers?

We have finally played our first session in Mutants and Masterminds 3e, a premade module that at the end of it, offered to each of my players 3 Power Points to spend and power up their characters. My question is about the manner that they are going to spend these points:

Can they spend one point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers, or is this only available in the character creation step? (The 1 point cost for adding a new Alternate Power to an array).

If the answer is that they cannot add a new effect to a premade array, do they have to spend full cost on the new power?