Why when using escape key to go back to the main menu the preview camera is not working good?

I created a Render Texture named it : GUICameraRenderTexture

This is a screenshot of the Player camera : I assigned to the Target Texture the new GUICameraRenderTexture :

Player Camera

Then on the bottom of the hierarchy I have a Main Menu > Camera : The new Camera I changed the Clear Flags to Don’t Clear and Culling Mask to Nothing :

GUI Camera under Main Menu

Then there is a Canvas the Canvas Render Mode is set to Screen Space – Overlay

And last the Raw Image I assigned to the Texture the GUICameraRenderTexture :

Rae Image

I want to start the game with the Player camera and then on escape key to switch to the main menu gui camera.

Screenshot if I’m disabling the main menu gui camera :

No cameras to render

Then I added a script to the Main Menu object :

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Switch : MonoBehaviour {     public GameObject[] cameras;     public RenderTexture guiCameraRenderTexture;      // Start is called before the first frame update     void Start()     {      }      // Update is called once per frame     void Update()     {         if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape))         {             var cam0 = cameras[0].GetComponent<Camera>();             cam0.targetTexture = guiCameraRenderTexture;              cameras[1].SetActive(true);         }     } } 

In the editor I disabled the new main menu gui camera and it’s childs and enabled the player camera without the GUICameraRenderTexture the Target Texture is null on start.

When I hit the Escape key when the game is running it’s showing the preview camera but also showing the player camera and not the main menu gui camera :

Player Camera only

On the escape key it should bring the main menu like in the first screenshot here. If I’m doing the changes removing the texture target and enable the gui camera it will work but using the script it’s not working.

It’s showing the player camera on both preview(rawimage) and gui camera.

The goal is to make the escape key to go to the main menu the gui main menu camera should be black and the player camera should be show in the preview rawimage.

Should a preview be added to an address form?


The user wants to correct an address. The wrong address is displayed on the left and the user can enter or correct the address on the right in the address form.

enter image description here


The developers added a preview of the corrected address below the original address. On the one hand I see that provides a better overview than the input form. On the other hand it also causes more clutter and disrupts the input flow. Even if the preview is for example displayed above or below the save button I think there is a lot of redundancy.


To add or not to add this feature?

Ubuntu 18.04 File Explorer with Preview window like MS Windows File Explorer

Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome 3.28.2 – I have a ton of documents and images that I need to go through efficiently without having to open them or hit the spacebar. I just want to select them in file explorer and have a preview similar to what Windows File Explorer generates on the side. I am using Nautilus. I do have Dolphin but have other issues there like not seeing symbolic links and no previews there either. I don’t know how to obtain what I want.

How long should a piece of text be before only displaying a preview of it

I am creating a desktop app, one of whose functions is to display a list of notes, which can be short or long (the longest may span 100s of lines in a box that is of similar width to the box I am currently typing in).

I have thought of 2 different ways to do this:

  1. Display in a grid a preview of each note. When a user clicks on a note in the grid, a panel to the right of the grid displays the full note (plus actions that the user can take against the note). The screenshot below is what it would look like: enter image description here

  2. Display in a grid everything. So each row in the grid would be a full note.

Which of the 2 is better, given that the notes can be rather long? Note that this is NOT a web app. It’s a desktop app written in a legacy framework.

Google Webmaster Central – More options to help preview content on Search

New ways to tell Google how you would like your snippets to appear in the search results.


…we recognize that site owners may wish to independently adjust the extent of their preview content in search results. To make it easier for individual websites to define how much or which text should be available for snippeting and the extent to which other media should be included in their previews, we’re now introducing several new settings for webmasters…

More options to help websites preview their content on Google Search – Official Google Webmaster Central Blog
September 24, 2019

InfoPath 2013 form works in Preview and fails when uploaded to server

We are migrating an application from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2013.
As part of this, I am migrating Code based InfoPath Form 2007 to InfoPath 2013. I updated all the data connections, web service connections and when I clicked on Preview, everything works fine.

When I published this InfoPath to Server I am receiving – ‘Cannot connect to remote server error’.
Web services are on remote server. I cannot connect to the Web Service on server.

I see these in ULS logs
1. Cannot find site lookup info for request Uri ‘WEBSERVICE URL’
2. Internal web service routing is NOT enabled.

As the form works fine on Preview, can i assume that the infopath form code is all good and there must be some with connections?

wp customizer js preview – use setting based on other setting

I’m quite green at wp js framework;

What i’m trying to achieve is that if setting 123 == a then assign setting_x to .header-banner background-color; else if setting 123 == b assign value of setting_y.

To help understand my problem better below is the code for wp customizer api


header_option = wp.customize('123').get();    if(header_option =="a"){         wp.customize('setting_x', function (value){             value.bind (function(newval){                 $  ('.header-banner').css('background-color', newval);              });         });    } else{         wp.customize('setting_y' ,function (value){             value.bind ( function (newval){                 $  ('.header-banner').css('background-color', newval);              });         });    } 

I would appreciate an explanation as search wp debugger / codex pages didn’t get me very far, hence my question here

Custom post type single page uses the right template in preview mode but shows a different template after being posted

I’ve been developing a WordPress theme. I’ve created a custom post type called blog in functions.php.

// Blog Post Type Creation function te_blog_type() {     register_post_type("blog",         array(             "rewrite" => array("slug" => "blogs"),             "labels" => array(                 "name" => "Blogs",                 "singular_name" => "Blog",                 "add_new_item" => "Add New Blog",                 "edit_item" => "Edit Blog"             ),             "menu-icon" => "dashicons-format-status",             "public" => true,             "has_archive" => true,              "supports" => array(                 "title", "thumbnail", "editor", "excerpt", "comments"             ),             "taxonomies" => array("category", "post_tag", "blog_tag")         )     ); }  add_action("init", "te_blog_type"); 

It’s been working fine.

I also created a single-blog.php file as template for each blog post. When I preview the blog post. It’s using the right template from single-blog.php. However, when I actually post the blog, it’s showing the index.php as the template. What caused this?

How to use default document preview callout popup in custom webpart?

I have a custom webpart which gets each document’s information from document library. I have created HTML table to show all the data in like document name, Author, Created by, Modified by, etc.

Now I want to open the callout popup on hover of document name. I want same functionality as shown in below image.

enter image description here

I need all the document information mentioned in above image in my custom webpart code.

Please help me by providing JS or C# code behind solution by which i can achieve it in my webpart.

Thanks in advance.