Preventing a long rest (player -> player)

Is there a potion or <= level 3 spell (or something else), or an in-game drug/root/plant/etc. that can be used to essentially prevent a player from sleeping for a certain amount of time, or otherwise disrupt and prevent a single long rest of an individual player?

From what I can tell, while there’s loads of ways to force somebody to sleep, there doesn’t seem to be any lower level means to force somebody to stay awake.

There’s the Dream and Nightmare spells, but they’re level 5.

Basically, I’m looking for some way for a player to intentionally prevent a specific other players’ long rest for a night.

When does the Shocking Grasp spell actually start preventing the target from taking reactions?

The shocking grasp spell’s description states:

On a hit, the target takes 1d8 lightning damage, and it can’t take reactions until the start of its next turn.

It is unclear to me when the reaction prevention actually occurs (on being hit or on taking damage).
I have found this Q/A where a comment from @DavidCoffron says:

[shocking grasp] interrupts the damage taking (which is the trigger), not the hit (which causes the reaction-block)

And then there is this Q/A where the following sentence exists in @chaoticgeek’s answer:

In addition you take damage and can’t take reactions together so if you can prevent the first you have to prevent the other since it is a chain linked by ‘and’ in this situation…

[T]he reaction prevention only comes with the damage that is dealt

Does the ‘and’ in shocking grasp link the clauses enough to make them simultaneous?

I do not believe that this Q/A is a duplicate of mine because I am specifically wondering when you are prevented from taking reactions, which (as the quotes above show) does not seem to be entirely agreed upon.

Does shocking grasp prevents the target from taking reactions once the spell hits them or once the spell damages them?

Preventing a SharePoint workflow from triggering every time I upload a new list item attachment?

I have a list in SharePoint where users can add requests, assign it to a user, and a workflow runs in the background to notify the user via email when something has been assigned to them.

Unfortunately we’ve had issues with MS Flow recently, so I was forced to build the workflow initially using SharePoint Designer (although I believe the principles should still be the same). So apologies for appearing old fashioned here.

SharePoint is very awkward when it comes to workflows that trigger only when a single field is changed and not the entire list item. Here is a screenshot of what I have in place, essentially it will only send an email if the ‘assigned to’ field has changed to a new person’s name. The workflow triggers every time the list item is modified.

enter image description here

This workflow works pretty well, however, we have a big problem when users are adding attachments to the list item. Every time I add a new attachment, it’s triggering this workflow and sending the email. I’m not really sure why, because the email should only send if the assigned to name has changed, but simply adding an attachment is causing the email to send. It means if users attach 5 documents in a row, the assigned to person receives 5 of the same email.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Interface for preventing certain items to be combinational with each other

Suppose that I have three lists with items [A1, …, A10], [B1, …, B10] and [C1, …, C10] and I apply the cartesian product on those lists. Then I will get [[A1, B1, C1], [A2, B1, C1], …]

Now I need a user interface that allows a user to define not allowed combinations, for example B1 and C1 cannot be in the same combination.

I have thought about a matrix, but that seems quite cumbersome with many items.

Item-level permission preventing workflow emails from sending

I have a SharePoint list in O365 called ‘Shift Requests’ where employees can submit a request to do overtime by covering a vacant shift. I have a simple workflow in SP Designer that does the following:

Status = Pending – Sends an e-mail to a supervisor to alert them to the request

Status = Approved – Sends an email to the employee to advise them they can cover the shift

Status = Rejected – Send an email to the employee to advise them they cannot cover the shift

The ‘pending’ e-mail sends correctly each time, but I can only get the e-mails to send for the approved/rejected status when the level permissions are set to “Read all items” and “Create and edit all items”.

Problem with this is it leaves the potential for unscrupulous employees to delete or edit other people’s shift requests. Is there a way to fix this either with permissions or a workflow action please?

Do any studies of Government Cybersecurity Agencies effictivness against preventing terrorism attacks exist?

Government Cybersecurity Agencies(GSA) blatantly spy on their own citizens. They justify all the data collection by claiming to being able to identify terrorist threats. So, is there some non-GSA funded statistics on terrorist attack plans that these agencies have caught?

The reason I ask is because I understand that lack of intel means higher risk for all citizens. However, overreaching intel is another concern because of eventual abuse of power(ex: China’s Government) and individual privacy. If the argument boils down to a conceptual argument of individuals giving up Privacy(data) for Security(against Threats/Terrorist), how do we know that it isn’t mostly a security theatre like the TSA 80% failure rate at detecting terrorist or has adverse effects? For example, as Government’s harvest more data, more tool that protect privacy are developed. As more tool that protect privacy are developed, criminals and terrorist will adapt to using those tools and the government will just be spying on the innocent civilian.

Creating a product attribute in woocommerce with php without preventing previous ones

I know similar questions have been answered here before but i tried them i still can’t seem to figure it out this problem i have.

So i’m trying to add product attributes in WooCommerce with a plugin that i’m creating so for example when admin creates a new product with an attribute size, a second attribute called color needs to be created automatically and for every size needs to be a color.

So this is the code that i’m already running.This code works fine when i don’t create product attributes manually so it only creates one product attribute called color with options ‘red’,’blue’ and ‘green’.

But the problem comes when i add manually a product attribute then the code is not creating color attribute anymore.

function add_product_variations( $  meta_id, $  post_id, $  meta_key, $  meta_value ) {     global $  wpdb;     if ( get_post_type( $  post_id ) == 'product' ) {         $  product = wc_get_product( $  post_id );          $  availableColors = ['red', 'blue', 'green'];          $  product_attributes = array();         $  product_attributes['colors'] = array(             'name' => 'Colors',             'value' => implode('|', $  availableColors),             'position' => 0,             'is_visible' => 1,             'is_variation' => 1,             'is_taxonomy' => 0         );         update_post_meta($  product->id, '_product_attributes', $  product_attributes);          wp_add_object_terms($  product->id, implode('|', $  availableColors), 'colors', true);          foreach ($  availableColors as $  color) {             $  colorClean = preg_replace("/[^0-9a-zA-Z_-] +/", "", $  color);             $  post_name = 'product-' . $  product->id . '-color-' . $  colorClean;             $  my_post = array(                 'post_title' => 'color ' . $  color . ' for #' . $  product->id,                 'post_name' => $  post_name,                 'post_status' => 'publish',                 'post_parent' => $  product->id,                 'post_type' => 'product_variation',                 'guid' => home_url() . '/?product_variation=' . $  post_name             );             $  attID = $  wpdb->get_var("SELECT count(post_title) FROM $  wpdb->posts WHERE post_name like '$  post_name'");             if ($  attID < 1) {                 $  attID = wp_insert_post($  my_post);             }             update_post_meta($  attID, 'attribute_dates', $  color);             update_post_meta($  attID, '_regular_price', 100);             update_post_meta($  attID, '_sku', $  post_name);             update_post_meta($  attID, '_virtual', 'no');             update_post_meta($  attID, '_downloadable', 'no');             update_post_meta($  attID, '_manage_stock', 'no');             update_post_meta($  attID, '_stock_status', 'instock');         }     } } add_action( 'added_post_meta', 'add_product_variations', 10, 4 ); 

Hopefully i was clear enough and someone can provide a solution.

Thank you in advance

Guided Access Mode preventing iOS updates from MDM console?

Our organization uses an enterprise MDM product that features remote updating. All conditions specified by the MDM vendor are being met for this to work, but it doesn’t. I discovered that as soon as a kiosk is “Ended” from guided access mode, the pending download of iOS begins. Since all fleets of kiosks are locked down in some way, updating should work in this mode, or there would be no purpose to the existence of remote updating. Does anyone have any ideas about this?