Apple “pre-scans” all your files before them being uploaded to iCloud?

I don’t know if this community has been aware of this latest development by Apple.

Please read the news here:

Apple Now Scans Uploaded Content for Child Abuse Imagery

So apparently, all the common understandings about Apple’s approach towards encrypting communication data were false because Apple only start to encrypt all i-devices data once your uploads were met by certain rules of Apple. Technically, they cannot scan which materials were legitimate without reviewing the full content of all i-devices first, which bears the question was this the latest policy just being introduced or had been implemented for years without explicitly being transparent to the public. (Being strict with the law is one thing, but where’s the full transparency report on this?)

If this development were true, could one also assume all data stored on iCloud were in fact duplicated by Apple for information-miming purpose? All the data were supposed to be permanently deleted or erased by Apple were being kept indefinitely without the consent of the client? To be more precise, does Apple even obey the rules of GDPR since all your information were being sent to California’s data centre where iCloud’s serves are based? Even according US law, could they keep all your usage data from Safari, Notes, Photos, Books…on the i-Devices indefinitely as long as they want even if you had decided to erase and exit Apple’s universe and switch to Android devices…?

Even creepier, is Apple “pre-scanning” and “collecting” all data of Apple’s users across the world? This sounds worse than a plot from the “Minority Report”. Should iCloud still be trusted if you are data safety nerd?

This policy was updated in Apple’s privacy policy on 9 May 2019, is this a new thing or year-long practice known in the industry?